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  1. Awesome! I misread what he said completely. I've retrieved the spore baton now and have had fantastic success. Thank you.
  2. Hey, I've just got to this part of the game and I'm a bit confused by which type of baton & thorns is appropriate for the purple & green mines. As far as I understand, I am to use a thorn baton of the corresponding colour to the mines. Lahnee, the servile NPC in the N of zone, said he had one to give me, however I couldn't find anything either on the ground or in my inventory. Now, I've attempted to use a Thorn Baton (green) equipped with ammo and with combat started (and without) and clicked on the green mines, however it is not a valid selection. I haven't been able to find any info online regarding this. Can someone help me please? Thank you for your time.
  3. Thank you for your reply. In that case I will give the rest of the series a go and by the time Geneforge 2, potentially, comes out I will have had enough time to clear my memory to enjoy playing through the new version.
  4. Unrelated, but instead of making a new thread, I have a question: should I keep 'junk' I find like bowls, spoons, bones, etc? Is it used for crafting?
  5. Hey, wow, I have just discovered this series and just wow! I am in love. I have just started playing the revamp of the 1st game, Geneforge Mutagen 1. Now, I've seen that Jeff (that's the guy, right?) made a lot of quality of life improvements to this game. Since I'm quite new around here, I wanted to ask: has there been talk and hearsay if there might be a Geneforge Mutagen 2 in the future? I don't know too much about the series, but seeing the amount of quality of life improvements that were done for GF Mutagen 1 (particular regarding EXP gain not being penalised by total # creations) I am slightly put off the idea of playing the original series. Can someone advise me if there are games in the original series that are more in line with this release, please? That'd be greatly appreciated. Also, is each game canon to the previous? Thank you for reading
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