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  1. Or if you still have problems ring or e-mail Spiderweb and they will give you new codes.
  2. There's one piece which you need to cross the river for.
  3. One of the guys here sent me a patch awhile ago which helped. Sorry I don't actually have it, but if you hold on hopefully whoever it was will check this topic!
  4. Yes, see my above post! The key opens the control room I believe.
  5. No, in Exile you have to "use" the door to close it.
  6. Use the moving floors to get to the NE (I think)part of the building. There's a place where 3 bits of floor all go in the same direction. Down 1 of them is a body with a key.
  7. Gallows is a great one to start with. I'd also recommend Forsaken and Shadow of a Stranger, both brilliant scenarios.
  8. I bet your Mum or Dad would give you it, in return for doing some household chore that they hate. Maybe offer to do the washing up for a month or something.
  9. Yes, there's one across the chasm that you can only get if you pay for it. It's well worth the price though, I've been playing it for years!
  10. Can someone please kill this thing?
  11. Writing irrelevant stuff at the bottom of dead topics is great for upping your post count isn't it!
  12. You have to pay for them, which you can do online or over the phone. You won't be getting a free code here!
  13. Is this a record for a dead topic revival?
  14. It's in one of the caves around there (possibly the one you're in). Have you tried searching bodies and looking for mouldy walls?
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