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  1. So it's really just a few dialogues? No Impact to any "actual" gameplay?
  2. True, it is an improvement. Before Avadon 3 I only moved characters for a few tiles at a time to avoid these pathfinding "problems". But these felt like "annoyances", like mechanics which were not fleshed out completely. While the current version works better, it makes apparent that there is a bug. And while it plays better, it leaves a more buggy impression which isn't a good thing.
  3. Hey there, I am not sure, if this bug was already reported. Avadon 3 finally features showing a path a character will take on moving him and also when attacking something when it is out of range. There is a little bug with the latter one though. The range calculated is always one tile closer than it needs to be. So let's say that your Mage is out of range of hitting someone with his Wand. When you hold your mouse over the enemy it will show that the mage needs to move for 3 tiles and will then attack. This however is never correct. If you click to attack, the mage will run these 3 tiles and attack. However if you only move him 2 tiles, it will be enough to already be in range for attacking. So the calculation for range and the actual check are off by one tile. Just a minor thing. But it kinda stands out as Spiderweb games are almost bug free otherwise.
  4. Got another small question which isn't really worth a whole new thread: I gathered a lot of shattered crystals, perfect crystals, diamands and so on. With all the crystal stuff going around I am not sure if this stuff can actually be used something or if it is just for sale as the tooltip indicates. Currently carrying aroung stones worth a couple of thousand gold and would appreciate a hint whether I can sell them. ^^
  5. My personal workaround for the interface is to use one Mousebutton for the RETURN key, which does the same as the ESC Key in most cases. So I use one mousebutton to open the inventory. And another one to close it again. Really not optimal, but at least for me it's working. But I completely agree. Especially the "open and close Interface element with same button" and "mousewheel without use"-issues should have been fixed at this point.
  6. Yeah, thought something like that will be the case. But for me as a Minmaxer it just "feels" bad.
  7. I didn't have an issue with the amount of xp. But I didn't like that you share the XP with your summons. So you are in the situation where you benefit from using the least amount of summons. Which seems neither intended nor very fun. And if I remember right, at the start you got a temporary party member? And of course you also share xp with that member...so again it's best to spent the least amount of time with that member to not "hurt" the main character's xp.
  8. Thanks! Got one other question: What influence does luck have? Is it just for combat or are there events which profit from luck? If there is an event with a "luck check", do you have any benefit if not "maxing" it? So, lets say if after 5 game hours there is an event, where you need 5 luck to get something, and after 10 hours there is an event where you need 10 luck to trigger it, there is no use of just putting a couple of points there.
  9. Oh, I don't feel insulted. I just have a very different way to tackle games. E.g. before I started with Might and Magic X I created this sheet to get an overview: https://docs.google....dENhcGNHUnRlNUE Before I started Xulima I created this sheet to get an overview: https://docs.google....th5Kx18qZfRTpas And normally the game mechanics itself are pretty clear. But it has been a long time since I played Avernum: Escape from the Pit. I don't need to know what weapons can be found in the game and so on. But I'd like to know how mechanics work. Example: If a Pole Arm has a base damage which is 1.5X the dmg of a sword and a sword would not get any malus and you would do 2 x sword damage the sword is superior. But if you use special strikes all the time which uses the 1.5Xdmg of the polearm and just mainhand dmg of the sword dual wielder than this would make the pole arm much stronger in this scenario. About the bonus from the races: The Catguys get 10% on missile dmg and the lizard guys 10% on spear dmg. In addition both get 10% in one resitance. So if you do not use the catguy as a razordisc thrower/archer his racial ability is wasted and if you don't use the lizard guy as pure melee dmg dealer, his racial ability is wasted. And even if they have these roles, the human ability would probably still be better. For me the game is about challenge. I play games on highest difficulty right away as I never play a game twice. And I also like to minmax my characters within certain borders (e.g. in MMX I took one of each race) because otherwise I just feel bad and think that I should start over. And while this isn't a big deal in small games, my playthrough of Avernum: Escape from the pit took more than 150 hours. And feeling gimped after 50 or 100 hours is not really what I look forward to. ^^
  10. Yeah, I am just wondering...I mean the bonuses aren't even good in itself. And the both classes seem to also use both of the worst "roles" you could have if dual blades > Polearm for a pure Melee DD, and if spells > missiles for ranged combat. The human racial is so superior that it kinda hurts...
  11. Thanks! One Question about the dual wield vs Pole though: If you completely specialize on damage on one character and play on hardest difficulty: Don't you have an advantage with pole weapons due to the better to hit chance and the higher damage on special abilities? I see that "normal attacks" can be much better with Dual Wield, but I don't think I get the whole picture yet.
