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    Disgusted with herself at her rapid change of mood from shock to fear to elation, and disappointed that she had learned nothing since yesterday about managing her emotions, she resignedly went back to bed.
  2. That's a very interesting analysis, SoT. Can I read more about it somewhere? Is it yours? All I've seen about it in the US media (which isn't much — I pretty much just read the NY Times) is negative, which is not surprising. But your analysis makes sense. (In fact, how else could they finance all the western bonds they're buying? Borrowing from somewhere else? I don't know enough about global economics.)
  3. wz. As


    The arbitrariness lies somewhere else. With history or linguistics or biology, you could say that the arbitrariness appears when you look at the world. The laws of the universe are fixed, but what happened in 1066 or which word we use to refer to a rose or which proteins take apart DNA are arbitrary in that the world might have happened differently. In math, the arbitrariness comes in setting up the rules of the game (contrast this with the fixed laws of nature), but once you have done that, everything that comes after necessarily follows from the rules you started with. Alorael, it's int
  4. "Your most precious and rarest gemstones crushed into a fine powder, both of them" I think you meant.
  5. Originally Posted By: cfgauss http://www.news.utoronto.ca/science-and-technology/playing-video-games-reduces-sex-differences-in-spatial-skills.html http://news.msu.edu/story/6096/ https://www.msu.edu/user/jackso67/CT/children/ http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:yp379XK4iHgJ:www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/news/fullstory_93397.html http://www.physorg.com/news148193174.html etc... On the flip side: http://freakonomics.blogs.nytimes.com/20...-but-what-else/
  6. Do attacks of opportunity happen across height differences? You could make a custom terrain which offsets its graphic to make the turret look like it's at the same height as everything else, but isn't really. Of course, then you can't have characters attack them hand-to-hand.
  7. How did the anonymity work out? Did you all end up figuring out the others' identities, or did you truly remain anonymous?
  8. I can't this round, as school is starting up again. Had it been last week I would have been in.
  9. Sounds like a good system. Anonymity is now mandated for everyone (unless someone outs themselves — would that be discouraged under the rules?), which also removes preconceptions about playing style, etc. Some will still be recognizable through their writing style, but that probably can't be helped.
  10. On a list of 8, let's say we know 3 on it and one that's not. That means you have to pick 5 names correctly, out of 9 roles (16 take away the 3 DLs, the 3 you already have, and the one you ruled out). That's 9 choose 5, so your chances of getting it right are 1 out of 126. Actually your chances are a lot worse because they might have random roles on that list that aren't actually in play.
  11. I like the change to the DL's win condition, and completely agree that the old win condition (having random targets) made working with them very unappealing.
  12. It seems that when attacking anyone whose role is uncertain, there's no downside to also specifying a location as the loyalist hideout, even if you don't know what it is. is this intentional? I agree that dionicio's job is now appropriately hard.
  13. Ah, I missed the hideout stuff from the rules thread. I'll post further comments there.
  14. With only two darkside loyalists, it seems like dionicio's job might be too easy. in game 10, as dionicio, I only personally removed one DL myself.
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