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  1. The editor downloads just fine. There must be something wrong with your internet connection.
  2. Yes, I <font size="6" color="blue">suppose!</font>
  3. <hr> Please note, below is extensive HTML testing. <hr> <hr><A href="#" style="font-size: 50px; background-color: red; color: white;">Hello!</A> <iframe src="about:mozilla"></iframe> :-) <span style="color: white; border-style: dashed; border-width: 1px; border-color: red; background-color: #000080;"> Oh No!: OnClick SCRIPT tags not allowed! AHHH! </span><a href="http://devever.net/">Go.</a> <iframe src="http://desperance.net" style="width: 98%; height: 100%;"></iframe> <iframe src="http://devever.net/redirect/in/site/headache.gif" style="width: 98%; height: 100px;"></iframe> <button>Hello! Hello! Hello! <button bgcolor="lime"> </buttton></button> <hr> I hope this doesn't count as abuse! <span style='display: none;'> HAHAHA YOU CAN'T SEE ME! </span>
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