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  1. That screenshot looks nothing like my mac version of geneforge 1. Is the PC one completely different? How do you have a portrait?
  2. I've heard conflicting information on this. When you use the canisters in Geneforge 5, is it like geneforge 1 where it doesn't make a difference, or are there consequences of using too many?
  3. Hahaha, thanks for looking out for me, but I already took one look at the racial perks and went "screw it, everyone's human!". I considered having the Diana and Orpheus of game 2 be Slith and Nephil respectively, but honestly I don't really like how they look. I have a bias towards humanoid species a lot of the time, I don't know why. I would've considered it if the perks really suited them, but no, Human all the way.
  4. Oh dear, magic's EVEN MORE powerful than melee now? That because of the Dual Wielding nerf? Well Albus, Diana, Orpheus and Lucille will have to see how that turns out.
  5. When I looked at the race selection, I noticed that the human's benefit, an extra trait every 4 levels, sounds way, way, WAY better than the trait benefits of slith and nephil. Like, that adds up to 7 extra traits, minimum, and together they'd surely do much more to even your raw damage output and defense than the flat race benefits of Slith and Nephil would. Am I wrong? Is there actually a good reason to use Slith or Nephil?
  6. ...2%? The boost is 2%? Really? Is it even physically possible for that to have the slightest impact on any battle? I'm just stunned. I mean, what kind of reward is that? Every single special piece of equipment I've ever gotten has done more than that... Disappointed.
  7. So I'm playing as a tinkermage and I'm at a total loss for what to pick as my honor token reward. They're things like melee damage, melee accuracy, ranged damage, ranged accuracy, spell damage, healing... do any of these things really have value to a turret-specialist tinkermage? Would the healing bonus actually apply to my healing pylon? Would the spell damage bonus apply to my ice turrets? Or should I just accept the ranged damage bonus as the best I'm going to get?
  8. so are the right-column specializations my best bet for optimal turrets, even though this has no effect on the most powerful one, or do I want to put the specializations in the middle so that turretcraft gives benefits to the ice/inferno turrets too?
  9. What do the other numbers do? Can I make Alcander blue by making it a different number?
  10. The text for the blessing pylon says it occasionally hastes along with war chant and protection chant when you get it to level 3 or higher, and since I've gotten that to level three, I have not once seen that happen in after dozens of battles and increasing it further still. Is it a bug or am I just absurdly unlucky?
  11. Which boosts the levels of turrets more? Is it the same, or does putting a level in the specific turret have more net benefit for that particular turret (excluding the added abilities at 3 and 6)?
  12. You are not alone. I'd like to see one too. I've repeatedly had half a mind to make a fan soundtrack myself.
  13. Update: I. Friggin. Love. Alcander. Seriously, so far he's one of my favorite characters spiderweb has ever come out with
  14. The "love interest" thing, if it turns out to be true, doesn't remotely bother me. Mostly because Silke's clearly not a flat character intended for nothing but that. I like her character and her dialogue, she's really likeable. I wish we had a little bit longer before she got kidnapped so we could feel a little more attached to her, but I liked what little of her I've seen so far, she's not shallow.
  15. Here's what I think about A2:tC so far. Loving the intro music, definitely one of my favorites in the whole franchise, up there with the geneforge 5 one. I love the addition of the gender choice. The female blademaster looks awesome with that blue cape and more slender frame, I can just picture her doing berserk leap and looking awesome doing it, and the male sorcerer looks SO. AWESOME! (I know there's a language policy here so I figured I wouldn't take chances, but I was planning on using the word bad***) ...Sadly, I take serious issue with the new shadowwalker graphics. I loved their designs in the first avadon game, but these new ones don't look like anything remotely associated with shadows. They look like people cosplaying at a spiderweb software con (especially the female one). The almost totally unobscured faces I imagine has something to do with it. They just look like soldiers in blue, they don't have the ninja-esque feel to them. I picked tinkermage for my class, because since the main character is the only character who will ever have to fight anything alone (don't know for sure but knowing the series there's a seriously good chance), I figure it best if said character is the one who can summon reinforcements. Plus, new class, I figure I gotta check it out. And so far it seems pretty cool. I love the idea of a magipunk engineer, and those constructs he'll be able to make look really useful. And it also doesn't seem like there's a hard "1 summon per character" limit, since I was able to summon a turret while another one was still there, so I'm excited about the potential. I appreciate how the prerequisites have been eased up on, though that one on the left column I still find problematic. Also, great job going the avernum route with evasion, definitely a good idea, now dexterity is no longer quite so overpowered. I'm going to assume that the "All AOE non-magic attacks use dexterity" phenomenon is still in place, but I'm hoping I'm wrong, because that doesn't really seem necessary, and it renders the left column useless to pure melee fighters. The writing is top-notch as usual (the "But still" on the game over screen made me burst out laughing), no complaints there. I'm curious if the beginning segment is different between classes, because the trap tutorial seemed specific to tinkermages. I'm curious to find out what the fates of the protagonist, Sevelin, Nathalie, Jenell and Shima were from the previous game. It would be so cool if I got to see them again (obviously the protagonist will be mentioned absurdly vaguely and only in passing if at all, but I can hope for better from the others, so I shall). Also, Redbeard looks LIVID in that artwork I saw, I wonder how much he's changed after the attack. This is all so exciting, I can't wait to see more! So far, great game!
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