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  1. As to the ton of spell points thing, ya, or you could go get some iron weapons in FS. I love Demon Island. I'm stuck trying to figure out how to get into the northern and southwestern caves, but being stuck is a good thing. If there's no challenge figuring stuff out there isn't much fun. Knocking a scenario called Demon Island because it invovles fighting lots of demons is kinda silly. If you don't like fighting demons, or resent they sometimes threaten to eat your party is also kinda silly (being as polite as I can.) But it's not like there's nothing to be done. Get iron weapons in
  2. Well no, some stacking works. Rings of Fire Res with a Ruby Charm gives you the 75% reduction. And the Cloaks of the Magi and Ring of Resistance stacks for the Fire, Magic and presumedly the other two (haven't seen cold enough to say if it does with certainty, but since the other two do work I'm assuming.) It's only (so far) the Vulcan Gloves which wont then stack with a 2nd item of either the rings or charms. Is there a "stacks with others of its kind" switch he chose not to set or something? Also, if making a BoE 2 sorta thing, making ranged physical attacks as with bows, xbows, slings,
  3. Noticed some protection from items in the Rubacus scenario either don't work, or something else. The Vulcan Gloves with Fire Protection for example I've noticed don't stack with another Fire Prot item for -75% damage. It's either the gloves or whatever other Fire Prot item you have, but equipping both wont do anything for ya (discover walking through lavas in Demon Island.) BoE doesn't show the bonuses for various things like Giant Str or items with extra stats like Str so it's hard to know what things are doing, which is better, etc. Skill Rings ya kinda can guess Golds are +15%, Silver +
  4. Ok, I'm ready for some help. Looking at the hints file proved fruitless beyond revealing a ton of content besides the wilds, and the 3 caves, only one of which is do'able, one to the sw has that statue blocking the way, other to the north a 'red magical door.' I figured there might be a key to the north dungeon as a reward for turning in orbs, but I can only find 1 from the 1 doable cave (in middle chest where left check has Lightning Sword.) The clue file doesn't offer anything for getting beyond the statue or red door and skimming it quickly so as not to get too many spoilers it's like
  5. Playing through FS more of late I've noticed the Crystal Sword is the only non-perm special item. So far. Everything else is persistant including custom special weapon like Mithril Sword, Runesword, and the other Auction House sword with the Fear proc (good offhand with Runesword since little survives the Runesword anyway, having it run off isn't as much of a problem since ya get the 'running away' whack when it does.) So if everything else could be made persistant, having one thing not suggest bad day of coding more than 'the custom graphic's so boss and bodacious'
  6. Playing through Falling Stars, Demon Island, and started Demon Island II, I've found in Falling Stars the Death Arrows, Shockwave, Mindduel, and whatever the 4th spell was. Wont say where, try and minimize the spoilers here. Get hit by Divine Thud and see Avatar getting cast the demons in Demon Island though. Kinda hoping it's available in there, but I"m kinda stuck scratching my head right now in the scenario. Can't figure how to get through the locked red magical door to the north, or the SW dungeon past that statue. No hints please. Currently have a great party going (after the a
  7. I retract my above request for level bonus damage. Maxxed the Runesword from Falling Stars recently and not hungry for more damage any more.
  8. Playing a new party atm after my best-ever got wiped in the opening fight of Demon Island. Ironically had done the 'Captain rescue' fight a few time prior so knew it was coming. But walking onto his pile of bones, as opposed to clicking to look at it seems to have given up intiative and the demons who pop attacked first. And HARD! Mid 40s party, lost 4 with their opening attack, remaining two two were tanks and popped their Invulnerabilities but bereft of Bless, Haste, or anything else died in short order when Inv's wore off. Fun scenario though. Answered my bloodlust for epic battles Ironic
  9. Had to comment on your "I"m not the traditional gamer..." thing. Let me guess, you're the sort who playing Diablo 2 says "Ugh, can't we talk about this? Do we have to fight every time?" Why are you playing a hack n slash game if you don't like hack n slash? I'd imagine there's pleanty of your kind of games in the world where you're not gearing up, seeking better gear n spells all designed to keep you alive, and do the opposite for you "political opposition." If you don't like the sugar, fat, salt, and other bad-for-stuff, don't eat the junk food.
  10. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. This game's very simplistic and straight-foward. It's a hack and slash character development roleplaying game. It's not Myst in 2D with lots of walking around and admiring the scenery with lots of puzzle-solving in-between. It's about fighting. So don't add reams of text and that novella you've been wanting to write. Keep it simple. Some Big Bad Thing threatening your way of life you need to fight your way through lots of little bad things to reach, big fight at the end, reward and all is right with the world. Also, don't do all that but forget to populate yo
  11. Rather have a Crystal Sword with Dsgger stock graphic than no Crystal Sword at all. Lose the custom stuff if that doesn't persist out of the scenario, that's a no-brainer. Or should be.
  12. Playing Blades atm. Have Exile 3 installed and ready to lay, but Blades has some things I prefer. Ironically, 3 has some things I prefer too. The all-inclusive, all-in-one world vs lots of little ones mostly. But a big part fo the allure of these games is exploration and discovery. Now that I've played through 3 so many times it's like ya need an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind service to zap those memories from ya so you can re-discover it all. Why Blades is more alluring. User-made content's great, new, if frustrating. Only knock about it might be how much of what's in the game isn't
  13. ...What, the Alpha version of your re-work? I saw it. When you get something working you'd attach you name to let us all know.
  14. Using an artifical 'twinked' party for higher level scenario is an alien concept to me. Of course you use one party across many different scenarios...What else would you do? The 'world' is so obviously unnaturally small that that's what you're supposed to be doing. At least comparing it to E3. Playing daily my usual pattern's Dying Things to about 8th level, then the 'medium' scenario to about 10th (mostly just fighting Areneas for loot n coin,) then Shadow of the Stranger for the Alchemy trainer going in with about 8 or 9k and the rest from the freebie gear, taking enough to do some St
  15. Thanks for at least a non-answer answer. Should say I'm stoked people are still into such an old game.
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