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  1. Check this. You may be having the same problem that other people have had on newer computers with the older games. http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/19424-geneforge-1-3-extremely-sluggish-xp-32-bit-steam-versions/
  2. This could be because the game is running sub-optimally. Try running in lower resolution or less fancy graphics modes to improve performance and see if that fixes the problem.
  3. I believe that crystals work the exact same way in both Geneforge 4 and Geneforge 5. This explains the numerical effects of all kinds of crystals.
  4. By the Emperor... WE'VE WON. Also, in fairness, it runs just fine on my XP machine and looks pretty good with the graphics mod installed.
  5. ...I am fairly sure it is INTENTIONAL, so as to make no single ending completely canon, so nobody feels 'forced' to play it a certain way.
  6. Personally, my thoughts on this are that you never actually SEE Khyryk die. You just see a bunch of exploded something from a -supposed- failed teleport. He probably just sacrificed some poor servile or something and teleported away.
  7. Hello! The editor is activated from the power spiral which activates the pacification pylon in the southeast corner of the zone. It is off to the side in the area where you are attacked by a large wave of worms after creating your first fyora.
  8. Only way that you could possibly implement that idea is to change an existing spell to spawn a creation, which is probably impossible anyway. Shaping in combat is part of the creature scripts, while player Shaping is hardcoded. The spell scripts, of course, are much different from area and mob scripts. Also, creation leveling and whatnot is hardcoded, so it's impossible to mod at the moment (I mean, I could trawl through the executable hex code, but it would be way too much work to make a patcher and unpatcher for it). TL;DR sorry mate, wouldn't work.
  9. Based on your description of the problem, I would assume that there is some manner of bug in the area script that is causing it to incorrectly target enemies for these buffs. I can possibly look through the script later and see where the problem may lie, but it is possible that the problem is unfixable.
  10. I do not know whether scripts are different on the Mac version, but I would assume not. I suspect that you may have not replaced the entirety of the file, and have two "begintalkscript;"s or something similar. I suggest getting rid of everything in the file, making sure it's empty, and then copy-pasting it again. If it still doesn't work, then it probably is (unfortunately) an issue with the Mac version.
  11. Weight is an integer value. The amount in the definitions file is a tenth of a pound. That is, an item which has "it_weight = 1" will weigh 0.1 pounds.
  12. Coins do weigh 1. Since they aren't stored in your inventory, it doesn't add anything to your weight. I would suggest making things weigh 0, but that could potentially cause problems.
  13. Geneforge 3\Data\Scripts\gf3itemschars.txt Look for "it_weight". I suggest just changing everything to 1.
  14. It's possible you've broken the game. Try walking around the edges of the room a few time, and if it doesn't work, load your last quicksave/save/autosave.
  15. To clarify Seasons of Destiny's response, that room has three objects with which you can interact (if I recall correctly). There is a lever adjacent to the southern door which, as he said, you must repeatedly use to open the door. You will be able to tell whether you have made progress based on what it tells you (for example, if it says something like "You can work on it more later", you'll need to wait a little bit). The two consoles to the north (actually more like east) and south control the power flow to the middle. Just keep using them and they'll prevent the system from exploding and harming you. I suggest waiting for the game to say "The [direction] conduit is approaching maximum power", using the console there, and then immediately going to the lever. Also, for the record, the Kratoa Stoneworks is one of the most obnoxious dungeons in the entire series. And I've done the GF1 power core on torment. Good luck...
  16. The door to the north should open fairly early in the fight. I suggest that you stand right next to it while in combat. Moseh probably won't follow you once you get through and leave combat mode. There is a frightened servile who may or may not tell you how to disable the equipment. You will need to go to a room to the west containing a power source. Turn it off and, if your mechanics skill is too low, fight off the worms the system spawns. I believe he is immortal until you turn it off (as in, no matter how much damage you do, he will not go below 1 hit point).
  17. By the way, so you know, there is actually a graphics mod that someone made for Geneforge 1. You may find it useful for reference on which things change what.
  18. Directly west (left) of the checkpoint where you enter Illya Province is the Sandros Mine, which contains the anvil. First, though, you'll need to get the quest from an exiled Shaper named Uchitelle (or something like that). He'll send you off to clear out the anvil. Two things to note: one, having high leadership lets you get past the shades in the mine more easily. Two, there's a reasonably difficult boss around the anvil who must be killed by turning off power spirals. After you complete the quest, you can safely use the anvil. On a side note, the anvil in Burwood Province is in a ruined city where a Guardian is in control. If you aren't helping the Shapers, it can be difficult to get through to it, since you have to kill the Guardian's creations in addition to a fairly difficult boss.
  19. Actually, Inner Gazaki-Uss has glowing spheres floating down from the ceiling in a similar manner to snow. Most likely it means some kind of 'biome-specific' weather.
  20. All zones have multiple scripts. The least complex ones have the zone script (e.g. z68wwastes.txt), which sets up positions and such, as well as crime tolerance etc., and a dialogue script, which contains all the conversation data. Looking at everything here, I believe that this set of codes should fix it: Press shift-D to open the cheat menu, and enter these 3 codes: SDF 64 7 1 SDF 68 1 1 SDF 68 2 0
  21. Hello, all. In the course of working on my Geneforge 5 modding tool, I have discovered that there is a certain set of 24 bytes in the zone data that appears to control the environment of a zone - things like background noise, weather, tilesets, and so on. I have extracted the offsets for this data for every single zone, and hope that anyone with enough time could help to deduce what each one does. What I have discovered so far is that the third offset (third number on the first line) is likely tied to weather, since the weather in zone 0 and zone 1 is the same. I have confirmed that the seventh offset (second to last number on the first line) is the zone ID, corresponding so: 0: Broadleaf forest 1: Swamp 2: Cave 3: Desert 4: Coniferous forest 5: Snow Data:
  22. In addition to the normal cheat codes, there is also an SDF (stuff done flag, which holds data on the actions you've taken) cheat code which allows you to set codes from in the game. As Triumph suggested, search through the scripts (Geneforge 5/Geneforge 5 Files/Scripts) for the zone dialog script (it will look something like z65westalphdlg.txt) and find which SDF is set for this event. You'll probably want to (if there are multiple SDFs involved) set the one for helping the rebels to 0 and the one for helping the Shapers to 1. The SDF cheat code is (after pressing shift-D): SDF <id 1> <id 2> <value> I'm not entirely sure which zone this is, but if you can tell me the name of the zone (as displayed in the world map), I can probably come up with the cheat for you.
  23. Happy new year!


    ...Hopefully it's better than last year.

  24. Still working on it, but I have college finals coming up. Patience is a must.
  25. As was previously mentioned, your characters cannot be carried over from previous games (not to mention the problems it would cause due to changing stat mechanics). However, basically all the items from the previous games still theoretically EXIST in later versions, and by the use of modified scripts you could actually make a character start with the items you had when you finished the previous game, even if those items are usually not obtainable in the current game. PURGE THE ALIEN, THE MUTANT, THE HERETIC
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