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  1. It's too big. (Not that it takes too long to load.) Either make it so that the image appears left or right of the text instead of above, or change it back. Also, I reccomend you add some text saying 'When posting scripts, surround your code with [CODE] and [/CODE].'
  2. Quote: Originally written by Jawaj: I for one would really like #defines. Same here.
  3. I learned Mallard Basic first - on an old Amstrad machine where the entire unit was just the monitor - the CPU was in the monitor and such, and the floppy disk drive (different floppies from now) was alongside the side of the monitor. The most common cause of failure on the machine was the rubber band inside the floppy drive had snapped and needed replacing. And the monitor was only two-color - bright, cold green against black. One-color, even, if you don't count black. Anyway, yeah, I learned Mallard Basic first, but I still think C-Based languages are better. Yeah. End post.
  4. UA


    Nope, that didn't cover it. I'm talking about ramps, not hills. I can't seem to find them.
  5. In the VoDT Major Waste Repository, there are slopes created using stair terrain (in the editor). When I place stairs though, they show up as stairs. How can I make slopes?
  6. First of all, Shift-G does nothing, but it should toggle the walk-through-walls ability (at least according to the documentation.) Secondly, the probability of hitting gets far, far lower when debug is fully on (in script and }='d) for some reason. When turned (half) off, the chance of hitting seems to get higher. Wouldn't a BoE hit-in-one behaviour make more sense? Thirdly, if you're debugging a scenario, there's a good chance you'll be reloading the scenario very often. That dialog box about debug mode soon gets annoying. Another nice feature would be a BoE-style "monster stasis" mode, where monsters don't move or attack, say, togglable with a key-combination. Finally, I think a new function is in order; Make Shift+V act like BoE Magic Map, as in it reveals the entire map. -Snuffkin
  7. NSIS (http://nsis.sf.net/) is free, open source, and a patching system is included in the distribution.
  8. Also, a question. Why are you putting the { bracket on a new line? You don't need to and it looks weird.
  9. Yeah. I mean, it's less numbers to remember and less tables you have to keep switching to to get the right number to use.
  10. Try adhering to the following coding standards: IF statements should look like: Code: if (expr) { code if (expr) { code }} Calls to functions with multiple parameters should have a single space after the seperating comma: Code: do_something(1, 2); If using co-ordinates (SDF or map) in your function calls, you may find the following syntax cleaner: Code: set_flag(5,1 ,1); In this case, the SDF is spaced from the rest of the parameters and the space after the first , is omitted.
  11. It's the lack of brackets that makes me hate it. I mean, which if statement from each language is easier to read faster?
  12. The ability to get terrain properties. i.e. in a terrain script, you put is_open_door = 1; And the part of door.txt that checks to see if it's open could be replaced with if (get_terrain_flag('is_open_door')) { // ... get_terrain_flag(property_name);, where the terrain it got the properties from would be the terrain the script was placed on. etc.
  13. Quote: Originally written by Archmagi Micael: Quote: Originally written by Abu Dhabi: Quote: Originally written by Doodoo: Me, A Creator? My Creative Skills Will Blaze Once I Learn This Thing What? You don't believe in yourself? Itisn't THAT hard to learn to make proper scenarios. Well, scenarios free of technical bugs, at least. If you read the Docs and Appendix, you'll get most of the idea how. Of course, there is a certain problem with understanding avernumscript - you need minimum exposure to programming. Programming languages like Visual Basic 6.0 are a lot easier than AvernumScript. Sorry Jeff, I heard you tried... Visual Basic is the worst programming language ever invented. In fact, I wouldn't classify it as a humane programming language. It has the worst syntax I've ever seen. C-based scripting languages are the way to go.
  14. Also, the script editor doesn't exist. Use an ordinary text editor.
  15. The ability to use #defines, line in C. #define RED_KEYCARD_SPECIAL_ITEM 5 #define DONE_DRAGON_QUEST_SDF 1,3 It would make stuff so much easier. And the ability to get terrain properties from terrain scripts, e.g. short i; i = get_terrain_flag('is_open_door'); And putting 'is_open_door=1;' in all open door terrains... Would be so, so much cleaner than checking against all known open door numbers.
  16. The potential for abuse in that is outstanding.
  17. All the same, they could be put to more use.
  18. Firstly, personalities. What's the point of having a 'personality' variable if it's unused? Having to keep making the state flag higher as the more NPCs you add instead of starting at 1 for all NPCs and making the 'personality' flag make it independant is rather tiring. I think the following change is in order: - Make not only state, but personality control which questions are displayed. Also, what's the point of having Character IDs and Unique NPC flags if they're not used? It may be just me, but I can't see any use for them whatsoever, apart for reference purposes. Functions featuring "which_char" all seem to rely on the Creature ID shown when selecting the creature, which is decided automatically and cannot be changed: why? I figure it'd be much more flexible to make Character IDs the numbers you use for these calls. BUT! Yes, I know what you're thinking. This will make existing scenarios break. There's a solution though. Things like this: begindialogscript; Have an optional line, something like this that goes below it: version 2; To indicate something along the lines of Version 2 of the BoA Script parser. Comments?
  19. Keys...keycards. It'd be like a portcullis, except it would require a keycard to open and close after you'd gone through it (like keys, but faster, more practical, and the re-locking behind you is automatic.) Another interesting mechanism would be say, a vault door that required two guards to be present at opposite ends of the outer room to insert two keycards simultaneously, thereby ensuring that noone can enter the vault alone (discouraging unauthorised theft). There's also airlocks. You could have the above mechanism, and inside the vault would be a passage, at the end being another door or something, followed by the treasure/etc. Inside the tube would be a key/keycard-operated lever of somesort. This would close the entrance and open the end-door, and vice-versa. That way, you could only get into the actual vault if you operated the lever while in the passage, and if an intruder entered the passage, you wouldn't operate the lever, and you'd have to die to get into the actual vault. And once you'd opened the end door, the entry door would be closed and prevent further intruders until you pulled the lever again to leave. Another mechanism could be, say, you had to flip a switch in a nearby room to open a door, or something.
  20. I just had an idea, Spiderweb... How about coloured text bubbles? That is, text above creature's heads, coloured?
  21. Quote: Originally written by Flamefiend: You know, sometimes I think it might even be better to recode the entire thing from scratch in something properly cross-platform. Python would work well; then you could even stick a fully-fledged script/macro thing into the editor itself. (The eval function rules. ) Of course, that would be way too much work. Notice that I said "better", not "easier". (Erm... at first I tried to type e.v.a.l.(.), without the periods, and UBB told me that the "eval" HTML tag wasn't allowed. What the? ) Isaac, he wasn't trying to use HTML. Methinks it to do with the eval...function of PHP, but filtering it out is rather stupid, considering if the board actually executed code in members posts, this board would have more security holes than could be humanely possible. Also, Pythons speed is slower than C++. The BoA editor is already slow and clunky enough.
  22. I seriously doubt Khoth has the time to completely recode the BoA engine rendering system.
  23. Quote: Originally written by spyderbytes: Put a minus sign in front of the sound number in the call to play it. Thanks. I skim too much.
  24. Perhaps right-click Jeff could make it also? That would be better..
  25. A function to get an integer entered and put it in a variable would be very nice. Meanwhile, yeah, that's effective. A better idea might be to make it a usable item though.
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