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Archmage Alex

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A quick look at the 93 page user manual and distinctly unfriendly interface have caused to come to the conclusion I will never make a BoA scenario. While BoE can be complex, it is, at least, a heck of a lot easier to use.


My questions: Is BoE dead? If I were to make a small, first-efforts BoE scenario would it be ignored or could I have a reasonable hope of having people play it?

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Originally written by Thuryl:
People are still making and playing BoE scenarios. Go for it.
Eh, I always have a BoE scenario in progress. I just don't work on it very often. And then when I do start working on in on a somewhat regular basis, I lose interest in the scenario and start a new one. So I never get one fininshed.
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I'm making a scenario, though it's progressing slowly.

BotS, were you making a scenario about being thieves? If you were, tell me, because that's what mine is about, and if it's going to be too similar to yours, I'll just play scenarios instead until I come up with a new idea.

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