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Found 8 results

  1. Hello to everyone, first of all, thank you for this incredible crafted game. The problem is that i'm no longer able to play it in my android marshmallow 6.0 device. I used to play it without any problems in a KitKat device. The reason is crash at start up. The device is brand new and made a clean instalation without any savegames etc. Thanks you for your response
  2. I keep hearing that Avadon 2 won't be coming to Android but nobody ever says why. The last 2 Spiderweb games came out for Android and I love them in that format. No, I don't plan to buy an Ipad, and yes, Im ok with waiting longer for release, I just want to know if there's some hope!
  3. Hi, I first learnt about Avadon over a year ago and from the start I was intrigued, what looked like an old style rpg I could really get into. I was really excited to play this and have it as a travel game I could play while heading to work via train. In December last year I purchased my first tablet, a Google Nexus 10. I thought that this was the time, I could now grab Avadon and play it on my ride to work. I thought I would get the demo just to check it out and then purchase soon after. However once I tryed out the demo I found that the UI was extremely small and almost impossible to
  4. Trevel

    Which to play

    I have all the Spiderweb games. I believe I've actually bought them multiple times, because I enjoy the games -- however, I've only REALLY gotten into playing them on my tablet. (So hopefully there'll be a Humble Bundle android release for Avadon 2, along with the others). The games really come to life on the tablet, I've found. However, since I have the other games, and since beating Avadon and Escape The Pit has whetted my appetite for Spiderweb games, I'm thinking of trying them again. (Since I own them all, and many of them twice.) So. I'm not going to play the rest of
  5. Hi. I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and my tablet and enjoying your game immensely. However, as a dyslectic I feel it could give me a lot more if it was integrated with Android's "text to speech" function. This should in theory not require too many lines of code. But having worked with software I know that seemingly simple tasks can be quite difficult. Another common issue with text to speech is that a lot of people, especially people who are used to reading a lot, say that they can't stand the sound of text to speech voices. But for us dyslectics it's a good alternative. There are ev
  6. I have purchased A:EftP for my android tablet the day it was launched and, other than the issue I am about to explain, it has worked relatively flawlessly. My problem is this, the game crashes every time combat ends with a special event dialogue, like with the bandit toll near the bat cave and the goblin encounter north of Fort Avernum. These dialogues work fine when in a town or dungeon, but in overworld combat it seems to freeze the game up and I am forced to close it and reload from an earlier save; waiting does nothing. This happens with every overworld instance that ends with a specia
  7. Let me first bid everyone a big hello! This is my first time posting here so please excuse any mistakes (English is my second laguage) or misunderstandings I might have about the game and everything surrounding it. "Coincidentally", Avadon is also the first game from Spiderweb that I have played. To be fair, I probably never would have played the game were it not for the Humble Bundle which featured Avadon The Black Fortress as one of its titles. The reason why I joined this forum was to express my opinion about this game and (mostly) give some hopefully constructive criticism an
  8. So, I've played the game Avadon on the XOOM - it was great! but XOOM was so slowww... I got a Nexus 10 but the resolution is CRAZY high and the little squares are so teeny tiny I cannot hit the right one with my fingers... Any plans to adjust the way the game is rendered on these high res tablets? You had to do the same on the retina with iPads right? I guess what I'm wondering is... should I just uninstall the game? (It's currently unplayable.) I'd love to play it but I also understand it could be very difficult to make it work on all the different android tablets with many different res
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