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  1. It is indeed Adventurers Club 3: Retribution. There is no walkthrough for 3 (thou it is very much needed as the scenario is very big with many side quests), only for 1/2.
  2. Thank you very much Perhaps you can help me with my other help topic as well?
  3. What I want is that: http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/blades/scen_workshop.html Or any other program to edit/make scenarios. This is the broken link: ftp://ftp.spidweb.com/mac/mac.bladespced.101.sit.hqx BTW, I want a program for windows, I clicked Mac because for windows there was no link at all.
  4. Where can I get it from? It seems that the download link from the spiderweb site is broken.
  5. New problem, where do I get a boat in the Zenith area?
  6. Hello, I'm stuck in the mages guild quest, at the mansion. I have two notes, one telling me to arrange a table and another to sort books. I've placed chairs around all the table so each one of them faces the table, but still nothing happened. Also, I've found all the books, but I don't know in which order am I suppose to place them. I mean, alphabetically yeah, but what is the order of the bookshelves?
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