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  1. I always thought of it as turquoise (which, oh so helpfully puts it on the blue-to-green continuum). Don't think I can make a screenshot of it, but: turquoise for 12 seasons .. "True Spring" seems about right.
  2. Thank you. I haven't tried Spy Quest, but I know Emulations was one of my favorites (right up there with the Spheres trilogy and A Gathering Storm, which probably says a lot about the scenarios I like).
  3. As I recall, there was another non-violent experience gaining action in "A Gathering Storm" wherein one member of the party participated in a fashion show and there was a fairly hefty xp bonus for completing that (along with learning some plot-relevant info and managing to swipe a necessary key).
  4. Yeah, I talked to him and then I've started investigating, but when I go back at this point, he's still saying "investigate these four disappearances".
  5. The guy with the tablets, yes I did talk to him and he's analyzed the tablets (although I can't get those back yet, either), but he is finished with them. I don't especially recall an efreet when I went back (to get the tablets in the first place). The problem I've run into is that there are four that I was supposed to look into--the tablet wizard's apprentices (found them), someone in Malachite (found that), someone in the first city (found that), and the professor who disappeared during lunch in the school in Rune (there's my troubles).
  6. I seem to have hit a wall here. I'm in the chapter investigating the disappearing mages and there is one that I don't seem to be able to trigger the event that will let me move on--the professor in Rune. In one walkthrough, it mentions talking to someone named Colbin, searching, then going back to Colbin ... well, I've talked to everyone in town, and no one is named Colbin, no one responds to questions about the school, Seth (name gotten from walkthrough), or disappearances. And apparently, unless I find something there, I'm going to be unable to move on. Otherwise, I've been hugely enj
  7. I'll play ... GF1: Shaper. He wasn't from any special background, but once his plans are disrupted by landing on Sucia, he starts out trying to find a way off w/o anyone finding out he was on the island, then he gets mad about being used by Trajkov & Goettsch, so he strikes out and ends up using and destroying the Geneforge, then pretty much forgetting all about the rest of the island, heads straight for the mainland. He turns into the Monarch. GF2: Agent. (Mouawad) Nothing special in the background, but she becomes so horrified by the things that she saw in Drypeak that she b
  8. I recently moved and changed my internet service provider, and like the previous ISP, they offer a free internet security suite which works well except for one huge problem. For some reason that I cannot fathom, this security scanner is identifying my avernum 6.exe file as some sort of virus (Gen: Variant.FakeAlert.43) and deleting the file (and all attempts to repair by using the CD are failing because it just immediately tags it as that 'fakealert' and deletes it again). I'm trying to get them to whitelist the file so it will leave it alone, but so far no joy there. Are there any other th
  9. I said it in the other (Geneforge 5 forum--the real identity thread), but I think the evidence best supports Monarch is the GF1 character who used (then destroyed) the Geneforge. Points in favor of this: Ending text has character stomping off to the wilderness to use an army of creations to keep him safe Character "rules" The use of a control baton to control otherwise unruly creations (where else do we see those besides GF1?) At least, that's what makes sense to me.
  10. Originally Posted By: FnordCola I don't see what the "by those following Shaper law" has to do with anything. Drayks exist, Shaper law says they all have to die. The fact that Shapers don't make more drayks doesn't change the fact that they would gladly murder all existing drayks. I suppose it's better than making more drayks, then murdering them for the hell of it, but "damning with faint praise" doesn't quite do that comparison justice. Drayks, drakons, and eyebeasts are sentient species capable of reproducing themselves, and also barred, i.e. to be killed on sight. Well, the reason I
  11. Not to mention the fact that many of the creations (at least as made by those following Shaper law) are not species, technically speaking (given that they are made infertile at creation, therefore they are *not* capable of interbreeding/producing fertile offspring). Serviles are a species (and quite likely ornks as well, though I don't recall anything specific in canon on that point), but I don't recall anyone (other than one madman in 5) who thought they should be eliminated as an entire species.
  12. Well, the Avernum 4 Honeycomb seemed hardly deserving of the name, too easy to map. Exile's Honeycomb seemed to have a lot more maddening turns and dead ends that you *thought* were the path you wanted (and then there was the whole bit about walls to walk through that weren't necessarily apparent when you came back). But the Avernum 6 Honeycomb definitely had me feeling like "yeah, someone could get lost in here until he ran out of food and died". It just seemed like the Avernum Honeycomb was *much* easier to travel through than the Exile variant, until Avernum 6.
  13. Well, for theories--here's a few of mine: Monarch = GF1 PC (via the 'used the Geneforge then destroyed it' ending where the PC is last seen stalking off into the wilderness being a target of Shapers and raising armies of creations). GF3 PC goes on to be horrified by everything that happened during the days since the attack on the school, and in a "pox on everyone's house" starts the Trakovites, but being a purist (unlike Litalia) dies an anonymous death somewhere a couple years before GF4 starts. This would also explain both Alwan and Greta being loathe to admit to having traveled w
  14. Originally Posted By: FnordCola If G5 starts exactly 3 years after G4, then Vener encountered the G5 protagonist as an animalistic amnesiac at around the same time the G4 protagonist arrived at Southforge Citadel. Even if we assume that G4 starts in early year 7 and G5 in late year 10, the G4 protagonist would still have to go through all the events of G4, then go insane somehow, then get to the Drypeak area (while insane, and thus probably tending to meander), get captured by some shaper, and taken to the Mera-Tev where Vener sees him/her, all in less than a year. I submit that if we take t
  15. But at least now in Avernum 6, the Honeycomb has returned to the incredible maze that one might really get lost in that it was back in the Exile days. But the incredible-shrinking-world of Avernum 4&6 annoyed me (it did feel less noticeable in 5, but I think that might just be because so much was previously unknown territory). Good thing the storyline makes up for it.
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