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  1. Which version do I need to play Blades of Exile on the Windows 7 netbook I'm going to buy? I'd much prefer the original game if possible (it works on my Vista PC fine so far and it doesn't break any scenarios) But has anyone tried it on Windows 7?
  2. Must be quite a long time - maybe be more than eight years - I remember I discovered the game at a time I did not have a permanent internet connection - it was Win 3.11 then? - had to hunt for time to dnld scenarios! I've just installed the 32bit version on a Vista PC and plan to have another go at The Gallows too just to keep the scent warm. No time catching up with the forum, though... I still hope there might be a way - eventually - to be able to play them all once more...
  3. Quote: If the party dies, they die permanently, regardless of whether the scenario is supposed to resurrect them Unfortunately, this happened also in "A Gathering Storm" (thrown in prison someplace.. and couldn't recover, as I remembered it.) - windows version -
  4. Quote: Do you ever notice that you have lost map data for a town or outdoor area? Or has this bug been fixed? To be honest. I never noticed anything like this in the past. I've recently finished Adv. Club games, quite complicated, lots of towns. I noticed some times some placeables in queer places. I hit town reset (shift+ > ]and it was gone. Never happened to loose any data though. Any example?
  5. Quote: so playing on Vista is an option? I've been playing the 32-bit version for a while without any major problems (except for the Character Editor). I'm on XP, but I don't think there's going to be much of a difference in Vista - the real problem, I believe, was the 16-bit installer, exe and inability to handle long filenames. Since Ormus' version is 32-bit it should play OK in Vista.
  6. If you haven't found her yet - she is in a big house in the residential area (Independence) and she is downstairs in the cellar.
  7. Boat you can get only when you're able to enter Magestica (the Magite place) - you get there only when you'r given a kind of passport-visa-cum-free-teleporting thing.
  8. Has anyone attempted this? I'd appreciate any link/info/direction. (Sorry, I've been hitting mh head on dead forums for a while so I lost touch.) Also, (I know I'm being greedy... I know most people have Macs) any possibility of porting BoE to Win Mobile (the game certainly appeals for a PDA...)
  9. That's a GREAT job and MUCH needed!!! BTW the link http://home.comcast.net/~kelandon4045/GoblinGrotto.zip doesn't seems to work and the links for "Deep Down" & "Deathmatch" are shown the one instead of the other. Sorry, nothing from the missing list here...
  10. From a mere player's point of view: At first I believed BoA was going to be BoE ported in 3D - and 3D should be better! I was in for a disappointment. BoA has inferior graphics compared to other similar 3D games (ex. Neverwinter Nights), positioning of North is confusing as you cannot move the camera around, view of the world is restricted etc... - that is, the game convensions lack in credibility. BoE has good graphics for a 2D game and the game conventions feel quite believable. All above might not have been that objectionable if BoA had retained more of BoE best qualities: BoE scenarios still seem more flexible, feel more real, and leave the impression you really control developments in the game. One feature I sorely missed in BoA was the ability to actually give any answer of my choice. I know this is rather an illusion - it takes the best of creators to predict most of the possible answers and come up with good and amusing dialogue (sometimes quite funny like ex. talking to kittens, dogs, etc!) I remember one time ( Gallows, I believe) it took me almost a week to figure out the correct response - or many other times I had to use a dictionary. BoA still hasn't been able to have me hooked that way. BoE scenarios are (naturally) more mature and some (not even the best ones technically) have left me an unforgettable flavour (ex. the whole atmosphere of A Gathering Storm or the first impressions of day/night shifting in the Shadow of the Stranger etc...) I'm not qualified enough to blame BoA shortcomings to the Editor, but I see BoA scenarios coming out more slowly, with less enthusiasm, and they might need too much time to reach BoE's stage of maturity (if ever)... (If some of this sounds confusing, please excuse me - English in not my first language after all )
  11. Try some NWN stuff (for example) and you might actually decide to come back I strongly suggest you try it after playing some of the best of Alcritas, *i, Drizzt, B.B, Shyguy (... far from wishing to offend the rest ...)
  12. Diskettes? - strange - when I bought BoE back in 1999(?) I think there was no option of diskettes even then - the CD came all the way from the States by post without any extra charges - and I was pleasurably surprised to find that it included both the PC & Mac registered versions! [at the time I had been forced to buy a new licence for a @*#%$! program when I switched from Mac to PC] I believe BoE sports the best usage-per-money percentage of any software I ever bought...
  13. This problem may appear when you try to start a scenario loading a *.sav file (a party) that is not inside the same folder as the BLADES.EXE. 1) IMPORTANT on a PC(and not only for this instance]: you want to be able to see file extensions... (WinXP) from My Computer->Tools->Options->View unckeck everything that hides files or folders - of course you must be careful then what you delete... but it is safer in more than one ways... 2) The *.sav files (that is parties, played games etc) should be placed inside the BLADEXIL folder (the folder that contains BLADES.EXE). 3) All the scenario files (*.exs or *.bmp) should be placed inside the BLADSCEN folder. This may be attributed to the fact that the BoE engine is quite old (in fact DOS-oriented) and may not "see" other paths or subfolders except the one occupied by the executable "BLADES.EXE". If you happen to save often, you can create subfolders inside your BLADEXIL folder and save there your files, but you CANNOT start a scenario using one of those files... why? it beats me... Hope this helps
  14. About the lost Lost King scns: Quote: They're up. Click on any of the three titles to get to the download page. Sorry to butt in, I've also missed the pleasure in playing them - but I can't see any link on your site. Did I arrive too late?
  15. Quote: These scenarios are already up at Alex but the links for them don't work and I haven't found any other working links for them. The Big Fight – by John O’Brien The Lost Island – by Brave Sir Robin Four Horsemen – by Glynn Reaper Search for Mortrax – by Justin Paszul Daughters of Aiyina – by Janet Cone The Zhakazi Edit – by Alcritas (temporarily only and without permission ) here and finally found a working link for "A Quest for Milk" here BUT fat chance on playing much... on company time...
  16. [sorry for double-posting] Unfortunately, #1 seems to lead to the Yahoo "This page does not exist" message and #5 is a dead "dencity" link! And google has not been much of a help... As for #4 - it was found eventually (the file is not on the spiderweb ftp site) on: http://www.geocities.com/catullusgaius/market.zip - Caligula's database
  17. While trying to download some scenarios I missed I realised that the links in Alex won't work: 1) Dark Raiders - by Vaughn Woods 2) The Isle of Serin - by Chris Lawson 3) The Killing - by The Doomguard 4) A Quest for Milk - by Will Dolive (not on spidweb ftp?) 5) Shopping Scenario by Camila Kantola If you have any working links please post them here, or else if it's not too much trouble send me the files (st_elinor@hotmail.com). Many thanks
  18. I'm just curious... 1) how the parents actually "know" which scenarios are "safe" - do they play them first themselves? The rating isn't much of a guarantee... 2) how they control the use of magic spells? - if you can use "scry monster", you can use all the others at this level - unless the child is given a pre-edited party [but even then, couldn't one be taught new spells?] Anyway... I caught myself wishing for the "unlock" spell last time I was locked out of my house
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