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Learning Sholai


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26 minutes ago, Snowwhite said:

Is there a way to learn Sholai without joining the obeyers? or the awakened.

I did a runthrough as completely unaligned.  There are places that will teach you without belonging to a certain sect.


28 minutes ago, Snowwhite said:

And if I do does that make much of a difference to the rest of the game?


Not that I really noticed.  It kept all three villages friendly throughout the game if that's a concern.  The ending wrap up will be a bit different than if aligned.  So, not really, no.  You'll miss out on some training/quests but nothing game changing/can't be overcome by doing things differently.

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Unaligned means that none of the factions benefit from your joining them in the end scenes telling what happened to each faction. I did unaligned, too,


Not joining the Awakened means missing lots of combat skill training and not joining the Takers means more combat on your way through some zones unless you are a pacifist.

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