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  1. I can see this spiraling comedically out of control. I accept.
  2. Return threads are overrated. I'd rather swoop in on someone else's. EDIT: HOLYCRAP THERE'S A LIKE BUTTON
  3. Agreed. For many months I've felt the same same way. A desire to design, almost strong enough to actually do it. I've thought of things I'd love to put in a new BoA scenario, as well as picking up the shreds of ideas I had before my old hard drive gave up on life. Although the thought of starting the latter over, essentially from scratch, is more than a little disheartening. That, coupled with my RL friends having little and less interest in this archaic indie game, makes it somewhat hard to cultivate any BoAmbitions (ha). I just don't have the enthusiasm anymore. I only hope that changes, because I, too, miss how it was during the "Golden Age" of BoA, even if I like myself better now (debatable).
  4. Always gotta be some "I'm leaving" or "I'm back" topic when I stop by to see what's new. Some things just aren't. Haha.
  5. Originally Posted By: Enraged Slith What year is this? Hmm… I suspect you're referring to the most likely incorrect completion date. This can be explained by the fact that it was actually [un]completed in preparation for this day in history, but then I neglected to release it on time. In fact, the only reason I still have this at all is because I'd uploaded it to my website and never saw fit to take it down. If only I'd had that kind of sense regarding all the projects that were worth anything… Originally Posted By: nikki. 3/5, for a scenario with the best kind of lemons. Wow. I think that's better than TRoR did. Haha.
  6. Originally Posted By: Actaeon Hey, I reinvited Nikki, Tyran, and Nem. We could rebuild! 'Twould give us a buggy option for group chat! Yeah, I vaguely recall accepting the invite to said FB group, but I don't believe anyone ever says anything. I mean, there is the official page now (which I think suffers from disuse as well, for the most part) and of course, this place too. There are only so many sub-communities that are really worthwhile to have. I dunno though. I had a weird sort of attachment to SV (and as I recall, a post count between double and triple the one here). SV went down during one of my many, long hiatuses, and I was slightly distraught when I learned of its demise. Since then I haven't been notably present here either. With regard to the history, I guess I am what could be considered a "midbie" now. But I still feel new. Hah.
  7. Full recovery. Boom son. DOWNLOAD TASKMAKER HERE!!!
  8. Kind of ironic, actually. He intended to stop smoking, and only then did he really start. (I'm sorry. Bad taste. No pun intended.)
  9. My last relationship was (at first) a sort of a rebound situation, in retrospect. But then it lasted about five years anyway. When that ended, I was hurt, of course, and these are things that don't really stop hurting for a while. But when I'd kind of started getting over that, I came to realize that I needed not only the time I'd had as a single, but even more still. Hence, I haven't really pursued anything since. Not so to say I don't yearn for that sort of thing periodically. Especially as I watch a lot of my high school buddies get married and start families (kinda weird to think about). Just, at my present condition, it seems like I've got a lot of "personal development" to do before complicating my life once again with a romantic relationship.
  10. Actaeon: Well you're still here, aren't you? Has Spiderweb developed some semblance of sanity? Tyran: Oh, you always knew I'd be back around eventually. I found myself a bit curious who was still a regular around here, what with the evident shutdown of SV (RIP) and collapse of The Blades Forge (only the good die young). After my whole computer crapout, I debated whether it would even be worth my time to start BoAing again, as I didn't even know if anyone still cared (the joke being that so few people cared to begin with that it was never even worth the time, but it's inevitable anyway). tl;dr: Good to be back.
  11. Single, have been taken. I'm kinda whatever about that; it just is what it is. I think TM said it best at one point; something to the nature of, "If you don't meet your own standards of lovability, maybe you shouldn't pursue love." Nik (backtracking a bit): Nobody's ever really gone from Spidweb. Everyone always comes back, even for a just a minute, to poke their head in and make sure everyone here is still insane.
  12. Niemand. Still a saint. But seriously, if Dialog Editor is gonna be a big pain, don't even worry about it. The main thing was the 3D Editor (and you're right, I was downloading an older version). I didn't even have any luck finding the original BoA Editor; I assumed I'd have more luck asking you anyway, and the 3D is oh, so much more useful. AScript isn't giving me any problems, oddly enough, nor is Graphic Adjuster. Long in short, I owe you, yet again. Maybe someday you'll actually see the outcome of all this talk. >_>
  13. Also… I'm now operating Mac 10.7. Apparently they suck and stopped supporting PPC apps. So I guess the 3D BoA Editor and Dialog Editor no longer function. Is there an update around?
