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  1. If this is of any help, total party Luck skill influences random drops (according to Code Dissection -- Munchkin Style - Blades of Exile - Spiderweb Software Forums (ipbhost.com)). Also PC Levels may influence it in some way.
  2. It's been a long time since I've played the game, but I'm almost certain it has no special purpose.
  3. Hi, this seems like an interesting scenario, but I can't find a working download link. Could you provide a one please?
  4. I tried playing Nightfall, and it definitely doesn't work as intended. Special encounters are routinely treated as already having been triggered even though they haven't, the game treated me as having an item I didn't, etc.
  5. So, in Fort Exile, if you ask Janice about Nephilim, you get this reply: Now, I remember this intrigued me back in the day, but I guess it is never revealed where exactly the Nephilim arrived in Exile, right? Also notice the mention of "lower caverns".
  6. It is indeed impossible. In fact, if you cast Magic Map and scroll around, you can see that the passage behind the barriers has some graphical anomalies. You pass through the barriers in Exile II, but from the other direction. Like Randomizer said, it's a sequel hook, nothing more. I think you can dispel the first barrier in Avernum 1 and get some goodies from the body in between the barriers, but the second row of barriers remains impenetrable.
  7. Never mind, I found him - he's on the opposite end of the tower with the Haakai. You have to go around the Haakai to reach him.
  8. So, I completed X's anvil quest and he told me to meet him upstairs when I'm ready, but he's not there. There is a locked door there, but I can't open it. Is this a bug?
  9. Is there any point in training the Mage Spells skill for non-mages? Does it perhaps affect the wands used by such characters?
  10. Completed Exile III with a singleton. Was interesting but not that hard except at the very beginning. Thought about trying it for Exile I/II but I couldn't get them to work properly on new systems, and I think inventory management would be a pain. Tried, but didn't get far with: -singleton pacifist (it's almost impossible do actually deal any damage, you can't even summon - at least not in combat) -"lucky idiot" - singleton with rubbish stats, but huge Luck (lots of running away in the beginning; loses its appeal later on as you improve your stats) -no spellcasters -
  11. Some of the items with charges are pretty good though regardless of whether you use their ability, as far as I remember. The Ruby Helm and Emerald Helm are good, and I believe there's a good Halberd that can shoot ice bolts (Runed Halberd? I forget, it's been so long ago). Basically, treat these as good items that can occasionally lob an attack spell.
  12. Well I tried stripping off all my items and still no luck. I even tried increasing both Melee and Pole Weapons to 8 and it still doesn't let me get anatomy...
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