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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, this is my first forum topic, so I hope to be posting it in the right place. As the title says, I'm trying to make a spanish translation of the game, but I found a little problem, which I don't know how to solve, due to my lack of technical knowledge. Basically, my problem is that the game doesn't recognize certain characters of my language, like the letter ñ, to give an example. I know that the fonts are located in an image named G290 inside the "Avadon Files\Graphics Core" folder. This appears to be a bitmap-style font but not quite the same. I thought
  2. How many of you guys really loved Avernum 3? The old version. My Uncle got me this game in 2010 with Windows XP AND Windows 7. I started playing it and completed it. WOW?! It was just a demo! So, I got the full version in 2015 or 2014, I think! And, I was in some province of the Troglodytes, but the game had a bug I don't remember. That's the reason for me to stop playing it. Now, when an update is out. I am just so excited! I hope it doesn't have a bug! The game was really stress free. OMG! I played it everyday whenever I got time. Not to mention, my pc was running whole day.
  3. I have an old low res monitor, so I play Spiderweb games on a 1024*768 resolution. But, even when I choose that, Avadon 3 opens up on a 1280*1024 one, which is my monitor's current default resolution. Scaling it down also scales down Avadon, hinting that it's just taking the max possible resolution. Also, this only happens in full screen mode. I've seen some other user complain about that in Gog in a game review, which is the version I'm using. Anyone else experiencing this? I know it's pretty minor but I'm used to the one resolution for these games, and this makes me squint a bit.
  4. First of all, I'm aware that similar threads exist but most of those are fairly old, and I'm not sure what the policy on necroing old threads is here. Anyway, I just want to share my thoughts and experiences with the Avadon series. To begin with, I thoroughly enjoyed all three games though my favorite was definitely the last one. Throughout the series, I played with a Shaman as my main character on normal difficulty. In all of the games, I tried not to use the same companions for every mission, but some missions and other events sometimes made that a difficult goal. Avadon: The Black F
  5. After I just finished the last of the Avadon series and enjoyed it greatly, I went back to the first game. I don´t know, the mullet blademaster guy bothered me immensely, and I went hunting for nicer images. I found a cute little program for designing avatars, and went to work. These surely aren´t everybody´s cup of tea, but I liked them enough and thought I share them. It changes the character images on the „Start a new game“ screen, as well as the images in the roster. It does not change the pics in the „Get“-menu, where you see the whole character and swap out equipment. The fir
  6. I have completed my Let's Play of the Avernum saga, so it is now time to move on to Spiderweb Software's next series... Avadon! And of course, we start with the Black Fortress. I admit, I know very little of the Avadon series, as I haven't played very much of it. So if anyone has any tips or suggestions, feel free to provide me with them! That said, we begin and start getting used to the change in mechanics.
  7. Hello there. I've never played Avadon before and i was wondering what your opinion on it is. Personally, I am a little turned off by the series due to the fact that I heard it was linear. Is there any truth to this? thanks.
  8. One of the lines of dialog to Commander Odil is "So go. Hunt Rebels." This reminded me of the famous "Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls" meme from City of Heroes. http://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Kill_Skuls
  9. So after bumbling through my first playthrough of Avadon and remaining a loyal hand I'm ready to replay this thing and shoot for Heart status, or maybe just kill Redbeard. What I want to know is the consequences of my decisions. What are the important decisions in game and what impact do they have on the endings? What decisions do I need to make to become a Heart? What decisions are 'best'? Are there any lines of dialogue I need to not say, or be sure to say, or any info I need to make sure not to tell people? Any help is appreciated.
  10. Usually I just post in the old thread. But this one is big: Spiderweb Collection on sale on Steam for $11.99 for total package. Or you can buy the games individually: Avadon The Black Fortress: $1.99 Avadon 2: The Corruption: $4.99 Avernum Escape from the Pit: $1.99 Avernum Pack (A4, A5, and A6): $2.39 Geneforge Saga Pack (G1-G5): $3.99 Nethergate Resurrection: $0.99 http://store.steampowered.com/sub/33525/ Or load up Steam and search for Spiderweb Software. I already have all the games, but good time to introduce some friends to Spiderweb Software.
