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  1. And I found the solution myself. Wasn't easy, but it worked. Ok, topic can be closed or even deleted. Thanks!
  2. I could also use cheatengine, but I guess its more complicated
  3. And I spend like dozens of hours, A LOT, for this run, it's non-magic torment run, and I'm at the end and I dont want to waste run for such stupid mistake of scripts.
  4. I have save after killing East Wing, but before West Wing, but forgiveme dont work and Sentinel is all-time hostile. If theres any way to initiate chat with him (for example, when seeing him opening the chat to open the wheel), that also would be enough.
  5. Ok, I found those 3 files: t63Skarragath t63Skarragathdlg t63Skarragathtxt Theres any way to toy with them to have solution for opening the door?
  6. So I killed the skeleton-guardian by attacking him, without him opening the gate for the the second wheel and thus I can't open the second gate. There is any cheat to activate script responsible for this or any cheat or anything to teleport past gate, to use wheel and get into Grath prison? Thats soft lock, uch. Especially that I saved AFTER the fight.
  7. Nah, its just mostly about changing the parameters, not hard-coded stuff. It's doable cause Remix Mod for the game itself exists.
  8. Any instructions anywhere? In the steam folders I just found some scripts and graphics. Im basically looking for a way to re-balance stuff (so just numbers) and to toy with animations (maybe even delete them all together? without crashing the game. No casting for spells, no meele attack, just pure number to make combat faster). Thanks for any help!
  9. Does anyone have all endings in .txt? Basically what happens if you: -Dont kill shades at all -Support Spire instead of Bargha / support no one -Ignore entire Dark Loyalist quest line (I tried to find them in scripts/ .txt files but they has to be somewhere else)
  10. Completed it under ~50h on torment without any problems. Four sorcersers just makes overkill in every battle, everything just went into intelligence + mage spells + spellcraft + magery, entire tanking was done by the augmentation. With such party it was easier than playing on easy with classic party. (warrior, archer, mage, priest) And I change my mind when it comes to bows, great secondary option for magic resisted enemies.
  11. Wanna try it again. Torment: All Nephil + Divinely Touched + Natural Mage One Nephil with tool use One Nephil with priest spells Gonna work?
  12. Cheats don't interfere at all with achievements. In late-game in my torment run I started using cheat for mana (because I was wasting like 40-50% of time by going back to town after casting spells few times) and always I was getting achievements, when I could. And Party with 4 spell-casters is just to damn lovely, to not play like this.
  13. They're. With damn good drop. I was doing some math and you can easily get few thousands by going there and there. Some bands ofted drops some kind of gems. In compare to A:EFTP there is so much money. Not only like 2x from (or even more?) dungeons, but those encounters... And I will not even say about exp. After doing Remote Tunnels I had my party already at 28 level, not touching at all Empire/Giant/Vahnatai lands. Killing imperial soldiers in all possible encounters and not using the passes really change the time of getting 30 lvl. (and i really feel bad, when i was doing dungeon over dungeon and not leveling at all). After using all wisdom crystals I had every member of the party at 38 lvl. (in A:EFTP one member with 37 lvl and rest with 32 lvl)
  14. Any way to play A4 in window mode? Edit: I changed something in the settings. Now I can't run A4 at all... http://scr.hu/4o5c/fb3b4 Really i need to change settings of desktop, to run A4, then change to defaults again?
  15. Oh boy, I really sometimes love Jeff approach to irony. From A4:
  16. Yes, I will play surely A6. Because I have the most important question, what about retcons there? A4 was so repetitive, worst in this terms. So abandoned lairs of all Dragons, abandoned tower of Erica, again undeads in Mertis, Basalt Fort in Remote Tunnels like in A1/A2, Rentar's Keep as last dungeon in most obvious place, repeating A1/A2 situation. There was few interesting things, but I'm wondering, what Jeff did to Avernum in 6 and I just hope, that he didn't used the easiest way, like in A4.
  17. Ok, next complaint. You can simply ignore it (that post), but seems like the game itself really dont want me, to play it longer. After clearing Darkside base from Fort Saffron when I enter The Castle... my game is simply crashing. Seems like save got completely corrupted for no special reason.
