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  1. Funny that OP disappeared. You know, because that was your suggested spot in the cutscene...
  2. Granted. You are now a NPC, but are unaware of it. I wish I had some TP for my bunghole.
  3. Granted, the worldwide panic over COVID-19 has prompted Donald Turnip to shut down the internet over fears that the virus is more malicious than formerly imagined. I wish Sanders would win the nomination and pick Buttigieg for his running mate.
  4. Thanks Kel! I did play the demo, as much as I could, but then life intervened and I didn't consider purchase. Probably shouldn't think I could finish it now, but whatever. I didn't ever finish A3 (2.0) despite E3 being the hook that captured me. I do agree that Queen's Wish is pretty cool, but I wasn't a big fan of the Ultima-like persona tests to start. I'll get to reading the reviews.
  5. I always figured that E3 was actually the lead-in to the prequel, and we finally figure out that it's kind of a Groundhog's Day moment when the Empire squashes the peninsular rebellion by tossing everyone into a new underworld that has progressively fewer and fewer natural resources.
  6. By that, I mean how do people rate it in comparison to other great Vogelian scripts? Replayable? Engaging? In short, will I care enough to make this something worth finishing, given the myriad other things to which I need to attend?
  7. Agreed that the majority of posts were related to BoE and BoA. There were sub-groups related to the niche (non-Vogel) games, and abusive satellite forums that memed here. I'm still astounded that so many encouraged the RosieCat stuff. This place was quite the Lord of the Flies zone back in the day. Jeff and his moderators/admins have done an admirable job balancing community quality and quantity.
  8. Regardless of pronunciation, this is a pretty good talk. If you are interested in either plumbing the depths of Jeff's psyche, or starting your own business (his talk applies to ALL start-ups), you should listen to this. It's less than 1 hour. You can afford it. ps, get an accountant.
  9. You neglected to rank the fifth item in this list.
  10. Ninjas Pirates Robots Bartenders This list
  11. Alternatively, 1st quarter 2018 for Mac and Windows.
  12. If you wanted to limit the use of magic or items or whatever. Constricted gameplay, basically.
  13. Is it possible for a scenario to come bundled with an interface skin? This would give the designer some additional tools in governing play, assuming that keystrokes could be disabled.
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