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  1. Thanks for writing back. Couldn't understand why the demo had disappeared.
  2. In my Steam the demo is no longer offered.
  3. Clicking on the icon on my desktop gets me that message "An error occurred while launching this game - no license" Then I checked Steam and the demo is not available there. Can't remember if i got the demo from steam but it certainly was working a few weeks ago., Was hoping to try the demo again (I got stuck) and also to transfer my savegames from the demo to the full game when purchased. Please help
  4. Good idea. Thanks. I actually didn't think of doing that, at least until the new Geneforge 2 is released
  5. "f we release a rewrite of a game and you purchased an older version, you can get a complimentary copy of the hint book for the new version for the first 3 months after release of the rewrite. To get this, email us at support@spiderwebsoftware.com. Give the name and address you ordered the game from and say where you purchased it (Spiderweb, Steam, Humble Bundle, etc)." I am hoping that I would qualify for the hint book for the new Geneforge game as I have owned the older one for a good while purchased from steam. That is the question I was asking
  6. Hi. Re post. Didn't get an answer and the new Geneforge game will be coming out soon.
  7. Re January 14 2015 post - Is this still in effect? I've never seen it before and I do own just about all Spiderweb games.
  8. Current value is sdf:4 So Yvette has been replaced. I get a different dialogue now from General Miranda.
  9. Thank you. Sorry it has taken me so long to write back. Have had the flu. Will give this a bash.
  10. The quest list stopped updating ages ago. I no longer get the option to get rid of Yvette with General Miranda - or the option to keep the other guy- forgot his name.
  11. General Miranda does not remember that I replaced Yvette with the counsel nor does the Raasa that I just found. need help please.
  12. To clarify for me, sorry if this is dumb, but is there a way to drop items?
  13. If I have dedicated 2 to knowledge and only need one, is there a way to change the dedication?
  14. Thank you. I now have 2 dedicated forts (helps when you know how - thanks for that) and enough apothecaries to have them offer an energy potion - but I have no empty flasks and they won't replace a full potion with an energy one. Then I went to the erudico tower where I was able to buy energy potion knowledge. Still don't have an energy potion and no idea how to use my new energy potion knowledge. It took leaving the game some time and return and I now have the energy potion. The mechanics did not feel all that natural to me. but it worked in the end.
  15. Thank you. I will give it a bash. Missed that screen entirely. I want the bonus for the crafting options. The major issue I am having with the game is that I do not have enough energy to completely finish a lot of the battles. Very frustrating for me. I am not good at this, just enthusiastic - which with this game is not quite enough I reckon. Even turned the difficulty down to easy.
  16. What has to happen? What kind of upgrade is necessary to dedicate a fort to knowledge or to the Ro?
  17. Thanks Mechalibur. Worked a treat.
  18. How do I turn on x y co-ordinates in QW2 so that I can use those in Randomizer's post to find flawless crystals.
  19. Thank you. I have killed all the shades in Drayks Vale and been all over it and cannot find the Odd Spiky Steel Ball. It is not lighting up with the highlight key. ??? Ideas? it doesn't light up. Have now found it. By accident. Thank you for writing back.
  20. I went back to the area and the item was there. BUT I am still looking for the other one - Odd Spiky Steel Ball - I checked the atlas and to me it looks like you have to get into the inner crypt to get this thing to get into the inner crypt. So I am even reading this incorrectly. Please help. Thanks
  21. Thank you for this. I found the first one but have not yet gone back to the core to try to find the rest. I was really wondering about why the mind was sneaky and now I know.
  22. Thanks. I do have the control rod but no 10 michanics and i do have mass restore. The crystals are still listed as a quest so I haven't given them to the mind. There was something about a focus crystal somewhere. I do have essence shield. I am a very enthusiastic not very good shaper. I did finish the game before this edition and i do remember the core as a nightmare. Do you happen to remember where the crystal in the power station is? Cause i don't think I got that.
  23. Thanks. I found something in the power station - a black onyx thing that doesn't show in the list of special things. Is there a way to open the 3 doors in the Gallus Meg room? Tried looking in the power core and died a horrible and unnatural dealth. Am doing something wrong there for sure. Did put on the energy dampening clothes to no avail.
  24. There are 3 doors in the servant mind room that won't open. Plus Gallus Meg sounds like he is not telling the truth but I can't get more (think I have tried all the possibilties) The crystals are supposed to be near but I think I have cleared the area. Any help would be great.
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