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Northern Isles Rules


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At the start of the game, everyone is assigned a secret role. Except for a few rare exceptions, no one knows the roles of the other players at the start. Everyone has an individual victory condition. Some facilitate collaboration with certain other players, whereas some are in direct conflict. The game lasts for at most five days. To win, you must be alive and have your victory condition satisfied at the time the game ends.


Role Assignment


Roles change from round to round. Please read the relevant role list for the current round. There are 16 roles. The first 10 are always in the game. The next 6 are chosen randomly under some specification. The details are:


1-10: Adventurer, Alchemist, Anama Priest, Craftmaster Strine, Darkside Commander, Darkside Mage, Dionicio, Gladwell, Oliver, Shanker

11-16: Random of roles.


Games can be played with fewer. In this case, there are less random roles.


Two of the random roles 11-16 begin in an appropriate (and different) faction: Anama or Gladwell. Therefore, roles are also selected such that each faction gets one. The Rogue Mage and Pure Spirit will never start in a faction.


Game Flow


I will send all players a PM revealing their role, victory condition, abilities and any other pertinent information. Once the start of the game is reached (not before), official play may begin. The game lasts for five days. A day is defined as a 24 hour period where the beginning of day 1 starts at the start of the game.


After play has begun, a player may submit by PM to the moderator if they want to do an action or task. You may only submit one action or task at a time, although you may make multiple messages. I place these requests in a queue and process them when I can. They are processed in the order they were received. Actions or tasks may be cancelled until they are processed. To do so, do not erase the original text, but use strikethrough. See the sections on actions and tasks.


When a character is killed, his or her death will be announced in the main thread. Other things, such as land being explored or structures being built, are also announced publicly.


The game ends after five days have elapsed or once all characters have met their victory conditions or cannot meet their victory conditions. The moderator may end the game when the outcome is, for the most part, decided. For example, a game ends when all that is needed for the outcome to be certain are a few trades.




You may submit one action at a time. The following are defined as actions that can be performed by anyone:


Attack Character

Explore Region

Use Ability

Use Offensive Item


Some important terminology with regards to actions:


Submitted: The time stamp you give me your action. Do NOT edit your action to change it, but instead cross out the old action (strikethrough tag) and make a new post for the new action.

Validated: The time when your action becomes valid for processing, which is generally 24 hours after your last action was valid.

Processed: The time when I execute your action. After this, there is no rescinding actions.


If your last action validated less than 24 hours ago, your action is skipped until sufficient time passes. Also, any actions that kill anyone are not validated for the first 24 hours.


Actions that can kill anyone, such as attacking, are not allowed until day 2.




You may submit up to two tasks per day. The following are tasks that may be done by anyone:


Accept Trade: To receive items or coins from a trade, you need to meet with the trading character. See the section on trades. Note that receiving coins as a gift does not need to be accepted and therefore does not count as a task.

Examine Character: Target another player. Will learn that target's nationality and if the target has: any weapons, any bows, any armor, and any shields. You will not learn what those items are, however. Target will learn which player examined them.

Join Faction: Soliciting to join a faction (Anama or Gladwell) counts as a task.

Offer Trade: You may propose a trade or give a gift of coins. This counts as a task.

Recruit Member: If you are a faction leader, and a person has solicited to join, you may recruit them. This counts as a task.

Use Item: Items that do not harm or bestow a negative status on another character count as a task.


A player may perform two tasks per day in addition to any action. Tasks are done at the earliest convenience of the moderator. Once a task has been acknowledged by the moderator, it may not be cancelled. Some tasks (e.g. trades) require two players to be processed; however, submission counts as a task regardless if the other character follows through.


The day the action counts towards is obtained from the submission time stamp in the PM to the moderator. If two tasks were performed on a given day, the player must wait until the next day begins before any new tasks may be submitted. Any tasks beyond two are simply ignored. Also, tasks that are unused are lost and not carried over to the next day.


For trades and joining factions, both must be submitted on the same day.


Tasks that can kill anyone are not allowed until day 2.




You may attack a character as an action. When attacking, you may state the role of the target character for a small advantage if correct. When your action gets processed, the attempt will be made. When attacking, if the person is an enemy, you will be able to attack. If the person is not your enemy, you have a skill of zero when attacking.


A role is an enemy if:


1) That person is a target in your victory condition or if you are a target in theirs.

2) That person requires you to not win, or your require them to not win.

3) The target specifically requires an artifact in their victory condition that is specifically part of yours.

4) The target is in the same faction as another enemy or you are in a faction and another faction member has that enemy. In other words, all faction members share the same enemies.


Note that exceptions may be given in the inherent abilities of each character.


To decide who wins a battle, the skill points of both characters is compared. After any modifiers, the character with the higher power wins. In the event of a tie, the advantage goes to the defending character.


Every player starts with a base skill of 2. These can be modified by attributes, items, statuses, or abilities. See the relevant sections.


When attacking, you may choose to guess the target's a role. If you guess correctly, you get skill +1. If you guess incorrectly, you get skill -1. You will not be informed of the correctness either way. Also, when attacking a Darkside Loyalist, you must identify the location of their hideout (see section on Exploration) or suffer a serious skill penalty.


When a person is killed, the victor receives any artifacts. All land the defeated person explored becomes unexplored. All items and coins (unless the victor was a Darkside Loyalist) are scattered by the moderator (in order of priority) to those newly unexplored locations, other locations, or are lost. Roles are not revealed upon death unless otherwise stated.




