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  1. Oh, Diki. So strict about semantics. So I'm not allowed to qualify my use of the phrase to angle its meaning towards a character that would learn and grow? How is anything to be discussed if we can't add to the meaning of given concepts? If the Rapunzel in Tangled is not a damsel in distress character, what is she? Really Diki all I want is an honest discussion. There are so many other good things to debate here besides a perceived misuse of language.
  2. Welcome to the Spiderweb Forums! Please leave your sanity at the door.
  3. So with the proof of humanity responding positively to the theme by spending money on it, the postulated hope such characters may give readers, and a proposed issue of male pride that could be discussed, you instead choose to quibble over the type of character you assume is meant by 'damsel in distress'? Why make the brash and untrue statement that a damsel in distress ALWAYS relies on a man? There are different levels of damsel characters and I can assure you that the type of character you are portraying is barely similar to what I would picture. Rapunzel in Tangled? Damsel in distress who could still hold her own.
  4. A couple of things come to mind here for me. I read the Twilight series and *braces for judgment* loved it. I read City of Bones and loved it. The Hunger Games, Iron Fey, Green Rider, Matched, My daughters bring these books home from school and we read them together, and we all enjoy them. The whole damsel in distress (who starts somewhat vulnerably ignorant and grows in knowledge and strength) thing works for me and a lot of other people or it wouldn't be a popular theme. I like male characters to be 'physically' strong and protective. I like female characters to be 'emotionally' strong and loyal. Personal preference perhaps but if the populace hated the idea, they wouldn't be buying the books en mass. I think the pattern gives people hope. Because we can relate. I am surely very ignorant in a lot of things that could be useful to know if I ever needed to survive, but I'd like to be reassured that it is possible to learn what I don't know and become competent where I am currently not. Plus the emotional connection made when boy helps girl is easier to swallow, I think, than when girl helps boy. There's a pride issue that must be overcome. Maybe there shouldn't be a pride issue, but it does exist. On a totally different note, I just realized how my main RP characters in From the Ashes are, like, almost the opposite. Female Fiora is young, powerful, and fairly knowledgeable while male Civyl is twice as old, fairly ignorant, and had his power stripped from him. Huzzah for breaking the mold without realizing it was there.
  5. ^ But your enthusiasm is appreciated.
  6. Balladeer

    Odd Mnemonics

    Every Good Boy Does Fine - for the musically inclined. That would be the treble clef lines from bottom to top. FACE for the spaces in between.
  7. 10 years, 7 months, 1 week, 1 day I'm finding it difficult to believe I was here before Kel...
  8. Let me know when you have this ready. I don't want to start transferring pages until the template is ready.
  9. @sy, yeah.. was being lazy because absolute positions are quicker to figure out than floats but I think I got it now. Shift-F5 if it still looks the same. @BMA I'll look at other colors. Just want something obvious without making my eyes bleed. If you were to suggest a color what would you pick.
  10. Balladeer


    Figuratively speaking... Not quite an antonym but more like a way to emphasize a statement. Often the statement being emphasized is figurative. It's like using the word honestly. "I honestly did not think the Jets would lose this time." It's more of a cultural thing we've developed to draw more attention to what we're saying whether it is the truth or exceptional non-truth.
  11. Trying to design a new template for my BoA Scenario Pages. This is what I have so far and I would like some feedback. I know the Next button links to a missing page. Haven't created a page for Beechford yet. I'm looking for broken links, odd displays, and suggestions for scenario stats, layout, or additions. Or just a thumbs up/thumbs down in general. Thanks.
  12. Then I thank you, ES, for bringing me to life for this one tiny moment. The corners of your mind are a haven to this ether that would otherwise have no form. Dream of me, ES, that I might live longer... dream of me...
  13. So. Not. Fair. How does X get a spot on the Nostalgia list?? Or was there another X that's too old for even me to remember? Also, *le sigh* for the days when we could openly insult each other. Good times... good times.
  14. The second we stop caring about the grammar of a dead language is the second it starts slipping into being a forgotten language.
  15. I cared about this more before I started sleeping with a pillow over my head. And now I have an alarm clock with a one-push DST on/off button so... meh.
  16. *Raises hand* I used to like the challenge and I used to like figuring out puzzles, but I don't have all day to spend playing anymore. If a section of a game starts taking too long I feel like I'm wasting time that could be better spent. If Nethergate hadn't had a way to cheat through the character editor I wouldn't have played it. The faster I can get through the story of an RPG the better I like it now. Mmmmmm... Minimalism.
  17. I have a fondness for the Exile series but I'm old school. 2D always looked better to me. Avernum is basically the same story with a newer engine. 3D graphics and maps with hills and trees that specials can hide behind. If you like that kind of thing.*shrugs* I haven't played Geneforge yet... I thought I bought it, years ago, but couldn't find it when I finally went looking... on my to-do list. The original Nethergate is imho not Jeff's best. Story felt flat to me especially in comparison to Exile/Avernum. Haven't played Resurrection, probably won't. Can't say much about what exactly will work with what but that's my two cents...
  18. Reading too much into it. I think we're all able to understand (with some exceptions and to varying degrees) that there are exceptions and varying degrees to every generalization without needing to dot every i and cross every t in graduate level exposition for it. But to pacify any troubled souls, how about 'girls like to know that others find them attractive'? As long as the 'friendly' bit is also being respectful - that's the important part - there's not a girl I know that would be against an honest compliment. Some may react negatively based on their opinion of the guy, but that doesn't necessarily mean they would rather not know. With the description of the 'heavy flirting day' my guess is the lady in question wouldn't mind the attention, but its all a moot point now I suppose. 'Never date the boss' is one of those cardinal rules. Unless you really don't want to keep your job, in which case you should find a different job first and then come back to show her your interest.
  19. True, you need to know your limitations. If friendly flirting is too much, at least friendly. Gonna have to talk to her sometime.
  20. Why not just ask her how serious she is with her boyfriend? If she says it's really serious, keep it to a friendly flirt. Girls like that kind of thing. And if the relationship sours, you'll be there. If she hesitates or doesn't know... tell her you're interested. Be straight forward. Put the ball in her court. Couldn't hurt and it's a lot better than pining in the long run. Those coulda, shoulda, woulda's are a bear. Also never trash the boyfriend, even if and when she does because ultimately she's the one who's choosing to be with him.
  21. "My dear, one of the things you'll learn is that it's all real. Every word of every novel is real, every frame of every movie, every panel of every comic strip."

  22. Yeah, the 'ending' was actually an adaptation to meet the assignment's word count rules. It's supposed to go more into what Seth's group's preconceived notions are and what her actual abilities are before the end of the chapter. I really had to preen it down. Hmm.. I should type up the original.
  23. Haven't written much in the past year outside of Rebirth posts, but I did take Creative Writing as my final college class and had a couple of interesting assignments. My favorite submission was for the task of providing a hook for the beginning of a book. And if not a fanfic, it was at least inspired by X-men... Goodness... let's see if I remember how to do this.
  24. Huzzah, I am done with classes. My BSIT-Software Engineering degree diploma arrived in the mail four days ago. Still be teaching basic computer skills at the learning center, at least until I find a job more in the field.
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