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  1. WRT the OP's suggestion: I don't think there's any need to or interest in *expanding* the company, in terms of hiring more full-time employees. But I would like to see them take more risks. Spiderweb has been making the same game for 20 years. It is in the process of its *second* round of Exile remakes. I get that Jeff wants stability; he knows what the safe investment is. And that's fine, no one can fault you for having "a stable source of income" as one of your aspirations. But this is an incredibly conservative model even for a major publisher, much less a plucky indie developer. Ye
  2. Hi all, I only just began playing this game, so probably there is something about the interface I'm just ignorant of. I went to the brigand fort near Fort Duvno, beat the enemy mage, and went to his scrolls, but was told my arcane lore wasn't high enough to read them. So I went around and did other stuff, increased my arcane lore and came back to read it. However, now I'm finding that I simply can't interact with the scrolls. Whenever I stand in front of them, nothing happens. Is there a "search" command like in the original Exile that I need to use?
  3. Originally Posted By: Mervian I've been playing the 32-bit version for a while without any major problems (except for the Character Editor). Do you ever notice that you have lost map data for a town or outdoor area? Or has this bug been fixed?
  4. Originally Posted By: Sarachim Even 10 dexterity is too much. I never go above 5, and leave it at 1 for my casters. If you keep your fighters blessed, they will rarely miss after the first few levels. The same goes for weapon skill- it only affects to-hit, not damage, so anything above 5-ish is a waste. Is hit % compared to the armor value of monsters in order to determine whether your swing connects or not? I've never known what the math was for that, but even with 20 dex, 20 str and 20 weapon skill, I very frequently found that I would whiff against monsters once their armor went into the 25
  5. Originally Posted By: Lazarus. I don't buy many levels of dexterity/weapon skills, at least not until strength and assassination are maxed, and even then luck gets preference. Assassination and luck before weapon skills? Wow, I always thought 20 in your relevant weapon skill was a must. I guess I should be messing around with the character editor and seeing how it affects hit % and whatnot.
  6. So I had a pretty standard party setup that I used for a very long time without questioning it much. It worked for all of the Exile trilogy and most scenarios, but when I finally stopped to think about it I realized it was far from ideal. It was typically 3 fighters (2 ambidextrous blade users and 1 polearm user), 2 mages, and 1 priest. One of the fighters was a slith and one was a neph; the rest were human. Casters took Magically Apt, obviously. The only drawback I ever took was Frail. Reading some other people's posts I get the sense that I can do a lot better than that. For starters, i
  7. Shouldn't there be a stickied thread that contains the most up-to-date Windows and Mac versions of OBoE? It seems as though a lot of people (myself included) frequently have trouble locating the most recent builds at any given point. A sticky that receives regular updates (and maybe lists what changes have been made in that version/what bugs still need to be corrected) would go a long way towards keeping the project accessible and reminding everyone that progress is still being made.
  8. Something in the version Ormus posted (found here http://info.wsisiz.edu.pl/~kowalsg0/) that would be really, really, *really* nice if someone could fix because, for a completionist like myself, it's a bug that pretty much destroys my desire to play the game: Map data is randomly lost for both town and outdoor sections. This happens very frequently and always seems to happen upon reloading a save file (it never happens in the middle of a session, or at least I've never noticed it doing so). I've never played with the "Don't Save Maps" setting on so I don't know exactly how that function
  9. Morover: Refer to my original post for a description of the bug. Celtic Minstrel: That's the very version that has the bug that I described. Do you know of any other? If not, I guess I'll need to get in touch with whoever worked on that version to inform them of the bug.
  10. I can get the text working just fine on the above one and I can load some scenarios normally (others need to be renamed to one of the scenarios that came with the game, like valleydy.exs or stealth.exs, and then opened from the "Start Scenario" button rather than the "Custom Scenario" one.) The map loss bug is killing me, though.
  11. I've found a couple of links to compiled versions of Blades that seem to be more or less working, but there are some major outstanding bugs in them. Most notably, I'm encountering a bug where map data (both town and outdoors) is randomly lost. If it's town map data that is lost, then the position of any items that are in that town will become completely scrambled. This has happened in both scenarios that I've tried to play, The Forsaken and Wreck of the Slug, and for me it makes the game more or less unplayable. If this bug has been fixed, then could someone provide a link to a compiled v
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