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Thinking to buy Queen's Wish 2 now that's on sale.


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I have Queen's Wish for ages and I have played ... a bit of the tutorial before other games piled up. I am thinking to buy the 2nd game now that is on sale and play it... at some point. Are those two games "properly" connected? I.e. one after the other, or there's a long period between them? Does the 2nd game ends in a kind of cliff-hanger (like GF2 and GF4 end) or it "parks" in a good place with some promising hints for the future (Like GF1 and GF3)? 


The mechanics were quite different from GF and  Avernum from what I recall, but I may recall wrong. Does this game have the funny talents of Avernum?


And before someone says: "You have the first game, try it out again and see if you like it", the issue is that I don't have the time to get to a new Spiderweb title at the time, nor I know if the story of the 2nd game would be my cup of tea but Spiderweb games have interesting worlds and stories. Base-building on top of char building is something I like though, so I find it promising. 



PS. I can't be the only one here that Constantly reads this as "Queen's Vlish"... 

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Queen's Wish 2 is a direct sequel - you play as the same protagonist. The games' plots are self-contained but there's a meta-narrative dealing with your family and their relationship with you and each other. No cliffhangers.


The basic mechanics are pretty simple. You get skill points as you level up and put them into various skills/abilities for your party, closer to Avernum/Avadon than Geneforge. There's also the base building, which is the second game especially contributes to how you build your characters.

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From his last AMA (after Infestation released) he said "Over the next two years, we want to finish the Queen’s Wish series and remaster Avernum 4," so it looks like it's still planned.


One of the comments in the AMA was "Firstly, glad to hear Queen's Wish 3 is coming. Was a little worried that series would get abandoned for some reason." and he didn't correct them, so that makes me think it's still planned as a full game.

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“Finish the Queen’s Wish series” seems like carefully chosen wording to not necessarily commit to a full game. On a recent stream he sounded like a free “DLC” update to QW2 wrapping up the story was more likely for financial reasons. That said, it sounded tentative and plans can change.

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I have bought the game and didn't play it. 


However, from the blog I saw this: 

Eighteen months ago, we released Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor. This was an all-new title, the second game in what I had planned as the Queen's Wish trilogy. This game sold very poorly. "


I check steam reviews: Very positive, 84% positive reviews! So, this is according to a lot of people, not just hardcore fans of spiderweb, a very good game. I am surprised it didn't sell well and more surprised that it sold very poorly. There are posts in this thread and even a line in the blog that puts the 3rd game's future in question.


Honestly, I think QW2 didn't sell well because of marketing issues or something, because I don't think the quality was the issue (based on positive reviews), even if I haven't played it. 

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I'm confused also.  Per one of the last KS updates for QW2 (2022-10-26), it stated:


Hello, backers! Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor has been out in the world for two months now, and we have some news to share. Sales have been solid, and we’ve gotten a pretty good response from fans. 

It was a long journey making Queen’s Wish 2. It's an odd game series. It's not for everyone. It's also full of unique and unexpected design and stuff, and we’re proud of it. We worked really hard on it, but we could not have made it without your trust and support. We are truly grateful.

Queen’s Wish 2 has just been released for iOS! The game runs on iPhone and iPad, and we’ve never stopped finding it cool seeing our game on portables. Sadly, Apple doesn’t allow us to hand out keys the way Steam does, so you will need to pay to get a copy. If you do, we thank you and hope you like it! 

Of course, early solid sales may not equal good sales in the long run.


I was looking forward to see how that tale ended (hoping it does get made some day).

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It can have very positive reviews 'and' sell really poorly.


If I knew nothing about Spiderweb and was browsing through Steam, I'd probably go right on past QW as the graphics on the preview shot look state of the art ... back when I was in high school forty years ago.  Which is too bad as QW is a really good game, but most people (again, knowing nothing about SW) wouldn't drop it in their cart unless it was incredibly cheap (which doesn't do Jeff a lot of good bank account wise).


Those checking out the game after reading a positive review are probably more willing to overlook the appearance and check it out. But even there, the amount of people who read a review, search the actual game out, and then buy it ... probably aren't a huge number overall.


No it isn't fair, but it's probably the reality.

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I would recommend playing the first game first. They are both great, but the first one is a bit more traditional in its approach, and more accessible. I think the second game works best as a sort of counterpoint to the first game. The story, is darker, more complex, and your decisions are more challenging in QW2.


Technically, the game engines are almost identical. A few things are more polished in QW2, but you're not getting any kind of major advance in gameplay.

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