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March Blades Chat!


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Originally written by Arancaytar:
I can make it either way (1900 or 2100). Eph and Thralni, it seems that you're currently making the boundary for the window - Eph said this coming Saturday is tricky (I assume that's why you want it late on Saturday), while Thralni is asleep by 2100.
EST is GMT-5, right? than 9pm is 3 am in Holland, which means I'm asleep. I'll only be able to participate if it were between 2 and 4 pm (for starting time). But please, don't start changing times because the time isn't right for me. As I said, i've got a lot of work, an orchestra rehearsal on saturday and a concert on sundayevening - I won't be able to participate, whatever the time is...

EDIT: 2 and 4pm EST.
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You didn't miss much, at least regarding the CSR.


I couldn't stay as long as I'd hoped, and most people arrived after I left. There was some scenario design discussion, and Jewels speculated on transferring the existing data on the Lyceum to her site.



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