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  1. Thank you all. Alwan's not in either Rivergate, Poryphra or Northforge. He has departed this life, or at least this game. I will save my save files and reload the game. It's great to get so much help. Thanks again.
  2. I went back and looked again. Nothing. Clicked on Grim, Hellton, Koerner, Waldfogle, Thornflinger, Elite Warriors, tralls and every statue. any ideas? Can't be a glitch in the game, or someone else would have encountered the problem. if I reload the game, will i lose all my save files?
  3. I've completed all the quests in Poryphra except . . . I can't find Alwan anywhere in town. So he can't give me his quest. So Shaper Grim won't train me. Really, I've searched everywhere but no luck. what am I missing?
  4. Thanks for all the tries. Well, as I said, I've been all over Inner Gazak-Uss and the nasties just keep on coming. So it seems likely there is a spawner somewhere. Also Matt P's Walkthrough mentions one, but I can't find it. I can handle the monsters all right, so maybe I'll just shrug my shoulders and leave. So how do you finish the game. I've destroyed the Geneforge and every location is green. What more do I need to do?
  5. So I've gone all over Inner Gazak-Uss and can't find the stupid closet where the the Freaking Spawner lives. Can't finish the game without it. Can someone please tell me where to look? Thnx, Passel
  6. So I've cleaned up all of the Demonic Depot except for the SW area where the Rotting Demon resides. Can't get the door to slide down to let me in. I've checked all around for a hidden lever without success. Please help. Passel
  7. That's it! I didn't talk to Stanix when I got to the arena. Just went into combat mode so I could get the jump on him. So this time I spoke to him first and all is well. Many thanks, Randomizer!
  8. How can I kill Stanis without the whole town of Rising turning against me? I'm in Rising. I've told both Barzahl and Stanis that I'm going to kill Stanis for killing my mentor. I go to the arena and kill Stanis - and then every guard and other character in Rising appears to fight me. Matt's walkthrough doesn't cover this. Can't find anything in the archives. Please help.
  9. So how do I destroy the Geneforge? I've killed Trajkov and used the Geneforge myself. Now I need to destroy the Geneforge and I have the control rod in inventory, but every time I try, the pool pushes me away. So what's going wrong here?
  10. You're right, Earth Empires. Captain Verbier is mentioned in the quest description, not MattP's inestimable walkthrough. Thanks for the correction. And thank you, Triumph, but the thing is, I can't find Captain Verbier to report to, so I can't tell if he's acknowledging me or not. I've talked to everyone in both Silvar, Mertis and Cotra and am just not finding him. Has anyone ever actually met Captain Verbier and if so, where?
  11. I've killed all the hellhounds but can't find anyone to report it to and get my reward. MattP's walkthrough says to report to Captain Verbier, but I can't find him/her anywhere. Help please.
  12. So I want to pass through the guarded gate before Silvar. I have dropped off all my Skribbane at the Portal, but I don't know how to drop Chrysander's package from my 'special items'. So the guards take it from me at the gate. Then I go into Silvar, retrieve my skribbane from the Portal and go to see Xylia, but she starts to fight me because my dialogue says I've lost the package. There seems to be no opportunity to offer her my other skribbane. So we fight and I kill her. When I report back to chrysander, he fights me too. So I have no chance to do more errands for Chrysander and make more money, etc. Is there any way I can change this outcome? Thanks all.
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