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  1. Hello group. I thought I'd return for yet another latest Exile/Avernum playthrough (starting to drag my feet at returning to the same storyline every time though...). I'm having trouble with seemingly extreme sluggish graphics upon loading the latest download (1.0.1 for Windows). I don't doubt that I've got my drivers and graphics all buggered up on my Lenovo Thinkpad X200 laptop, so I'm more looking for fine-tuning guidance if at all possible. Thanks in advance.
  2. So uh, I guess I'm probably playing the game a little too compulsively, or I'm missing something. I've trained to the max level with every one of the skills trainers, and have trained to the max level in every spell I can find. There's not really any equipment that I could purchase better than what I've got, so I'm left with... any hints on how to spend my hoards?
  3. I just ran to the gates and stood in them to block the path between the slith horde and the fort guards. None died.
  4. So, making my way with my double-ton, and loving it. Love the pace of leveling and part management. However, I've accumulated a fair amount of skill points and not sure which direction to take. Wondering if anyone can pinpoint some shortfalls in my characters? One: Two:
  5. Originally Posted By: Randomizer You can get about 50 knowledge brews crafted with Mandrake root and Energetic herbs being the limiting items. Hey Randomizer, I made it to Tenevra for the first time, and managed to make 34 knowledge brews. In comparison to your 50 listed, is this because I have not yet explored some of the areas and have thus not yet discovered the remaining 16 mandrake roots, or is it because I've missed them up to this point? (Probably an obtuse question since you don't know where I've explored, but thought I'd throw the question out there.)
  6. Yeah, I'll do that. As for the consumables, I must be playing this in too easy of a mode, because I've barely used one consumable, like an energy potion, and have stockpiled 23 energy elixirs and 28 energy potions!
  7. So, I hit the gold cap pretty darn quickly with my double-ton group. I've maxed out all of the trainers as of the eastern gallery chapter. I've even bought a bunch of souped up equipment which I'm likely to regret having spent the materials on, and quickly made it right back to 30,000 coins. Any more suggestions on spending this money, or should I keep it at cap until the next chapter?
  8. I'm using A6 with Wine right now, and it's been working for me out of the box. I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 and whatever Wine downloads through the ubuntu software center (I'm NOT a linux power user).
  9. Originally Posted By: Lilith Limbs are those green arm things that you see lying around as junk items. They're totally useless so it's unlikely you picked them up and did anything with them, and they don't just disappear on their own. Scratch that. I'm an idiot and hand't paid enough attention to the mission, and was dangling only FIVE limbs in front of the slith.
  10. I'm off to the races with two slith battle spellcasters. I'll let you know how it goes. My starting config: DT/PS Battle Priest, STR=4 DEX=2 INT=4 END=4 POLE=4, MAGE=4, PRIEST=4 DT/NM Battle Mage, STR=4 DEX=2 INT=4 END=4 POLE=4, MAGE=4, PRIEST=4 This starting config left a few skill points to begin with in case I bobbled the strength or dexterity points and needed to buff them. So far, I've enjoyed the rapid fire level-up, and the kick-butt damage already dealt with my bronze spears.
  11. Thanks, Randomizer. I am thinking about playing a two-character party. Because of my affinity for melee, I'd love for those two characters to be one battle priest and one battle mage. I suppose I could add a layer of low-level spell crossover for both, so that both can cast level 6 mage and priest spells. Does that end up diluting any one character too much? Also, in my character development, because of my melee preference, is it better to use DT/EW for both, or DT/PS and DT/NM? Will my double-ton level up quicker than others if the experience points are shared only with two party me
  12. So, there is inevitably a plethora of forum topics on the subject, but this one turned up high on the search results and was an amusing read. Hopefully no one minds the resurrection of a 2008 thread... I've been enjoying a mild walk through A6 with a relatively standard party setup: slith pole-wielding meatshield, nephil tool-turned-archer, human priest and human mage. Been kickin' butt through the game, and appreciating the variety of battles. Here's the thing: I just returned to A6 from Avadon and really missing the "re-trainer" function. A6 features a much more hands-on and comple
  13. So, this was a little humorous so I couldn't resist posting. Been wandering around the Abyss, doing odd jobs, and picked up the mission to defray the hidden brigands. However, I mixed up my east with west, and wandered into the purple marshes to the east... after spending a phenomenally challenging time clearing a dungeon surprisingly containing "loyalists" I realized that I had defeated the Darkside Loyalists gang! Whoops. Sorry, wrong door. Needless to say, when I went the correct direction and found the hidden brigands, they were NO match for me any more.
  14. Originally Posted By: Synergy Yes! Melee warriors rock in A6. I found Lethal Blow quite gratifying. Note that you can get a decent dispersing of LB from items even magicians will use, and so without or before investing into Lethal Blow for anyone, you can enjoy some magnified attacks, magical or physical. Lethal Blow appears to add between 50-100% damage above the normal amount. Do you know the actual math? I'm usually too busy playing to pay very close attention to get a really clear notion of the actual numbers involved. I think LB is more fun and useful than Riposte. Attack investement seem
  15. Well I feel foolish. I accepted the tasty limb meat quest a while back but after I had cleared out the areas on the synergizer's list for "tasty limb meats". Going back to those areas doesn't appear to yield any more tasty limb meat (it's inevitably been eaten by rats or rotted away). Am I missing anything or do I have one of those bothersome un-obtainable quests?
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