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  1. Ah, the fickle beast that is coding. I suppose that is what Jeff is asking himself right now. Have you mailed him this directly?
  2. Ordering from spidweb.com forwards you to Humble Bundle plus you get a free Steam key. So I guess that means the spidweb store is no longer working as a store but rather as a humble hub. Still, that's where I ordered from.
  3. Are you sure about this? Seeing that he's working on both games simultaneously, maybe we won't have to wait another year. I hope.
  4. I've never cared too much about Avernum I and II in particular and I can't really explain why. It was probably a wild mixture of enigine, esthetics and Exile being still fesh in my memory. What I do recall though is that when playing A:EFTP, from the first night I thought: this is great, I'm really excited about the very thought of playing A:CS with this rendering. This time round I'm hoping for said sentiments and I have an inkling it's gonna happen.
  5. Perhaps because after spending time and effort to produce innovative stories they didn't like Jeff's more guided approach to story-telling too much. This and some flaws in A4's originality.
  6. Thanks for all your efforts poured into this, Slarty. I appreciate it a lot.
  7. Locmaar

    Poll: Pie

    Took me a couple of seconds (and reading past the first three entries) to discover that this was actually about pie and not another one of those polls you shouldn't partake in. Yay, Pecan!
  8. Originally Posted By: Dantius I love how the economics options are "Capitalist", "Conservative", "Socialist", and "Communist". I mean, would it really be that difficult to toss in a "Moderate" or a "liberal" option? Because I'm willing to bet that would describe most people here... This!
  9. I suspect that of all the people really burning for this game to be released on Windows, Jeff is by far the one who wants it out the door most. Porting a rewrite is probably no faster than a new game since porting the content isn't what eats up the most time. Porting the code is and the code is new. I also suspect that Jeff is already working on Avadon 2 in order to get it released by the end of the year and maybe the time usually set aside for porting this time simply isn't enough. Perhaps the original code base has changed significantly due to the use of new coding tools - the Mac OS certainly has changed. Who knows? But I'm sure he's giving it is best. PS: Welcome to the boards
  10. Welcome to the boards. Have you tried redownloading GF and start it again? Sometimes files get corrupted. Otherwise you might want to email Jeff Vogel directly.
  11. I believe Jeff did it to restore the feeling of this huge, vast underground world instead of feeling like going caving in your neighbourhood. Many people seem to like it, myself included.
  12. Sorry to be blunt, but trying to drag people deeper into your story with a plot device you don't believe in has DON'T DO IT written all over it.
  13. Originally Posted By: Necris Omega Eh, isolation discourages rebellion. Also group think and bandwagonry. The latter seems to be a potential issue. But it's never been a problem to find out a couple of the others and dm them if need be. I ran into the need only once and that turned out something I should have mentioned to Jeff in the first place. He needs to know what issues people are having. If you discuss this past him it might get lost.
  14. Congratulations. Well deserved, Jeff.
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