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Traps and Locks (SPOILERS)

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Only two classes, shadowwalkers and sorceresses, have a skill that can help with disarming traps and opening locked doors and containers with fewer or no lockpicks.


Traps range from level 0 (no skill needed) to level 5 and when triggered cause damage or summon some monsters.


Locked items have a minimum of 0 where anyone can open them to requiring 90 lockpicks if you have no skill (15 lockpicks at level 5 skill). Most quest rewards are in locked containers or rooms that required lots of lockpicks, but there are a few places that are just hard to loot. smile


For this table:

Door is the lockpick skill level to open the door or container without lockpicks

Lockpicking Skill Level is Shadowwalker Locksmith skill or Sorceress Unlock Charm skill

To get level 5 you need the Tinker's Satchel (available about 60% of the way through the game)


Door   	              Lockpicking Skill Level		0	1	2	3	4	50               01		2	02		3	1	03		4	2	1	04		5	2	1	1	05		6	3	2	1	1	06		7	3	2	1	1	17		8	4	2	2	1	18		9	4	3	2	1	19		10	5	3	2	2	11011		12	6	4	3	2	2? 		15	7	5	3	3	2?		20	10	6	5	4?		25	12	8	6	5?		30	15	10	7	6	5?		35	17	11	8	7?	`	90	45	30	22	18	15 


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Originally Posted By: Randomizer

Lockpicking Skill Level is Shadowwalker Locksmith skill or Sorceress Unlock Charm skill

Will the locksmith skill and unlock charm skill skill stack if you have both a shadowwalker and a sorceress in your party? What if you have two shadowwalkers or sorceresses?
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As this is a thread linked in the strategy central I hope nobody minds that I am digging it out:

Is it already known whether Avadon 2 will work the same? Will there be no stacking of the skill? The skill reads "whenever your group attemps"...so, does it stack now?

What about the Spell? Will it make any sense to train the spell together with the skill?


Edit: Aaand from the manual I can answer that myself: " If more than one character has one of these skills, only the highest one is used."

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I suspect that lock picks will still be rare and so careful management will be required with an advantage of having your main character from one of the three classes that can pick locks and defeat mines and turrets more easily. That of course also makes it easier to deal with the quests where you are mandated to have a certain character with you as well. That said, I played Avadon 1 through twice and did not have a lock picker as my main character either time.

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