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  1. That could be a possible explanation for while Conceal Ability doesn't work... maybe there is no place for it in the save file........
  2. I was just referring to the fact that of the two Google Code projects for blades that have been made, only "blade-of-exile" has anything on it while "oboe" is empty. It would make more sense to me to keep both the ports and the improvements on the same project, but I suppose it's also reasonable to use "blades-of-exile" for the simple ports and "oboe" for the improvements. Also, we should get Jeff to post a link on the blades site, but first we need to know which link. Feedback please? Link to "blades-of-exile" project, "oboe" project, or perhaps both? Edit: By the way, could someone
  3. Hex editing is all very well, but it would be easier in the long run to make a program to do it for you. Oh, and this is about the Mac version, although it may also apply to the Windows version...
  4. So, it's officially "blades-of-exile" rather than "oboe" now for the Google code site?
  5. My suggestion: Upload the OSX version (executable + code) to the project . -- edit: changed project from this . Upload the Win32 version (executable + code) once the licensing issue is fixed. -- partially done (licensing issue still needs fixing) Get Jeff to put a link to the project here so that everyone knows that this is the "official" project. Continue developing (Since no work has been done, it does not matter which project is chosen as official.) (Edit: Based on activity, it seems that blades-of-exile is the official project. The oboe project could hypothetically still b
  6. This may have been mentioned before, but I recommend upgrading the game to C++. Also, for variable-length arrays, I recommend the STL . I would be willing to do this myself if I had time (by which I mean lots and lots of time!) and if I had any idea how to use the source repository system. This would of course also require a major overhaul of the file format, which may have already been started. On another point, here's a few bugs that need fixing: Make the waterfalls work in town. For some reason, they don't seem to work in town, at least in my version. When the party is split
  7. ... Technicalites... wow... I have confirmed this - the License.txt file is the Common Public License, not the GPL. Someone should contact Ormus...
  8. I know that several people are mysteriously against this, but I think this is a great idea! Only problem is, it has already been done (although it does not appear to have been used yet).
  9. Quote: Originally written by Jewel: As for having a Vahnatai in your party, there is a way to change the default graphics so you can look like one. Copy the file pcs.bmp into a different folder or put it on the desktop. You should find it in the 'blscened' folder. Open it with paint or something similar and overlay the graphics you want on the graphics you don't want. Put the original pcs.bmp into a folder labeled 'original pcs' or something like that and then put the edited pcs.bmp in it's place. Keeper off: on the Mac, you'll need a resource editor such as Rezilla (ResEdit if you
  10. I'm pretty sure "undefined reference" means that it can't find a function. Assuming the function actually is defined, this means either it needs to be declared extern or it needs a prototype (also extern I think) in the file that references it (or a file #included by that file, obviously). I think I haven't missed any possibilities here...
  11. Fixing these errors would be great, of course, but it might be simpler just to change the code to use the item list from Blades of Exile Base (bladbase.exs).
  12. Here's my experience on this topic: The original, unregistered BoE crashes. Ormus's version runs, but fails to load any resources (that includes both graphics and sounds). On the other hand, I'm using Darwine on the Mac, so I just play the Mac version.
  13. You should fix the problems yourself and release the fix somewhere, but also explain how you did it so someone can do the same to the Mac side (if necessary). What file are these errors in? The executable? Only, if it's "Blades of Exile Base" (bladbase.exs on Windows), the errors can be fixed in the scenario editor... but it sounds like the errors are perhaps not in that file.
  14. Quote: Originally written by Arenax: I'm ripping apart the source code in an attempt to port it to C# Please, no C#! This is originally a Macintosh game, and C# is basically a Windows programming language. It needs to run on both platforms. Quote: Originally written by Thomas Frost: Is there any compiled registed version for windows? 16 bit will do Ormus had a Win32 release. Check out this thread .
  15. I don't expect performance would be a problem, but if it is you could just update the automap (in an area that has already been mapped) when a terrain changing node is executed. I think the other way would be better though. Speaking of the automap, it would be nice to make that window resizable so that you could, if you wished, view the whole of a medium town (or even a large town) at once.
  16. I just remembered something about the Mac OSX release. All the resource files (Sounds, Graphics, and the .rsrc files) are twice the size they need to be because every resource in the resource fork is duplicated in the data fork. Only the ones in the resource fork are used. Edit: I was also wandering: would it be a good idea to remove the password-protection option? I ask mainly because BoA doesn't have it, but also because I'd like to be able to examine some of them. (No, I'm not referring to cheating with the ScenEd.)
  17. In this vein, if a special node changes the terrain on a space, the automap does not update until you walk on the space. With small changes this is not a problem, but if you're wrecking a building... Basically it should map all squares in sight even if they've already been mapped.
  18. Hex editing is infinitely more complicated than the dialogs in the scenario editor. It shouldn't be too hard to just remove the restriction on customizing these slots.
  19. Quote: Originally written by Arachnid: - The Edit Statistics node lets you edit any stat except HP or SP. You should be allowed to edit both. Raising the maximum SP is especially important if Ritual of Sanctification is required early in the game in a low-level scenario. In particular, it would allow you to "teach" RoS by raising the SP of a PC. Quote: Originally written by Crynsos: I just noticed that the Uncurse Items spell doesn't seem to work (after 2 uses) and I doubt that I need higher INT or something... Well... I'm not exactly sure how this spell is supposed to work, but this wha
  20. I kind of like this idea. You could allow the player to choose the size of the playing field - 9x9, 11x11, 13x13 etc. On the other hand, it would change things outdoors as looking beyond the edge only works in town.
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