  18. Well, youre somewhat true. I just went on easy difficulty and started destroying everything, after learning that Augmentation combined with Enduring Armor is making my characters almost immortal. The worst thing is that, I thought, kay, my party isn't the best, but still isn't that bad. I can get all cachces, all locked doors, im doing pretty good damage... I will did this. As I said, I dropped this game, but in last week played it for ~20h. When doing remote tunnels I was feeling weird, it was again kinda annoying with those pylons and weird movement but satisfying. However, when I was killing Shades, when i was ending almost all quests, when I was getting more and more skills from trainers, I was like "ok, this party isn't perfect min-max, but it's my beloved one and I will follow with them till end". Then scripting errors happened and I asked myself. Load save and waste 2h of playtime, or just try to fix it. Tried with backtostart, and i was like woah, no more scripting error... after killing few shades and doing other stuff (what included saving on main slot) I went back to Fort Avernum, where all crafting items were stored. And... it was kinda empty. Then I just realized how entire word was empty. (i wanted to grab some of my graymold to complete quest for curing potions). I just wanted to get full story. While Rentar Arc is kinda obvious and I dont even need to complete the game to know what will happen. (evil will be destroyed, good Avernum will be saved - long story short) but I'm just interested in the world itself. Darkside Loyalist (after all, new trilogy is mostly connected about them) and how the world changed. I remember that after completing A:EFTP 2 times I got pretty addicted to entire Avernum... but I had only that A4. And well, i decided to give it a shoot, although it isn't player-friendly at all. However Lilith, you're probably right. I need to try to end this, with such "empty" world. However, at this point im just rancorus and damn sad (i always want to cry when my saves are getting destroyed, for which I devoted a lot of energy and time). @Slartibus Thanks. I will try something like this if I will go with another, probably torment run on A4. All nephil, 2 battlemages, one priest with some focus for mage spells, with tank. Or maybe, if it's possible, 3 battlemages and priest-tank. I already did divinely touched and other stuff and yes, it's helping a lot.
  19. Oh great. I got some scripting errors, which I could only avoid by using "backtostart" cheat, but after doing so, ALL items from entire world just dissapeared. Great... and i was so close to ending this game. (just fought with Rentar and killed all Shades) I'm so annoyed right now, not only I wasted ~100h (and trust me, that game isn't pleasant to play) on this, but now I will be unable to play A5/A6...
  20. After completing A:EFTP for 2 times, and before release of A2:CS I played A4 for some time. I stopped at the half of the Great Cave... and now (after completing A2:CS) I went back, and well. ~Archers are just fillers. Seriously, they can't tank, they don't do a damage, and only useful thing in my archer character is his natural lore skill. I really feel bad, that I decided to go with archer. While my Slith with his spear is capable of doing 20-70 dmg, my Nephil Archer is doing mostly ~20 dmg, what is nothing in compare to ~100 dmg from every spell. ~Casting haste on every character every damn time is so boring... in most cases I'm even skiping it on tank/archer and casting it on mages, just to spam lighting spray. ~Casting other buffs is even worse, and it's needed pretty often. Aww.... ~No loot bag. I'm crying every time, when I go to shop, or when I'm picking new stuff after some fights. ~Madness with skills and trainers. I can put points into everything, trainers are pretty much limited and can be only used when min-maxing, it's hard to make good build because, when you know when it's better to improve dex, and when bows and when some specialised skill? It's really confusing and system from remakes is a lot better. ~HP points, endurance and survivality. I really dont see that much difference beetwen playing on hard and easy. Even in latter most monsters kill my archer/mages on one hit... so it's look like "kill in first few turns or be killed". ~I mentioned that archers are useless? And they are first during the combat. So in most cases if i will do some dmg as archer, monsters will focus him. And hell, even with his pretty high DEX he have really low dodge ratio, so he's dying more often, that surviving. So I'm forced to skip his first turn. So he's even more useless.
  21. What if old heroes are going around Avernum, placing their magicial loot elsewhere? I'm always like "i had that item! How it ended there!"
  22. Man, I feel you. At the start, I was wondering, how many crystals/potions etc are in the game in total, and well, it keeps going:
  23. There's better solution for it. Just allowing player to avoid all hard caps and limitations. It's needed for normal gameplay, but shouldn't when you're cheating and editing your character. For example: At first I thought 10 spellcraft is enough, but then it turned out that my mages have more than enough skill points... but I can't give those 3 additional points to spellcraft, to have 13, while substracting 3 points from other skills, because you can't give more than 10 to specific skill. Or i went for mistake for 10 meele weapons with each character, instead of going for 8 and waiting for trainer. But now even if I will train it 12, I can't change it to 10 and use my 2 skills... because i have already hardiness for 12... etc.
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