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Geneforge Mutagen 2?

Bear Arms

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Hey, wow, I have just discovered this series and just wow! I am in love. I have just started playing the revamp of the 1st game, Geneforge Mutagen 1. Now, I've seen that Jeff (that's the guy, right?) made a lot of quality of life improvements to this game. Since I'm quite new around here, I wanted to ask: has there been talk and hearsay if there might be a Geneforge Mutagen 2 in the future? 


I don't know too much about the series, but seeing the amount of quality of life improvements that were done for GF Mutagen 1 (particular regarding EXP gain not being penalised by total # creations) I am slightly put off the idea of playing the original series. Can someone advise me if there are games in the original series that are more in line with this release, please? That'd be greatly appreciated. Also, is each game canon to the previous? 


Thank you for reading :)

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The last few years, Jeff has had kind of a pattern. One year, he does a new game (next year is likely the 2nd Queen's Wish game). The next year, he revamps an old game and he does a few in the same series. So, the next one will probably be Geneforge 2. But, you likely won't see it until early 2023. In 2024, likely another Queen's Wish game, 2025 maybe GF 3...


No, there is no crafting component to these games. Spoons, bowls, etc. are not worth collecting. There are 2 quests that ask you for collectables, though. Hold on to Shaper Records and Shaper Equipment.

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19 hours ago, Mechalibur said:

The end of the credits for Mutagen say "1 down, 4 to go" so I think he's planning on remaking all the Geneforge games, if time permits.


Yeah, he's mentioned in interviews for a couple of years now that he wants to make QW a trilogy & to remake all of GF.  Going off his usual pattern QW2 will be next, then GF2 , QW3, & GF3... then it will get interesting. (note, I have zero information on his thought process or business plans, just what I've picked up through various conversations/speculations around here)  His usual pattern is to alternate a remake with a new game, but iirc from somewhere, he's also said that QW will probably be the last new series.  So we'll see.  Years ago the alternating made sense as to keep interest going/money coming in you would need to put out new content & not just constantly remake things (where if not enough people bought the remake you'd be out of business).  Now though, with Kickstarter essentially prefunding games... it's an interesting development/wildcard/knowledge of what the market is willing to support.


So with Kickstarter (or whatever the new thing is 5ish years down the line...), he can see if people want three straight remakes in a row (GF3-5), of if he's going to have to come up with 'something' new to stick in the mix somewhere (the oft speculated Avernum Zero?).  Time will tell I suppose.  It'll be a fun ride however it works out though based upon what's come before.

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Jeff mentioned to ta testers that he already started Queen's Wish 2. The question is after Geneforge 3 remake whether he does a new game or remakes another game. It will depend upon whether he decides to try a new idea he has been considering or just keep updating the older games so new computers can play them.

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I really hope Jeff remakes Geneforge 2 soon or has a kickbacker campaign again.


After playing Geneforge Mutagen game, I'm very spoiled LOL!


The current version of GF2 that I'm playing now feels very basic in comparison and could certainly use a graphics update at minimum.



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On 3/21/2021 at 10:42 AM, Bear Arms said:

Unrelated, but instead of making a new thread, I have a question: should I keep 'junk' I find like bowls, spoons, bones, etc? Is it used for crafting?

The only "crafting" in GF1-M uses Rough Crystals only, through a very few specific locations. The most expensive recipe uses 30 Rough Crystals and requires Mechanics 4, but it comes fairly late game. Decent reward, but by no means unique or build-defining. 


Edit: the other (and far cheaper) recipes make consumables. You will likely encounter these first. 

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