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  1. I experienced a problem like this just now. Examination with Filemon reveals that (at least on Vista), Ormus's latest version of BoE looks for scenarios in a "Scenarios" folder in My Documents. Creating this folder and placing scenarios inside allows custom scenarios to be played using Ormus's latest build. Looks like scenarios need to be in both the Documents\Scenarios directory and the Blades of Exile\Scenarios directory. Ormus's build is building the list of scenarios from Documents\Scenarios and trying to load scenarios from Blades of Exile\Scenarios.
  2. Quote: Sent the source code to CVS on SourceForge. Win3DBoAEditor/source Not to mention there is not a file download category for Win3Deditor nor are there ANY CVS checkins on the project I linked to, so that seems unlikely to be the correct one.
  3. Very nice. Do you think there's any chance of fixing the speed issue with keyboard scrolling? In both this and the original Win Scenario Editor, clicking the N/S/W/E icons allows you to scroll around the map at a faster speed than using the numpad for no apparent reason. In the original editor, my older machines had speed issues on the 2D scrolling, and it also had the same mouse-is-faster-than-keyboard issue, too. >>The only SF project I could find was boaedremake . ...?
  4. What? It's possible to win without cheating? Last time I tried that, it was boring. I enjoy having godparties.
  6. Thank you for your support. .NET is incredibly evil. I might be somewhere in the middle; I don't believe in using RAD tools like realBASIC or .NET, but I don't want to waste my time in ASM either. C/C++ tends to be the industry standard for a reason. P.S. The older you are, the harder it is to learn. Old people are not neccesarily bad at making stories, while find it hard to learn obscure series of characters.
  7. Heh. If people are so determined to make things less easy for them, they shouldn't use a text editor. Instead, get a very small magnet and move it in patterns over a floppy disk. Then again, it's not like I'm not against things like .NET.
  8. Mr. Blacken, various groups of programmers would generally consider RAD tools to be extremely inferior. In fact, I beieve they're more scripting, than programming. Generally speaking, if you're patient enough, you can come up with a better and more reliable program in C[++] than if you used RAD.
  9. Note that BoA works fine on Win98.
  10. Yes, but it'll only work if you have a Mac ROM image and a copy of MacOS. The Mac ROM image (and most likely MacOS) are amazingly illegal to own if you don't actually have a Mac. Why not just poke him til he makes it for Windows?
  11. There's also my automated, moderated database at http://devever.net/boa/?-=archive which features less cryptic titles.
  12. OK, well it's like good etiquette, instead of posting twice in a row, use the edit button on your latest post and append what else you have to say.
  13. Quote: Originally written by Isaac: The code would have to be changed for it to work on Windows. Yes, this is somewhat evident, as otherwise BoA-Mac could have been released simultaneously with BoA-Win.
  14. I never tried to play DM2 because poor programming meant the special spells continued AND all the dragons still existed even if you killed all of them in your first encounter with them. Run.
  15. If you want to make it available to "everyone", find a PC and port it.
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