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  1. It's an old game, but 'Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura' has a great story and a cool setting. It's set during an industrial revolution in a fantasy world, with magic and technology acting as rival forces. You can download it for 6 bucks on gog.
  2. The best place to drop items is in the Tower of Magi portal room. It's the central hub of all your travels, so it's the easiest place to access. In my games, the portal room always becomes a huge treasure horde of with piles of unique items everywhere. When I get worried about reaching the item cap, I start dropping items around the pylons of other cities, so it's all just a second of travel from the tower portal room.
  3. Yeah, null bug/vampire isn't worth capturing. Plus, if you capture a drake, they sometimes summon null bugs during combat. Eventually I was just switching between eyebeast or hakaai, depending on enemy immunities.
  4. You can also use the junk bag to carry radioactive items without poisoning yourself. I used it to ferry uranium bars to my collection in the tower of magi.
  5. How much of a tank was your melee guy? Were you trying to use him mostly for damage dealing, or as a damage sponge?
  6. Went back and checked out the Efreet's goods. What's interesting is that in addition to weapons and armor, he also sells a gold nugget, which costs 540 coins and appears to have no purpose whatsoever, besides being able to sell it back for less than you paid for it. As far as I know it's the only one in the game. I suppose it's an expensive trophy item.
  7. Here's what you can do to avoid deleting the wrong creatures. Save before a battle with a creature you want to capture. Go fight it and capture it. Then in the same battle immediately cast create simulacrum to see what your new creature list is. If it deleted something you want to keep, load the last save point and try again. You might have to reload several times. When it eventually deletes something you're okay with losing, finish the battle and then save.
  8. Is there any way to reach it? I tried dispelling the barriers with piercing crystals on the journey to Vahnatai lands, but the inner ring of barriers was too high level to dispel. I don't believe there's any way to learn how to cast dispel yourself before this journey. Later, when I teleported inside the tower, there isn't a way to open the door.
  9. Another little thing is that you get free passage on the Almaria toll bridge if your rep is high enough. And city guards tend to be more deferential to you when you click on them (although this is just roleplaying flavor).
  10. The OCD part of me really was hoping to reach 100.
  11. Oh, I haven't done the Rippel quest. Maybe that's it. I also don't remember defending anyone in Patrick's Tower. Is there any combat there, other than in the demonslayer crypt?
  12. Hm, I wonder what I missed. I think I did both of those encounters.
  13. What's the maximum possible reputation? I finished the game and currently have 95 reputation. I've done every quest (that I know of) except for Dharmon Tools, which actually lowers your reputation by two. Are there any other ways of boosting reputation that I missed out on?
  14. What's your party like? And what difficulty are you playing on? As for saves, to be cautious I always have two current saves. One I'll save anytime it's convenient. The other I'll only update when I return to a friendly town. That way even if my primary save gets ruined for some reason, I don't get set back any further than the last friendly town I visited. I also tend to make separate save files after major milestones in the game and leave them untouched until I need the room for another save. That way I not only have some additional backups, but I can also revisit different points from throughout the game if I'm so inclined.
  15. I found that to be one of the tougher fights in the game. They key is to kill those damn eyebeasts as quickly as possible, so they can't keep healing your enemies. To beat them I had to completely throw away mana conservation, and had my mage fireblast them each round. It's probably the only fight where I had full mana in the beginning, and ended up having to drink energy potions before it was over. Do you have any potions on you? You could always spend an invulnerability potion if you got one.
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