  11. Hello Spiderweb forums! It's nice to finally write something that is not on a dead Geneforge thread, but it is rather embarrasing that this is my first foray. Anyway, here it goes: I am on Khalida's quest and have the prompt to confront Xenophon in Troezen. When I arrived in his hall Khalida informs Yannick and I that Xenophon will not have gone far and must still be around. Accordingly, I have searched every single building in town, all over the Troezen map, into the workshop, and traveled to Foresight to inquire around there if anyone had seen Xenophon lately (apparently you cannot actua
  12. Hi, Amazing game. Quick question. I have a number of item's and weapons that have a critical hit chance modifier. On weapons does the +critical hit chance only apply when you use that weapon or it global? I have the Heartseeker Scarab (+10% crit, USE: Icy Lance) Is the +10% crit chance global? or does it only apply to Icy Lance? I am assuming when it is on something like a cape it would be global.
  13. I recently purchased Avadon, but noticed that there is no sound whatsoever at any point in the game. My settings indicate that the volume is on, and the sound on my ipad works perfectly otherwise. Help?
  14. Hi, I first learnt about Avadon over a year ago and from the start I was intrigued, what looked like an old style rpg I could really get into. I was really excited to play this and have it as a travel game I could play while heading to work via train. In December last year I purchased my first tablet, a Google Nexus 10. I thought that this was the time, I could now grab Avadon and play it on my ride to work. I thought I would get the demo just to check it out and then purchase soon after. However once I tryed out the demo I found that the UI was extremely small and almost impossible to
  15. I bought the linux version of Avadon through Steam and have really been enjoying it, but now it seems I have encountered a bug that won't let me continue the game. In Jhereth Deeps, when I fight through the flooding corridor and escape into a room with few Ogre Brutes and some Flingers on both sides (separated by water), the game crashes every time after a few turns in battle mode. Can you give me any suggestions on how to fix that? Thank you.
  16. Trevel

    Which to play

    I have all the Spiderweb games. I believe I've actually bought them multiple times, because I enjoy the games -- however, I've only REALLY gotten into playing them on my tablet. (So hopefully there'll be a Humble Bundle android release for Avadon 2, along with the others). The games really come to life on the tablet, I've found. However, since I have the other games, and since beating Avadon and Escape The Pit has whetted my appetite for Spiderweb games, I'm thinking of trying them again. (Since I own them all, and many of them twice.) So. I'm not going to play the rest of
  17. Just where are Avadon saves kept
  18. Okay. Because of the Humble Bundle sale, I remembered that I never finished Avadon. So I booted Steam up and reinstalled it. Yay. My last save game is from March 2012. The problem is that I don't remember what is happening at ALL. I tried to search for a storyline walkthrough but didn't see anything helpful online. I am hoping that one of you can fill me in, so I don't have to start from scratch. I'm on Hard difficulty, my chars are level 20 or so. I have the following quests: Hunting the Wizard: go to Farlands and destroy the witch or wizard Recover Herenus: Relay message to Herenus
  19. Hi to everyone, I only wrote sometimes on the forum, but only today I start to read and write constantly. I bought yesterday the registration code for Avadon and these are my impressions and beginning ideas. What I Like of the game... Cultures and Background Lynaeus lands, like other games by Jeff, convinced me. I love big, huge games with deep Codex (like Skyrim) to read in order to relaxing me between every quests and to knowing better the game's world. I found that well done and the cultures, characters and territories. Simply character system What i learned from p&p rpgs i
  20. Let me first bid everyone a big hello! This is my first time posting here so please excuse any mistakes (English is my second laguage) or misunderstandings I might have about the game and everything surrounding it. "Coincidentally", Avadon is also the first game from Spiderweb that I have played. To be fair, I probably never would have played the game were it not for the Humble Bundle which featured Avadon The Black Fortress as one of its titles. The reason why I joined this forum was to express my opinion about this game and (mostly) give some hopefully constructive criticism an
  21. Here is a weird one; Avadon had some sort of game crash. After I restarted it I needed to re-enter my registration code. After playing a bit I realized my junk bag was full of "empty slot" dagger items. All the items in the game appear to be gone completly (from chests, floor, etc) and the game also won't let me place any items on the ground or in a container. Is there any way to fix this without reverting to an old save file (old file seems ok)?
  22. This is a great game with a great feel. I like the music. Never heard anything like it before. And now for some questions. Other than dialogue and combat, is there any reason to choose one companion over another? What can I do with all the stuff I find (rope, wine, skulls, broken swords, etc)? Can I sell items that don't have a value? If I leave items in a chest, barrel, or dresser, how long will they remain there?
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