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  1. I see this issue has been posted elsewhere and appears to still be unresolved, but I thought I would try to get a little feedback. I am basically unable to run Geneforge 1 due to an extremely jumpy mouse cursor and slowdown throughout the game. My PC specs are as follows: - Windows 8 retail 64-bit - Intel i7 950 - 12 GB DDR3 RAM - Nvidia GTX 670 with latest drivers I have tried so many many things to solve this, including: - rebooting - reinstalling the game - running Compatibility Administrator and turning on "ForceDirectDrawEmulation" - running the game in various compatibility modes - changing mouse speed - shutting down all other programs - installing and reinstalling the newest Nvidia drivers. - reinstalling mouse software - cursing loudly I had a similar problem with Arcanum but running it in a window solved it. If only I could run this game in a window. Anyway, I would like to hear from people who have no problems running the game under Windows 8 64-bit. There is likely something you are doing right that I am doing wrong. Thanks!
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