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  1. I'll start posting again, that'll kickstart this place. Get ready!!!
  2. I feel you. I'm playing Torment more out of spite than enjoyment at this point. It might be time to just lower the difficulty. Jeff really dropped the ball on lowering the hit rate, imo. There is a reason games like World of Warcraft have totally abandoned hit rating for a flat level rate--- it sucks when you have an 87% chance of hitting something but miss three times in a row. I'm still playing though, so clearly Jeff got more than a few things right!
  3. Interestingly enough, I encountered the same thing when getting into a fight with some Sliths next to Dranlon:
  4. Just an FYI, I think this only works if you are near said wandering monsters. It's so you dont come out of battle weakened w/ no mana and have another battle right away. Haven't tested how far it works, but I guess I coulda just waited by the Nephil shrine till I found a random battle and sailed back.
  5. I've been moving my boat around for a while, and the other coast also has some goblins blocking it, but I went all the way to the spiders, chatted for a bit, came back and.... I'll have to wait to despawn them--- unfortunately the barriers are still up (fresh game) but I do appreciate the advice!
  6. While not really a bug per se... this is some BS, lol: Sorry Solberg, looks like I won't be visiting you
  7. First Avernum game where I have to redo my party. I can probably power my way through, but it just won't be fun. My Slith tank actually is fine (If things get too tough, he throws on his shield) but everyone else is just f'd.
  8. I left those poor Vahnatai to die, tho. Beyond that and optimizing my party though, the dialogue is getting too me. Too many characters just absolutely [censored] on the lizards and cats and the only change in dialogue is the guy saying "uhhh no offense" to the ones you have in your party. It just seems like it was written to have a group of humans in it.
  9. Sigh... to cheat or to start over or to forgetaboutit... the struggle is real...
  10. Can you go back to the river area between Formello and the Vahnatai land? If not, I may restart with an all-human party.
  11. Im really struggling. Serves me right for making a Slith tank and a Kitty priest though.
  12. Man, this game would be a lot easier if the monsters these magical creatures summon weren't infinitely stronger than the summoner...
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