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Northern Isles GAME 1


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Machrone has sent out a questionnaire. Any actions submitted after now require you to have answered this question as well as the previous if you had not done so already.


Question 2: Are you one of the Empire Spy's targets?

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The outcome of the game is now certain, there is no point in continuing.




Everyone else has assembled a team and is able to meet their victory condition. Congratulations to the winners:







Thank you everyone for playing. During this game, it became clear what worked and what didn't. If people want, I will run another, but things will be (hopefully) more balanced for a lot of people.


I welcome comments and discussion by anyone below. smile


The roles were as follows:


Adventurer - Nicothodes

Anama Priest - Master Ackrovan

Anama Hunter - Ash Lael/Nioca

Bound Servant - Tyranicus

Darkside Blademaster - Excalibur

Darkside Mage - Thuryl

Dionicio - Alorael

Empire Spy - Iffy

Gladwell - Marlenny

Machrone - Sarachim/Nikki

Necromancer - Bloodmoon

Shanker - Dikiyoba


The game went as follows:


Day 1


Dionicio discovers identity of Darkside Mage

Anama Priest finds out Anama Hunter is NOT a magic user

Darkside Mage puts curse on Darkside Blademaster

Shanker protects Bound Servant

Empire Spy follows Darkside Blademaster


Day 2


Dionicio kills Darkside Mage

Shanker protects Adventurer

Anama Hunter discovers Dionicio is NOT an Anama member

Gladwell causes Bound Servant to attack Shanker

Bound Servant kills Shanker

Bound Servant acquires Heroic Brew

Adventurer sees Bound Servant looking suspicious

Necromancer discovers identity of Darkside Mage

Anama Hunter joins Gladwell.

Anama Hunter receives Box of Traps from Gladwell.


Day 3


Dionicio discovers identity of Necromancer

Adventurer steals Heroic Brew from Bound Servant

Machrone submits a question

Machrone joins Gladwell

Darkside Blademaster kills Dionicio

Necromancer curses Anama Hunter

Gladwell compels Bound Servant to attack Darkside Blademaster

Anama Hunter uses Pathfinder Boots to follow Bound Servant

Bound Servant is killed by Darkside Blademaster's counterattack

Anama Hunter attacks Anama Priest, but is killed because he was cursed


Day 4


Adventurer kills Anama Priest

Adventurer recovers Pathfinder Boots

Machrone submits a question

Darkside Blademaster kills Empire Spy

Darkside Blademaster gives Gladwell the Flaming Sword

Gladwell gives Adventurer the Flaming Sword

Adventurer kills Darkside Blademaster with Flaming Sword

Necromancer receives items he needs from team members

Machrone correctly identifies enough people

Game Over

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I killed the Darkside Mage, the Necromancer identified the Darkside Mage, and the Necromancer used the Mage's ability to curse the Anama Hunter.


—Alorael, who finds it unsurprising that Machrone won. Nobody benefits from hurting Machrone, his goals are compatible with everyone's, and he can make a nice anchor for conspiratorial gatherings. It's a very neat role to have around even without questions.

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It was ironic, but that didn't lead to his death. Alorael (Dionicio) found out, by luck, that Thuryl was the DL Mage at the start of the game. His death was almost guaranteed at that point. The irony was that Thuryl made the comment on random deaths and then got killed right away.

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I'm so sorry, Excalibur. It was all Sarachim's idea!! Don't ever trust him tongue


Edit: Go us! Great game, Stareye. Diplomacy kicks Mafia's ass. I had the most fun I've had in the forums in a long time. It was short, fun, a bit scary at the end (with the whole bloodmoon fiasco), and it rocked. Again, thank you Stareye!

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The only people I communicated privately with before dying were Excalibur and Marlenny. Excalibur I PMed immediately after his very suspicious comments about DLs on the first day; I got him to spill the beans about being the DL Blademaster, after which I revealed my own role and we formed a very brief alliance. (I cursed him as a bit of insurance before he revealed his identity, just in case his post had been some kind of trap.)


Marlenny contacted me with a PM that gave out very little information, which led me to suspect she might be Gladwell (that being the role with the greatest motive to probe random people in PMs without revealing itself). Good to know I was right, even if it didn't help me much.


It was fun while it lasted, I guess?

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Sorry about killing you. It was dumb bloody luck that I caught you fast, although I was strongly considering random slaughter just to try to grab some artifacts, clear the field, and spark some discussion.


I had Marlenny pegged as Machrone. Shows how much I know. I didn't respond to her prompting, but Ash got me into his little conspiratorial circle (with Marl, of course). Then I died before that could get anywhere.


—Alorael, who still wants to know why he died and who had the Crystal Spire.

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Yes, Alorael was a random kill, well, I picked a person I hadn't contacted yet, but still.


And people, don't apologize. I was thoroughly amused by my own lack of caution. I spilled everything I knew to Sarachim, and for some reason, it didn't occur to me that Sarachim was with Gladwell. That was a rather clever ruse to kill me with the Necromancer trap. I had been thinking about attacking Bloodmoon, and if that happened, I would have known Marlenny was lying. Also, oddly enough, I don't recall lying once throughout the whole game. Basically, I took a whole lot of risks, which led to my death.


Thanks *i for doing this. I especially love how I fried Iffy with the wand of death. smile

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