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  1. I'm using Windows98SE. Works fine.
  2. Nice. However, I do reccomend you stop using Microsoft Word to output the HTML version. It produces ugly and disgusting HTML. And using 'Verdana' font might be better.
  3. Spidweb, how about providing EXE-only for those who have already downloaded the original?
  4. Windows: Metapad , Shalom Text (tabbed) There's also GVim (VIM For windows, get 'GUI Executable')
  5. I hate myself. My attention span is too short to make a scenario. I must have made the "beginning stub" of at least 100 scenarios, if not 200. Then they die out of boredom. Eh.
  6. Well, what can you think of that you could do with an NPC? You could.. ..do a kidnapping. ..make the plot revolve around the NPC, and make having the NPC essential for completing the scenario (e.g. NPC only has the magic key to unlock a door, or has vital information)
  7. It'll likely be either... 128, 255, 256, 512, 1024
  8. Hmm.. tell you what, I might set up a wiki myself. I've used them before - they're excellent.
  9. Food Items never really get taken by the player - when a player takes a food item, it adds some food to the food count and erases the item. Same with gold.
  10. Since the BoA community lacks an up-to-date Script Archive right now, I've put the scripts linked to in this topic up at TBS . AIM me on UWHugo or something if you want it taken down.
  11. That is a bug IMO, and something that Jeff needs to fix. I'll be sorely dissapointed if I can't use long expressions in a single if() like that when BoA for win is out.
  12. Spidweb - The editor's already open source. Pleeease put it out? Please? You could attach some big red notice to it saying you use it at your own risk or something.
  13. I absolutely hate PDF whatever the contents. Learn HTML or something. It'll make it 75% more accessable.
  14. Notepad. And writing IRL is extremely tiring for me. I'm just not used to it.
  15. I don't need some special editor to be able to code. I've coded a dozen languages in my life, and I've lost count of the number of times; 1. Someone reccomends a fancy text editor to me. 2. I download it, and it turns out to be some horrible, bloated MDI interface with syntax highlighting and a function library. (none of which I need). 3. I run screaming back to Notepad, which serves my purpose fine. It could be good for Script Newbies to get to learn the system, though.
  16. I'm very familiar with PHP, vaugely with JavaScript, even vauger with C, so I picked up Avernumscript easy as pie. As for maths, I find it totally unrelated to my scripting ability.
  17. I've set one up here. It's totally automated, so the only time between submitting it and it appearing on the site is the time it takes me to approve it. http://devever.net/boa/?-=archive
  18. You couldn't customise the scenario icon in BoE. I'd hoped you'd be able to in BoA, but unfourtunately it seems not.
  19. If there is a parameter on the function for it, it is likely that you can. Otherwise, it is unlikely.
  20. Quote: Originally written by Snuff ling kin: Try incrementally checking it. good = false; good = char_on_spot(19,36); if (good = false) good = (char_on_spot(20,37)); if (good = false) good = (char_on_spot(20,37)); if (good = false) good = (char_on_spot(20,37)); if (good = true) { // on mat Etc. It works like this. Good is false. Good is whatever char_on_spot returns (i.e. true if char there, false otherwise). Then, if good is still false, it sets good to whether char is on the next spot. And again and again until it's tried all the spots. Then you check good, see if it's true, if it is, a char is on any of the spots.
  21. Try incrementally checking it. good = false; good = (char_on_spot(19,36)); if (good = false) good = (char_on_spot(20,37)); if (good = false) good = (char_on_spot(20,37)); if (good = false) good = (char_on_spot(20,37)); if (good = true) { // on mat Etc.
  22. The editor can be downloaded at ftp://ftp.spiderwebsoftware.com/mac/BoAeditor.sit.bin .
  23. I could set one up easy as pie. It'll be something like a categoried list of scripts, and you click to open them.
  24. The editor downloads just fine, and I'm on Windows.
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