  12. I have a couple of additional questions to add to this. While I finished Avernum: Escape from the Pit on Torment, I can't really remember much of the mechanics anymore. As you mentioned the level is soft capped. I guess there is a limited amount of xp? If traits are stopped at 30 one has to think about whether or not Quick Learning and Great Wisdom are worth it. Is there any advantage to swords/spears over the other? Or is it purely cosmetic? Was a spear always 2h? Or can you combine it with a shield? When dual wielding, I saw that the damage of abilities does not change. Does the toHit modifier of -35% apply to special strikes? Is there any advantage to bow/razordisk over the other? Do character races have any influence on story? Like additional dialogues or so? The +Missile dmg seems to be a little too specific for my taste. With a tank, a mage and a priest, I'd rather use a second melee class to block away the enemies from the casters. And a last one: Do summons "eat away" XP like in Geneforge? Or is the XP always shared within the 4 party members only?
  13. Can do so, but it's completely in German. ^^ I did do a let's play before with Avadon 2 which you can find (didn't think much about asking back then). As I only play every game once, I doubt I will replay Avadon 1 or Avernum: Escape from a Pit for a let's play. That's also the reason why I play everything on hardest difficulty right away. I started Geneforge 5 a couple of times but never finished it - so that would still be an option for some time. But it had some mechanics regardings XP gain which I really didn't like.
  14. Cool, thank you for the fast reply! This should already cover it then, no need for another mail!
  15. Hey there, I was wondering whether there was any statement from Spiderweb / Jeff about doing streams or publishing videos on youtube. I am planning to do a Let's Play for Avernum 2, but wasn't able to find anything regarding that. I also sent a mail to support@spiderwebsoftware.com a couple of days ago but did not receive any answer yet. So if you came across any statement about Let's Plays and Streams in the forums, blogs or whereever else I would appreciate if let me know.
  16. I found this quest very unsatisfying. I know that the game wants you to face situations where you choose between A and B. But with quests like these it’s more like “Do you want to take this quests and get XP, Rewards and a Happy party member or not?” And while the “not” would be the option I personally would have chosen if this was reality, in the game it feels like punishment for doing the right thing because you gain nothing. In addition I don’t think it was written very well. First Dedrik thinks killing all these people has to be done but it would be fine if you decide otherwise (and in the next screen he says that he will never be your friend then). Then during slaughtering all the people Dedrik starts whining about having chosen to kill them. Then in the dialogue with the boss I wanted to let them go and Dedrik suddenly changed his opinion again and started the battle. And after the battle, Dedrik is sad again that he killed them all. Either this is bad writing or Dedrik is a real psycho.
  17. I think the Tinkermages are actually the biggest flaw in balance. The turrets are just too strong compared to everything else. Most combats could be won by just placing two turrets and wait till everything dies. I am missing the challenge of the fights from Avadon 1 and Avernum.
  18. While it was probably the hardest fight till now, I think it was still pretty easy on torment. Had a blademaster, wo stood in the middle and tanked and provided haste in the very beginning (after that it's fatigued by wolves). A shaman who summons a drake and then heals and does damage with his missile weapon. He was out of the "inner area", and out of range of the enemy shaman. And my main character, a tinkermage. This guy built a freezing turrent and a razor turret in the middle, and then only did ranged attacks either. First I focussed on the wolves, then when a turret hit the shaman I focussed on the summoned wolves. Didn't take too long until the shaman died, mainly by damage from the ice turret, which also killed the summoned wolves while being hasted.
  19. I just checked the forums to see whether I actually have to support the rebels to not miss out on the relationship with silke... Not very happy that this path is limited. I mean the player character still has hardly any reason for not supporting Black Fortess or at least the Pact and Avadon. Why should the character suddenly decide "Oh, well, I will just also join the guys I fought till now!" That said, You also can only get the achievement of "Kissing Silke" when joining the rebels. Don't see any achievements however which you can't get as a rebel, am I right?
  20. Well it's available on gog.com for just 7,49$ which is so cheap that it might actually be an error. Bought it there but might even buy it again if it gets released on steam. Did I mention that I'd pay much more if spiderweb would use kickstarter and gave away some goodies?
  21. Yub, seems to be pw protected now. Can't access it anymore either. I can however google for "avadon dexterity sooner in combat" and open the google cache.
  22. Uhm...but that sounds like a reason for not buying it on steam at all... But I will buy the game there anyways the minute it appears.
  23. Have to admit that Avadon was my first Spiderweb game. Also bought Avernum and Geneforge after that.But I have to admit that only Geneforge 5 starts to get bearable for me from these older games. Avernum Escape from the Pit was one of the best CRPG experiences I had yet.
  24. Hey guys! The release is just 2 days away and I am wondering: Why can't I preorder that game on Steam? I am checking the "Coming Soon" tab for weeks and months now for Avadon 2. Well, I mean at that point it's not a big deal to wait two more days, but my question is: Doesn't that cost a lot of income? I can imagine that you get lots of additional sales just by offering a pre-order possibility. Is there any drawback of having the game in the steam library early?
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