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  1. Just add a couple of 9-volt batteries and your set to go.
  2. Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, rebel servile I thought that was dharmon, It gave you blessings of the eye, spear, sword, mind, and strength I believe. Wait, they bless your eye??? I know you need it to see but you don't have to go around blessing it.
  3. Aren't there wave blades? There better be wave blades.
  4. Originally Posted By: Neimand EDIT: This reminds me of something I'll have to do tomorrow. I'll give you 6 and a half guesses what. (If you try to take any more guesses I will have to develop a suitable punishment. I'm thinking a curse on your ancestors for seven generations into the past.) Uh...uh...I got it! You have to wake up!
  5. Originally Posted By: Nikki. [image] OH MY GOD HOW DID YOU GET MY PICTURE YOU STALKER?!?!?!
  6. I divided by zero for a question on a test once. My score was NaN.
  7. Karoka

    Three words?

    FACT: It's actually 63 words.
  8. If you are trying to fail and succeed, you have failed at failing. Therefore, you succeeded in failing because you failed at failing.
  9. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity Entropy hear my cry. Hey! I slightly resemble that comment.
  10. There are two swords in a room locked room. I have both of them. In order for you to get your sword, you have to beat me in a sword fight. And you can only hit me with your sword.
  11. Just so you know, the answer is infinity. So all of you were wrong. Click to reveal.. Just kidding Click to reveal.. Stop opening me, or something bad's gonna happen. Click to reveal.. I warned you.
  12. Really? When I was 3 I pooped under the table. Edited by Karoka. (Sep 1, 2011 7:30 PM) Edit Reason: I bet you thought this was actually an edit message. Well, I fooled you. Harharhar.
  13. That's why there's a little thing called revolution.
  14. You meet a man. He tells you that he laughs when he lies, but he's laughing while he tells you this. Is he telling the truth?
  15. Originally Posted By: Skwish-E Originally Posted By: Harehunter Originally Posted By: Skwish-E Harehunter, What's wrong with me calling myself a Scottish-American and wearing a kilt? (JK, don't get your PIAW). Skwish-E feels that this thread is about played out, and will probably go back to simply making trivial, humorous posts now. This article goes back to a subject I had hoped we had put to bed. IndyStar.com article Comments please. Excuse me, but WTF does my comment have to do with lynching???!!!? It appears that you enjoy the word hang???
  16. What? You get a chocolate cake? All I ever get is a free hug and crippling punches. EDIT: Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, rebel servile Karoka, the laws of physics can not be broken. If anything got near the sun's corona, they would melt before they got there. Didn't stop the . Click to reveal.. Pilot: "Where to next?" Captain: "Hmmm, let's go to that star!" Pilot: "But wouldn't we melt?" Captain: "Nonsense!" *click* "Our chances of utterly melting when we get near is decreased by one percent." Pilot: "...I hate my job."
  17. Yeah, going with those guys aren't really that worth it. Oh well...
  18. They are ALIENS from OUTER SPACE! They defy OUR LAWS OF PHYSICS! If you don't think so, watch this and .
  19. Some doors don't open via bashing no matter how strong you are. That's when you have to cast Unlock Door, unless you were crazy enough to go that far without a mage.
  20. Lies. I stared at it for ten minutes straight and it never moved. Well, not until my mom decided to come out and look too, after which all of them were nowhere to be seen.
  21. I saw an alien ship(s?) when I was taking out the trash last night. It was like these seven dots in the sky. The one in front was blinking red, and the others were blinking blue. Anyway, there should be like this human-tarantula hybrid monster, and then you could play as him. Only you have to start in a lab because the Empire thought you were neat.
  22. I'd be in a Murderous Rage too if I had to depend on a canister for every fire-trucking thing. EDIT: Yes, fire-trucking is indeed an adjective.
  23. It's too bad you can't cast Flame on your torch to make it last longer.
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