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They are pretty well explained on the strategy central threads and in the walkthroughs.

Are you sure that your spamming of the boards is necessary? There is a search feature you know.


Not sure that needed to be so confrontational, I've been googling the terms a lot with no success at all.


In the future, actually give me a link then explain how to go about finding it.

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Hey now, play nicely please. Stranger, there's no need to insult other members.


Bushwhacker: A lot of the information for the original Trilogy is easier to find in walkthroughs on external sites, rather than in threads here. This is because Strategy Central threads just weren't around at the time. Anyway. At the top of the forum page (underneath the "Avernum" game logo) there should be a series of links for each game. The information you need is in there (in A2's case, for example, clicking the only link available takes you here: http://www.harehunte...s/mainmap2.html. Clicking "Character Stats" across the top will get you the information you needed on traits and statistics in A2).

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By own experience, most of the traits in first avernum trilogy don't give such advantages as they do in the later games. Few are good, but most I think are just plain bad. I'll go ahead and list what traits I think are worthwhile in getting. But this is only opinion! Just so no one misinterprets anything. :)


Natural Mage - Important for all mages.

Elite Warrior - Good for your front-line fighters, and maybe your priest if he does any fighting.

Fast on Feet - My personal favorite. I've found that the extra attack comes more often than I thought. Very useful for warriors and archers alike.

Toughness - This is OK. I usually choose this one if I can't decide what to really choose.

Strong Will - good for your priest, though I am unsure on its effectiveness.


The others I usually just ignore. Hope this is useful.



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The link Randomizer gave above is very useful. However, in Blades of Avernum, Great Renown was removed in favor of Strong Back. Not that it matters, Great Renown is bad anyway. It also appears, unsurprisingly, that between A1, and BoA the trait effects have been altered a little.


This link contains very detailed information on the traits in Avernum 1 - http://spiderwebforu...-trait-effects/


Much of it will probably apply to Avernum 2 and possibly 3 as well, minus whatever bugs Jeff fixed between games.

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