  14. Quite bluntly, anyone have a copy? Apparently Kel's site is down, as is the Blades Forge.
  15. Holy crap, Mystic… I mean… wow… A couple more good ones. Can't go wrong with Blind Guardian. Mr. Sandman (The Chordettes) Dream a Little Dream of Me (Ozzie Nelson, I think?) A newish power metal band called Enbound did this. This is actually pretty awesome. (Michael Jackson) And then there's this horrible little thing Children of Bodom did to a horrible little song. Kinda comical though. (Britney Spears)
  16. Mystic: Nah. No backups at all. Like a complete assclown. If I even had a version that was two years old, I could work with it, but not even that. I do appreciate the sympathy. I mean, it pretty much is what it is. Which is exceedingly frustrating, to say the least. There was a lot of stuff I wasn't 100% satisfied with, so at least if and when I get around to starting over, I'll have a reason to do them differently (though admittedly, most of those things were niggles, and easy enough to fix anyway). I guess until then, maybe I'll start something different. Smaller though. EDIT: I did actually find a backup of the Taskmaker .bas file, from before I had my own computer. It was obviously done on the standard BoA Editor, before I discovered 3D. And there are no towns mapped, and no scripts written. Just a very, very basic 9-section outdoor. It's something, but not something very useful. Erngh…
  17. A release? Not so, I'm afraid. Some may recall that I was designing a scenario based on the late Storm Impact's "Taskmaker". Intermittently, really; I wasn't particularly diligent about it, and it'd been roughly 5 years in the works. Still, work was coming along, and I'd finished all the mapping and about half of the scripting. 50+ towns, 9 outdoor sections… kind of a major commitment. Some may also recall that I'd planned on entering it into the 10th Annual Scenario Contest in December. This did not happen, because my computer died on me a few weeks prior to the entry deadline. Well, long in short, I got a new computer, and I sent my hard drive to a recovery service a few days ago to salvage the files on it. Unfortunately, I received word today that there was nothing to be saved, because everything had essentially been scratched out. Gone. So. What with this scenario completely wiped (along with every other unreleased project I've had in the works), I find myself with the difficult fact that I now have to either start again from scratch, or just bag the whole idea and find a different hobby altogether. To those I've let down, I'm sorry. I know I've kind of played it up a bit for a few years. It was gonna be pretty awesome, not gonna lie. But you'll just have to take my word for it. Summary: Boohoo. I hate computers.
  18. Slight topic revival out of necessity. So many metal covers, so few fans of it here… a pity. Let's keep it simple for now. Northern Kings: Reborn and Rethroned, for starters.
  19. Unfortunately, I have to change my RSVP to "Will Not Be Attending." The reason being, my hard drive is, for all intents and purposes, dead. Still working on a way to retrieve data (i.e. my scenario submission), but even if I do manage to salvage it, I doubt it'd be done by the deadline. If I can't salvage it... well... I might eventually try to rebuild it from scratch. Maybe.
  20. Oh hai. Put me down for a definite maybe on Taskmaker. (In other words, it probably won't be done in time, but it's worth a shot.)
  21. Originally Posted By: KrataLightblade Become more active on internet forums in the hopes of spending more time with interesting and entertaining people. That's a dangerous resolution to make in a place like this. And it will cost you your sanity, if it hasn't already. The fluffy turtles do like their tribute, you know. But we're always happy for new blood! As New Year's resolutions tend to make me feel restricted to only improve myself once a year, I made one a couple of years ago to never make them again. Thus far, it's the only resolution I've ever managed to successfully keep resolved. That said, I'd like to release BoA: Taskmaker, so that I can actually move on to some of the other projects I've had saved up over the years. But that doesn't count as a resolution; just a goal.
  22. Well Nik, while it does remain to be seen, I'm at least holding on to a hope that this year is better than last. 2010 can burn in Hell for all I care.
  23. I'm thinking the title says it all. Does anyone know where I can find a list of the Level 3 spell locations in Avernum? I looked at AverMan's walkthrough on GFAQs, but it surprisingly didn't have them. And of course Silver's Annotated Maps are… gone. Thanks in advance.
  24. Slarty, you never cease to amaze. Xie xie.
  25. Ah, sure enough, all the ones I was looking for. Thanks, Diki.
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