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  1. Decided to skip G2 for now. I might come back to it. it isn't just cost of creations that kind of bug me about G2 there are other things. G2 just feels like the odd out Geneforge game compared to others. It almost feels like Jeff changed his mind about something at the last moment then re-did a few things in somewhat of a rush. Avadon gave me a similar feeling. Started up G4. And yeah, trying the same thing except this time I'm trying to increase both battle and magic shaping. So far it doesn't seem so bad. I've noticed one only needs 1 action point to attack instead of the usual 5. That seems to make it easier on battle creations. They're not getting murdered while running up to enemies or turrets. See, in G3 I got fire shaping up to 13 I think. The hardest part of that was getting from say 8 to 13 due to increasing skill cost. Sure, creations had a few more levels, but I wondered how much a difference did that really make. I'd also spent points in battle magic (up to skill 4) but then stopped and hardly used it at all. So, I was thinking that I might try to get battle and magic shaping up to 8 each, possibly 10 if I can. In G2 the only thing that stopped me from trying all this was that incredibly steep cost if just learning a new creation type. Doesn't seem to be the case in G4...... so far. Something inside me keep saying that I'm sure someone, somewhere has gotten through a Geneforge game with a shaper type while leveling up two shaping skills and not just one. Surely someone has. I guess we'll see in G4. Just got through boiling caverns.
  2. Ok, so I finished G3 with a shaper. Only focused on one shaping skill-- fire shaping. Game is done. Had a great time. I recently tried out some G2. Went with both fire and battle shaping. I did both fire and battle shaping quite some time ago in G1 and don't recall it being too hard to do. Doesn't seem the same in G2. Have just gotten up to Medab and now feel like I've got a gimped character. The cost for both create roamer and create clawbug are so sky high it costs my life savings just to get one of them. I got create roamer. I fear that by the time I can afford create clawbug it'll be outdated or close. The Thahd just doesn't cut it anymore in the areas around Medab. Getting hit with that instant burn out feeling, thinking I just wasted a day playing the game. Why such a huge cost for what feels like badly needed skills? All the guardian has to do is look in a clay pot somewhere for his next shield. But, anyway. Also, I'm unaligned. I have not joined a faction yet because I fear I'll lose access to some needed (or much desired) shaping skills down the line. I'd like to be a shaper loyalist (too many 'hero' games out there and it's nice to be semi tyrannical for a bit). But, yeah, main question is does it work if I only focus on fire shaping with my shaper in all Geneforge games? Did it in G3 and it was great. Would sure be nice to mix it up with both melee and ranged creations. But, if focusing on two shaping skills is going to gimp you then I'll stick to one.
  3. I wasn't even aware that it existed. Might be interesting to see. I'll have to try it later, though. By the time I'm getting to the end of a game I'm usually ready for something different.
  4. Well, Geneforge 3 is done and I enjoyed it. When I first tried G3 I had a feeling it would be something I'd enjoy. Not sure what gave me that impression. But, it turned out to be true. Glad I found a way to play the other Geneforge games, too. But, I think I'll do something else first. Think I'll finally dive into the first Avernum, the most recent remake. Also have to say I really like how the Geneforge games seem to have no clearly defined good or evil. Most is a big shade of gray, yet there are still NPCs you sometimes meet that have a strong moral compass and others who don't have any. I also enjoyed those times when I got to be ruthless. Seeing those red dots swirl around enemy serviles, which indicates the terror that they feel, as my shaper and his monster army came into view. Running through that rebel town on Harmony Isle, seeing those red dots of fear appear around the townspeople as my monster army attacked. I enjoyed being a shaper loyalist lol. Don't mean to waste anyone's time with a post like this. But, if Jeff ever glances at these forums I'm just hoping to let him know someone enjoyed his game.
  5. Got it. It works. The solution was simple. The modern dxwnd comes with scripts already set up for the steam Geneforge games. All I had to do was open dxwnd, then go file > import and look for the Geneforge 4 (steam) script in dxwnd's own directory. Someone already went through all the hassle (thank you whoever you are). All I had to do then was right click Geneforge 4 (steam) script, select modify. in "main" just set the window size to what you want and to start the game in center of your screen. G4 now works, it looks good in a 1600x900 window, the mouse responds fine. We're off. That's the end of that hoo hah.
  6. Found it. Odd. All other Geneforge games save their info under My Documents/Spiderweb Software. Geneforge 4 saves it's own folder outside the Spiderweb folder. I deleted Geneforge4Settings.dat. It made no difference. The mouse still acts wacko. It's like G4 ignores windows hardware mouse inputs and instead tries to read and create it's own input settings for the mouse and gets it all wrong. The way the cursor pulls and yanks around it reminds me of playing 90s flight games with an uncalibrated joystick. Let me add that I've even tried two difference mice and it's still janky.
  7. Well, that kind of fixed it. It's now in a small window on my screen, but at least I can see the whole thing. I'll see if I can increase the window size. However, the mouse is still wacko and barely even responds. Completely unplayable with mouse like that. Mouse wants to hug the bottom right corner of the screen and struggles to move out of that bottom right corner.
  8. Which settings are you referring to? I've already tried uninstall and re-install. It makes no difference. Yeah. I wish I could play it.
  9. https://imgur.com/peLvKo8 https://imgur.com/mcDC2P1 https://imgur.com/5oTXtlg
  10. Let me just add that I normally have windows at 1920x1080 resolution, but like I said above G4 did the same thing even with windows set to 1024x768. Also, only G4 has this problem. No other Geneforge game does this.
  11. Thought I'd fire up G4 and sample it while still playing G3. The Geneforge games I have are the steam versions. Running on Windows 10. G4 starts up displaying everything off center. It's like it's only showing the upper left part of the screen with the main menu down around the bottom right. The mouse behaves weirdly, too. Move the mouse to the bottom right and it shoots down there like lightning. Move the mouse to the upper left and it struggles to get there. Tried running the game in various compatibility modes with no luck. Even tried setting windows to 1024x768 and it still does the off center thing in the exact same way.
  12. I tend to be patient with such things but I have yet to discover how bad it is in g3. In general though, I am oddly more patient with things many people lose patience with, and less patient with things others don't mind. I quit playing Avadon 1 (for now anyway) to do G3 because I began to realize I was getting annoyed after every battle in Avadon. Not saying it was overly hard or anything. It just gets annoying at some point. This is coming from someone who went all the way through Geneforge 1 and had nothing but a good time (got the mad god ending). Avadon feels like Jeff slipped up somehow or he just "wasn't there" for lack of a better term.
  13. Finished Greenwood island. I have read that G3 is the least popular of this series but I am liking it so far. The fact that moving to a new island is a semi-major endeavor makes the islands feel like their own self contained little worlds. Sort of gives the game a bit more of a down to earth kind of feel.
  14. Letalia or whoever that is that meets you just outside the school in G3... I meant to tell her that I'd never betray the shapers but accidentally clicked on "I want to join you." Oops. I'm wanting to go for the loyalist ending. Should I go ahead and re-start since I'm close to the beginning anyway? Or is it not a big deal? Also... howlongtobeat.com says G3's main story can be completed in about 6 1/2 hours. Seems unlikely for a Spiderweb game. main+extras lists about 48 hours, is that more like it?
  15. Before posting here, I took a chance and talked to Ryozo about it. I used the dialog option "I think these are forged" but it didn't produce anything useful. Side note- Just after posting here about lamps not being useful, I found more of those semi-dark caves where they are kind of useful, even in a RP sense.
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