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  1. If you are still have trouble with this, there is a program called dxwnd on sourceforge that allows you to play the game in basically windowed mode
  2. Geneforge 1-4 are set to run at certain resolution(G1-2 is set to run on 800x600, G3-4 on 1024x720?) whereas Geneforge 5 and many of the newer titles(Avadon+) can run on 1920x1080. Which is why it looks more zoomed out. Its set to run on higher resolutions.
  3. You can change the graphic files to make the guardians look the same throughout all 5 games... g203 g2000 g2001 g2002 g2003 g2004 g2005 g2010 g2011 g2012 g2013 g2014 g2015 g2020 g2021 g2022 g2023 g2024 g2025 copy and paste them from your g1 or g2 graphics folder and place these files where all the other graphic files are in which game you want and be sure to back the files up beforehand just in case
  4. just looked through the script and there doesnt seem to be any mention of Amena or Arem.
  5. Eastern Terrestia(Geneforge 4) Western Terrestia(Geneforge 5) Enjoy!
  6. It is actually possible to kill the Kyshaak in the beginning with a warrior when you place all possible points in Melee Weapons and surround it with the rebel troops who get attacked by it...
  7. Ahh! All the editors have expired on the website I had uploaded them except for the one Jerakeen preserved(Thank you Jerakeen!). I am sorry about that, but now I guess I will have to remake them and find a more permanent way to keep them on here, maybe if someone can tell me how the "my media" works I can use that, but until then, i will just put them in spoilers and you guys will have to copy and paste it into a notepad file and then proceed from there! I truly am sorry and I will now continue remaking the editors. I am in the process of remaking the first editor I had uploaded, the one with all the skills and this time it will be more versatile! You will be able to add points more specifically instead of just insta-30 every skill. Unfortunately, this means that the editors will take longer to remake! As of now, the first part of the first editor is available! (It has the basic statistics, and combat skills) With more to come shortly(probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow this editor shall be complete.)
  8. If the problem was solved on another game by running it in a window, maybe this will help.
  9. An idea of a 'Blades of Geneforge' has been mentioned by some people.
  10. I got to about level 40-45 in G5 withe the sorceress... I just mainly maxed my magic and intelligence...also a couple of points in shaping just so something else can take hits for me.
  11. Update::.. Check the OP.
  12. For my next editor, I am trying to make an Item Character Build option. So if you have a Shaper and would like items that best go with a shaper, you can get them from one spot instead of having to go through the entire list. If anyone can post suggested character builds, I would be thankful.
  13. There are no Spawners in Inner Gazak-Uss, you may not know but there are Shaping Pads that create the creations... If you place a creation at the Shaping Pads, I think it prevents the creations from spawning (Might not work, but this is what worked in G1) Hope this helps
  14. Agreed with Dikiyoba... there should be sort of a... "Geneforge 4 'Part Two Human Rebellion'" or something like that, that shows more(or allows you to play) as a normal human who fights for the rebellion... And like Dikiyoba said... you were specifically brought to southforge to use the geneforge... it says it in the beginning dialog doesn't it?
  15. I'm not going to be able to start on the next few editors anytime soon... I am quite ill... it hurts even to talk
  16. If Agents could shape just as well as Shapers, then Agents would be the most overpowered of the three you can play! Excellent with magic, Great with Melee/Missle, and Good a Shaping <--- Thats a good combo... but if you try to give an agent too many points in the Shaping section, you won't have enough for pretty much anything else...
  17. If you need an editor, I made one and posted it on forums... it's a recent post! (If you haven't already!)
  18. Ty Jerakeen, i am also working with changing the script, so i'll be finding the numbers out a different way
  19. Okay, re-edited it, link in the OP. The next script should be in Minallah, and can you give me a list of quest items, forge items, etc.? Or direct me to such a place?
  20. The hardest creation to make go rogue is the Eyebeast... that thing will eat up your essence like crazy, and the only way to make it go rogue i think is lowering its hp to about 30% and casting dominate on it a few times(NOTE: DO NOT MAKE MORE THAN 1 ROGUE, If you do, dig yourself a grave ) I know that in G1, all you have to do is attack your own creation once(Or have them attack you and it ends the game automatically xD) , In G2 it is easier to get it to low HP, then cast charm or dominate on the creation... In the G3, i never really tried to make my creations go hostile, in G4 I did it with a couple Ur-Drakons and Eyebeasts, in G5, never done it...
  21. It would be nice if those NPC's that you can bring with you (Alwyn and Greta) had the ability to shape... that would be really cool...
  22. Honestly, if you don't like either faction, try to see if their is a neutral option(s)(Trajkovite- Why did they name it trajkovite? Trajkov made creations...and sought to destroy the shapers) But if you can't shapers is the more... 'sane' option...
  23. Thank you for the advice, will make the changes asap I have experimented with the SDF things, and turns out, the script won't work with out it... Although, I have set the sdf to (0,12) and it now works, are there any problems with (0,12)?
  24. Maybe an unlucky few made it into the Slitherikai home? Or maybe how all of this began, like way before they sent the first expedition, all the stuff that led up to that, etc. or maybe have it as when Grah-Hoth was still free and ruling avernum...
  25. You should be able to download the file now! sorry for the inconvenience! and the editor can edit character stats, teaches all creations and spells, and you should be able to add exp. Also, I will be making a second part to it that gives equipment, feel free to post what kind of equipment builds would go good with each character!
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