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I have all the Spiderweb games. I believe I've actually bought them multiple times, because I enjoy the games -- however, I've only REALLY gotten into playing them on my tablet. (So hopefully there'll be a Humble Bundle android release for Avadon 2, along with the others).


The games really come to life on the tablet, I've found.


However, since I have the other games, and since beating Avadon and Escape The Pit has whetted my appetite for Spiderweb games, I'm thinking of trying them again. (Since I own them all, and many of them twice.)




I'm not going to play the rest of the first Avernum trilogy, since it's in the midst of an update that should end with it on my tablet (I hope!)... which is my preferred way of playing, but that leaves me with the question of which game to play next. Avernum 4? Geneforge 2? Perhaps I should hop straight to Geneforge 5 or Avernum 6 since I've already been "spoiled" by the modern conveniences...


Any suggestions?

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I personally prefer to play the Avernum series in order, to avoid spoilers, so my recommendation would be to avoid A4-6 until you've played the earlier Avernums (or their remakes).


Geneforge 1 is a great game, despite the somewhat dated interface, and is a great introduction to the world of the shapers. If you can tolerate the interface, I'd suggest playing that before any of the other Geneforges.


Nethergate:Resurrection is also a great game, if you can tolerate the older interfaces.

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You'll have fun no matter what you play, I think. There really isn't an "optimal" order. The later games do "spoil" elements of the earlier games to some degree, but I don't think it's that serious or really disrupts the fun. One thing to consider about the user interfaces is that it can be easier to play the games in order of oldest to newest, because then as you go along the UI keeps getting better and better.


FWIW, my favorite SW game is Nethergate: Resurrection, followed in no particular order by G1, G2, A:EFTP, and A6.

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