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gem boards


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Can the game be finished without doing any gem boards ??

Can they be skipped ?

Something must be wrong with me. I have read every thing here but there is very little on it considering I find them

imposable. And I am very good at logic puzzles !  I was hoping some one put them on Utube but no joy there either

after a few wasted hours. There is so much there odds are I wouldnt find it anyhows.


SO if someone can give me a hint on the one in Erudico ruins I would be happy as a clam.



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The gem puzzles allow you to enter extra areas that aren't needed for the main quests, but can sometimes block you from side quests or getting loot.


Except for two gem puzzles that rely on following instructions. The others are the same type. You start by clicking on a gem and then clicking on empty tiles to form a path to the same color gem. You can only move horizontally and vertically for the path. Paths can only cross at diamonds (free space) that lets you continue on another side. Clicking another gem color to do the next path.


The simplest puzzle is in the Tower of Erudico where it is a straight line between two identical gems. The first Erudico ruin has a cross where the two paths crossover at the diamond.


The others get more complicated and some use every tile. The hardest is in the Dream Refuge.


Good luck.

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One tip for solving the more complex gem puzzles is to start with one set of stones, trace all probable paths between them, then move on the next one and repeat. I found it easier to visualize and discover the frequently convoluted paths you need to trace if I already had a number of possible paths to tinker with by adding a single gemstone here and there, rather than try one set of paths and then erasing the board and starting over when they don't work. You can replace any gemstone any number of times, so you are free to experiment.

Sometimes, a single tile would stubbornly remain blank no matter which gemstone I tried to place on it. If you encounter this bug, just exit the board and open it again.

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Thank you for the help gents.  I got through a few easy ones & I am cleaning up old quests now.

I think I have been everywhere so when that is done I will do the last challenges.


ONE more question.  I collected a lot of things that said to see them use the "character info window.". Where is that ?? 

I have poked at everything & cant find it.


TNX agn


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If you press 't' you'll get the "training" window. When it comes up it shows you the current character's combat skills, and in the lower-left corner it shows how much wood, stone, iron, etc. you have. If you click on the "Magic" tab the lower-left corner shows you the various crafting stuff that you have.

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I dont want to accuse Spiderweb of that.  They have always been the best. There are damn few

posts on line abt the gem boards. This must mean they are so easy or I am so stupid  ( IQ at 13 yrs 150 ).

Hopefully  the next game wont have them or will have a SKIP option even if it costs $$ or killing

bad guys.

BTW Pharaoh has been updated for new Windows....


best 73  Tom


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Thanks ka1yhi!


I appreciate your frustration, Mah Al Ibara, but I assure you there’s nothing nefarious going on here. People are more than welcome to post hints and solutions for solving the gem puzzles! Just note that ka1yhi didn’t actually ask for that! Their post only asked for hints, which is what has been discussed in this thread!


So, if there’s a particular gem puzzle that you’ve having difficulty with, and would like to know the solution for, do by all means ask! Or if you’d like some aid immediately, remember that there are plenty of complete video walkthroughs available on YouTube which include all the gem puzzles. If you’d like to know right away, you can take a look through there to find the solutions you seek! I can provide you with links if necessary!

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I'm sorry if I gave the impression I was complaining or accusing. I just didn't want to post answers if there was such a rule. Now that I know there isn't, maybe I can start posting some. Here's Chessrook44's solution to the gem board in the Erudico Hall in Etzae, from their playthrough on YouTube. This is all in emoji. I hope it turns out all right!











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