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  1. So I just finished playing Exodus.. I really liked the story ever since Bahssikava and I want to know more about the Sliths and Vahnatai .. Is there a next scenario after Exodus ?? or if there's none, is someone making it ?
  2. Oh ..right I totally forgot about that.. thanks BTW.. Imma Run AV6 again
  3. Ever since AV4, I have no idea about the whereabouts of the Orb of Thralni .. any idea what happened to it ?
  4. What is behind the east door of Kantre's Realm ? I already talked to Kantre and stood beside it for minutes >.< but it still won't open .. >.< ..
  5. Just want to ask can I at least get to know the real identity of my char. if so., where ..?
  6. Shaper Twilight


    ya aimee and x would do great here haha I just love those wizards can't get enough of them
  7. Maybe this is where 'X' went haha you know, he went into the portal thingy in A6. just a thought ..
  8. Well when I was messing with the 'shift+D' in Avernum 6 I kinda typed 'itemgalore' and it gave me 5 coins (which is probably worthless)then when I typed 'weapongalore' it gave me a single archer's cloak but you can only use it once. does anyone know/discovered some secret codes there except some of the common ones ???
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