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  1. Sometimes I forget how awesome you are . There's no way I could list all the shows I've watched, but we share a lot of the same. I'll nod Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Wire, Game of Thrones, The Genius, and Attack on Titan. Excellent Television. I also really love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Shameless, but it's not for everyone. However, I get the feeling that you like more lighter shows, so I'd recommend Avatar, Scrubs, The b*tch in Apt. 23B, Seasons 1-4 of How I met your mother, and Pushing Daisies.
  2. Yeah I noticed . On the plus side, free shipping! And I'm doing pretty well, thanks. Just really tired and busy.
  3. You look too adorable with glasses. Also Lillith, you look absolutely gorgeous and I must know where you bought the pants on the last picture of the OP. And because... why not? I wanted to post a photo of me with my "red" hair that only looks red under the sunlight, but I'm too lazy to upload it.
  4. Thanks, Diki. I've missed you too =)
  5. Now I shall forever imagine Kelandon as keeping an organised computer file of everything he ever posts/says so that he's able to quote himself later on . Also, I sincerely and deeply hate the ability to "like" other people's posts.
  6. Pointless surveys galore! To celebrate the return of GoT... which Game of Thrones Character are you? http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/hpbWxCCmzMR/Game+Thrones+Character I got.... And because everyone with a sense of taste should be watching this show.... Which Shameless character are you? http://www.buddytv.c...?quiz=500000099 I got...
  7. I currently watch: The Big Bang Theory Boardwalk Empire Breaking Bad Community Dexter Game of Thrones How I Met Your Mother Misfits Once upon a time South Park The Walking Dead Plus re-runs of The Wire and The West Wing whenever I'm in the mood. I'm seriously considering dropping The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, and The Walking Dead though. All three just refuse to go anywhere story-wise within a decent time frame. Well to be fair, things do go somewhere with Dexter, but it just resets at the end of each season which is even worse. You should give Breaking Bad a try, Thad. It's seriously awesome.
  8. What about the bit where HP computers completely blow? The only good thing I got out of owning an HP laptop for a year was that it made me hate PCs so much that I bought my Macbook.
  9. Originally Posted By: VCH I didn't get it either. And Spidweb is on my safe email list. This.
  10. I've made my pledge! And I promise to donate more money if you get real close in exchange for the $1,000 pledge prize Also, I know most of us are poor but please don't be cheap.
  11. Marlenny

    Hot Dogs

    Nathan's Hot Dogs. Hands down. The ones they sell in the supermarket are nothing compared to the ones in Coney Island, but for supermarket hot dogs they aren't too bad.
  12. Marlenny


    .... wow. Just wow.
  13. Marlenny


    I believe it has to do with the browsers. For me, it works fine when using Firefox, but it has the weird yellow grid when with Safari. Regardless, me likes my new avatar
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    Originally Posted By: Thaluikhain Also, the "technical" name for caviar is "sea kitten babies". Meh, this is so utterly unoriginal. South Park's "little tortured baby cow" is much much better.
  15. Originally Posted By: Excalibur Originally Posted By: Marlenny Apologies to Excalibur for the massive DL FAIL. I realized that I just really don't work well on my own, I have to have someone with whom I've exchanging information back and forth. And so when you weren't around, I just started making dumb mistakes and ended up doing things like telling the freaking Dionicio I was a DL It was a mutual fail. I was mistaken in attacking Sporefrog, who I had thought was the Brigand. And yeah, it didn't help that I was away for twelve hours either. It also didn't help that I went and picked the freaking revenant as the first person to investigate. Oh well, there's always the next game. To Sporefrog: lol.
  16. Apologies to Excalibur for the massive DL FAIL. I realized that I just really don't work well on my own, I have to have someone with whom I've exchanging information back and forth. And so when you weren't around, I just started making dumb mistakes and ended up doing things like telling the freaking Dionicio I was a DL Advice for anyone playing Shanker, any one at all. Your first and most important goal should be to try and contact unaligned players and get them to be in your alliance. There are a lot of motivations from players to keep you alive (Merchants for example), and lots of players who you'd work well with. There's no reason to go on attacking people and getting yourself killed. Great job to Duck. Although his inventory was kind of lame, He really went other there and tried to trade. Congratulations on the win. I also absolutely loved my conversation with watermark, I hope you stick around. I'd love to play with you. And Spore, we seriously need to be DLs together. If not, I'll be happy with being Nociduas and having you as a slave
  17. Err... I seriously doubt that is the more usual.
  18. yay for no sympathy. Happy Birthday, Ephesos!
  19. I loved it. It added an extra layer to the game. And it certainly felt like it was how the game was intended to be. With that said, I figured out who Sarachim was within 6 hours of the start of the game (and we were already allies ). And by the end I was confident that Thuryl was Surefire. But other than that, everyone managed to fool me
  20. Marlenny

    Movies 2009

    Originally Posted By: Monroe I am jealous of Christian Bale, though. He gets to be Batman and John Connor? That's too much awesome for any one man. This is what I thought until after seeing Salvation -just finished watching it. But now: meh. John Connor was such a pussy in this movie. He just walked around saying: "I'm John Connor... It's me: Connor." This movie really ruined my idea of how much of a badass Connor was Other than that, it was OK. I really liked the Avatar kid's character. And despite all the wtf moments (seriously, you are letting a freaking Terminator who can heal himself and is on your side die over the: "I'm Connor" dude? While you still have Skynet to fight?) I quite enjoyed it. I also finished Inglorious Bastards not too long ago, and it's not my kind of movie. I will admit that it looked like a great movie. Great writing, and quite a decent set of acting. If you can forgive Pitt's accent, that is.
  21. Marlenny

    Movies 2009

    How is Cloudy with a chance of meatballs not in your list? Mind, I don't think anyone in the planet thought the movie would be good, but man was it good. I can't exactly remember all the movies I went to see this year, but it was certainly not as many as in previous years. I'm starting to drop the hole: "I know it'll suck, but why not?" attitude. Hence, no HP VI for me. Movies I really liked: UP Cloudy with a chance of meatballs Avatar Movies I thought were kind of good: Star Trek Watchmen Pirate Radio/The boat that rocked I just rented Inglorious Basterds and Terminator Salvation. I heard the latter is terrible, but I can't help it. I'm hoping it won't too bad.
  22. Originally Posted By: Nioca I'm not sure if I'll play next round. It's sorta getting tiresome dying on day 2. But if I do, it's definitely on an anonymous account. I hope you do play. We like to have you, and I really do think you're a good player. You and Doomie should give each other pointers. He's really good at getting people's trust and not drawing too much attention to himself, while you are much better at not buying into other people's BS and finding out information about them. Hopefully this new game will bring you both better luck Also, Doomie: A DL? Again? Talk about shitty luck.
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