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  1. I have seen Avernum 2 and I thought the story was good! Will Jeff Vogel create new version from avernum 2, the same way as the 4 to 6 were?
  2. Hello! Does anyone own your own scenarios from blades of avernum, what you have made? I whould like to see them!
  3. I guess I could trie the demo. You never know if you wont trie it!
  4. I guess I could trie exile series. Mainly I like from games from the between like not too good graphics and not too low graphics. From the between of that... So I think exile whouldnt be for me, but because it has good adventure and story I probably whould like it when Im in the game itself when it is in its progress. Thanks for the idea. I could trie it some day!!!!
  5. So the avernum series are from exile series? All i know that in exile series you get more characters. Can you tell what are the weapons there? Like stone,iron,steel.
  6. """" Somehow the discussion always comes to the point of someone wanting Avernum to be more like Oblivion (graphic wise), well, it's not, and I sincerely hope it will never be. """" NO I really dont want avernum to be like Oblivion ... I really care more of the story and adventure of the games, though it looks great but if it only has graphics I whouldnt play it ever. If I whould give a new skills for new coming avernum games, could there be alchemy skill, whould it be good?
  7. What I whould like whould be First person action 3d game from the world of avernum! I can even think it now... It whould have the lore, world, characters, story and adventure!! xD
  8. In avernum 4, were the vanhatai good or evil?
  9. Whats the meaning of the story of avernum 5, and 6?
  10. But what happened to the shade???
  11. This is a spoiler. How did the avernum 4 end? What happened to the shade? What happened to the abyss?
  12. Thats good, those settings work. Though then you cant get more levels for one example if one whould be a sorcerer and one priest. Hedge wizard can get them both, but cant get all the highest levels of one magic style. Tool use is good for dumbed for one. Do you use the special character abilities in the beginning of creating characters? Like making the game easer for getting less xp or making it harder for getting more xp.
  13. Oh, I never thought of that, anyway theres 5 months before last I played A4, because it got too hard. What new spell I whould like in Avrnuem whould be icing or enchantment spells. IMO, the best character party whould be, 1 soldier, 1 rebel, 1 priest and 1 sorcerer! Rebels have tool use, soldier all the weapon skills, priest healing and sorcerer does the most harming damage. What whould be your kind of best party?
  14. Question. How can you use in avernum 4 the unlock spells, because for me it never worked? Lightning spray is my favourite spell.
  15. Which are the highest levels what you have gotten? My chracters are something like 25 or more.
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