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  1. I posted about this issue back in 2015 when Avernum 2 was re-released, and I'm pretty pissed I still have to post about it now, but has anyone figured out how to hack either Avernum 2 or Avernum 3 to display higher resolutions in widescreen the way Avernum 1 did? Specifically, at 2560x1400, the game refuses to display in widescreen. Jeff gave some vague answer three years ago about the engine doing weird things at higher resolutions, but I don't recall that ever being a problem with his earlier games. And since he clearly has no intention of removing this limitation, I was hoping that in the years since this became an issue that someone had documented a way to force the games to display at the proper resolution. I've been waiting three years to play Avernum 2, and will apparently have to keep waiting to play both that and Avernum 3. Hoping someone can help.
  2. Well, that's a non-answer if I ever heard one. Sounds like they didn't really read your email at all. What's going on here? I somehow doubt that there's any setting in an Avernum game that will tax my late 2013 iMac. Seriously.
  3. If anyone can tell me how to hack the game files to enable proper full screen support, I would appreciate it. I don't care one bit what graphical errors it might introduce. I just want to use my whole screen.
  4. Why has this issue not been fixed in the latest patch? This cannot be difficult. All of the previous games worked just fine full screen. I'm waiting to play this game until this is fixed. Can we get an acknowledgement of the issue, Jeff? Please?
  5. No, I just assumed he would find out from the forums. Maybe I'll contact him about it, though. I really would like to see it fixed. Or changed if it's a "feature."
  6. Why has this not been a problem with any of the previous games which are all based on the same code?
  7. Yes, exactly. Thank you very much. All I need now is a word from Jeff acknowledging the issue to make me happy. A silent patch would do as well, I suppose.
  8. This is a screenshot of what the game screen looks like: http://static01.gog.com/upload/forum/2015/01/79ad0e9e60e2c2525e26ee5f2e653aec17e119a2.jpg And for comparison, here is what the previous game looks like on the same machine with the same settings: http://static04.gog.com/upload/forum/2015/01/78ad2c148c07d8da0cdc3fb33015ae048f053d44.jpg
  9. I mean the game area will not fill the screen. There are black bars on all four sides that the mouse cursor will go into, but the playable area will not extend into it. I'm in fullscreen mode, and the initial Spiderweb logo will display across the entire screen. The previous games called the largest game area size setting "whole window," but in Crystal Souls it is simply called "large." I wonder if he changed the way the game calculates this and inadvertently broke it for certain resolutions (namely mine.)
  10. I don't get a 1920x1080 option. However, 1600x900 will fill the screen, but my native res of 2560x1440 will not. But, as I said before, all other recent Spiderweb games since Avernum 6 will properly will the screen at my native resolution, so there's clearly an error in this release. I'm running this on a late 2013 27" iMac, 3.5 Ghz i7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB, 24 GB RAM, OS X 10.10.1.
  11. What the heck? It just absolutely refuses to go full screen on my 27" iMac. Anyone else playing this on a 27" iMac? At least one other user on GOG.com has reported having this same issue.
  12. The GOG "installer" is just a drag-and-drop. There's nothing to install, exactly. Dumping the prefs files and letting it create a new one does nothing.
  13. My native res is 2560x1440 which is what the game is set to. This works perfectly in Avernum:EftP and the Avadon games.
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