Every character begins with at least one attribute. Attributes affect combat and a few other game mechanics. It is possible to gain attributes by way of joining factions and some means. Consult the Appendix for a list of attributes and descriptions of their effects.


Artifacts, Items, and Coins


There are five artifacts and many items. These are held in the player's inventory and stay there until they are used, traded, stolen, or the player dies. Players can also possess a number of coins. These are useful for trade and is required for some actions.


Artifacts can bestow beneficial effects upon the holder and is used as part of many role's victory conditions. Items are divided into equipment (containing weapons, bows, armor, and shields), potions, objects, and other. Equipment affects battle mechanics. Potions bestow various effects and may be used only upon yourself unless otherwise stated. Objects also bestow various effects and may be used on anyone unless otherwise stated. All items disappear after one use.


When someone is killed, the person that did the kill receives any artifacts, but not items or coins unless otherwise stated (such as the Darkside Loyalist attribute).


A list of items and artifacts is given in the Appendix along with their frequencies and base values in coins.




You may trade items (see the section on Tasks) with other players. These require both people submit the details of the trade to the moderator on the same day. If they do not match, the trade is not done. Coins may be given away in exchange for nothing (a gift) and the recipient does not need to accept.


Certain characters are merchants and their trades do not count as tasks. Furthermore, they may only trade for profit (they must receive more than the base value of the item) unless trading with another merchant.


Giving away items or coins counts as a trade or task. Receiving only coins in exchange for nothing does not count as a trade and the recipient need not even accept. Giving away the coins, however, does.




There are three factions in the game: the Anama, Gladwell, and the Darkside Loyalists. It is possible for certain individuals to join the first two, but not the Loyalists. To join the Anama, you need to be recruited by the Anama Priest. To join Gladwell, you need to be recruited by him.


Players who can join a faction if they (1) have none of the Anama, Bound, or Darkside Loyalist attributes, or (2) if their inherent ability does not explicitly forbid it. Recruitment or joining count as tasks and can only be done by mutual agreement (both must PM me on the same day).


To join someone, you must identify both the person and the role of the faction leader (e.g. Gladwell). To recruit, you must identify the name of the recipient.


The effects of being in the factions are given in the Appendix.




As your action, you may also explore a region that has not been explored. Regions typically contain treasure (coins, items, artifacts). Certain regions have a higher probability of having artifacts. The regions are given in the Appendix.


One area that is not a Fang Clan, Shanker, or Gladwell location also has the Darkside Loyalist hideout. If you explore this area, you will learn where it is. However, the Darkside Loyalists will learn your nationality and which faction (if any) to which you belong.


If you explore Gladwell's Tower, he will learn your role identity if he is alive. Beware.


When a person is killed, all regions that person explored becomes unexplored. That person's items and coins go back to that land, but new items may appear there as well.


Private Communication


Private communication is an important and vital part of the game. People are encouraged to make use of the public thread as well as private communications. You may use any means at your disposal.


Dead players may not communicate with anyone else about the game. If discovered by the game administrator, that player may be permanently banned from all future play.


I do ask that you be able to give me an honest summary if I ask for it. This helps me understand the game flow better and helps address weaknesses in the game.




Statuses are acquired from abilities and items. Generally speaking, they affect flow of actions and skill in battle. A list of statuses is given in the Appendix.


You will be informed of all statuses except when noted otherwise. You will not, however, learn who placed the status upon you or how.


The statuses Berserk, Blessed, Enlightened, Resistant, Sharpshooter, and Weakened end after attacking someone or after 24 hours. Hasted lasts for 6 hours. All other status effects last for 24 hours.




There are a few important structures that may be "built" by some players or exist that bestow effects upon the game. The construction and destruction of structures is announced publicly in the game thread. A list of structures and their effects is given in the Appendix.




For clarity, character or player describes the name of the person playing whereas a role is what personna they are playing. For instance suppose I (Stareye) am playing the Cranky Moderator and you wanted to target me. If the action is for a character type: TARGET STAREYE. If instead it is for my role, type: TARGET CRANKY MODERATOR.


Targeting a dead person for actions that require someone to be alive are simply removed from the queue. Such actions are not processed and a new action must be submitted.


In the case of roles that need to kill specific targets, killing a target only counts once. If you kill your target and he or she is resurrected, killing him or her again does not count towards your victory condition. Note that victory conditions that say a role must be dead, must die again if resurrected.


For communal inventory of the Anama, there is still an "owner" associated with the item being the person who originally brought it to the faction. If this person is killed or targeted for theft, only those items are lost.


Order of operations when calculating battle skill is to do additive effects first (e.g. base skill +1), and then apply all multiplicative effects (e.g. weak attribute).


Please post any questions about the rules below.

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Exploring, like trades with the moderator, are done on a first come, first serve basis. If you cannot explore a region because it has been explored, your task becomes invalid.


Generally speaking, it is always good to explore. There is Gladwell's Tower, which has its own penalty for exploring. Now Gladwell knows who you are, which could be really bad.

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When a person is killed, the victor receives any artifacts. All land the defeated person explored becomes unexplored. All items and coins (unless the victor was a Darkside Loyalist) go to those newly unexplored locations, the Moderator shop, or are lost.

When someone is killed, the person that did the kill receives any items, but not coins.

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EDIT: Unlocked. Please don't reply unless you have something to contribute to the original topic of this thread.

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