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  1. Thanks! I guess you didn't want to make 75% of players or so download the new update when it doesn't benefit them. Edit: Ergh. Are you going to lecture us on debug mode every time we enter a scenario with it? Kind of tedious... Just found a bug. Ghost mode seems to be on all the time when debug mode is on, but it should only be on when toggled using Shift-G. Also, I think a new function is in order. Make the current Shift-M to be Shift-V (for Vision), and make Shift-M reveal the entire map (extreme Far Sight.) Also, the 'See all monsters on automap' function..perhaps make Shift+M say whether you've turned it on or off? And maybe, say, show the coloured dots on the map, friendly NPCs in yellow, and hostile in blue.. Yet another idea..maybe make the party always hit/kill in one turn, like in BoE, when debug is on? And why does the probability of hitting get far, far lower when debug is enabled and activated?
  2. Eugh..don't bother with commercial text editors, they're usually 95% bloat. I reccomend the following: Metapad (google.) Shalom Text ( http://www.danish-shareware.dk/soft/stxt/ )
  3. How about a play_sound_in_background()? It'd work just like the current soundplaying capabilities but it wouldn't wait for it to finish before continuing with the script.
  4. I assume this fix will be merged into BoA main sometime? If not, why not..if people want to cheat by putting debug-mode in the scripts, making them download another 3.3MB or so isn't neccesarily going to slow them.
  5. Fast solution: turn off wordwrap. You can do this even in Notepad.
  6. I believe you have to link libmm.lib or similar to get the sound functions and thereby compile correctly. And, of course, ensure the sound files exist. Apart from that, and hundreds and hundreds of warnings about unused variables which I removed, I had no problems compiling on Metrowerks.
  7. Err.. first there was a 75%-summarised-compressed-loads movie called "Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban", now you want an even more compressed BoA scenario? The gryffon thing is interesting, but too alike ASR.
  8. Really? Meh, the readme file exaggerated a little then.
  9. The editor was made using Metrowerks Codewarrior and as a result will likely be more likely to compile correctly on it than anything else.
  10. I'd be more than willing to test people's scenarios. Be warned, however, that I use a godparty. E-Mail: <snuffkin-at-gmail-dot-com> AIM: UWHugo MSN: <uranusalien-at-devever-dot-net>
  11. Quote: Originally written by GuildBoss: Rookie question: Is it possible to include premade characters/party and force the player to use them? TIA If I meet a scenario telling me to do that I totally ignore the advice. If the scenario kills me as a result, then I can easily edit the script files and edit it out.
  12. A little note, you'll probably have an easier time compiling on Metrowerks Codewarrior, since that's what Jeff used and stuff like this takes a lot of tweaking to get working on different compilers.
  13. You know Jeff, making it say "the editor executable (.exe) is in the Data folder" would probably fix it a bit better. Also, I find the placement of the Editor in the Data folder illogical. I'd rather be able to place it in the main BoA directory.
  14. No, no, no! Adventurer's Club 7: The Return of the Adventurer Returns
  15. Yes, this is a problem. The best you can do is find the appropriate files using a resource editing tool on BoA itself, but you have to subtract 1 from the resource key shown I believe.
  16. Search this forum and locate the download link for something called the 'High Level Party Maker'. It'll do what you need.
  17. If BoA is crashing on your computer, I'd reccomend you sort out your computer and get it working right before trying to play BoA.
  18. Try using FreshDownload as a download manager. And the executable is to be placed in the BoA Data directory.
  19. Quote: Originally written by Wizard: Is it possible to have two different conditions for a dialog? Example: state = 2; nextstate = 3; condition1 = get_flag(3,3) == 0; condition2 = get_flag(4,4) == 0; Can that be achieved? Try. Code: condition1 = (get_flag(3,3) == 0) && (get_flag(4,4) == 0));
  20. Don't bother with all those commercial editors. The reason Jeff's Script files look weird in notepad is because Windows uses \r\n to symbolise line breaks, while UNIX-based systems (?and Mac?) use \n for line breaks. \r signifies carriage return, \n signalises line feed. (I might have mixed those around.) A small bug in Notepad (or clever coding from Microsoft, to try and stop people coding with other platforms ) is that it only recognises line breaks as line breaks if they follow the \r\n format, and not the \n format. So if you open a file using just \n for line-breaks, you'll see squares. Windows: Instead, I reccomend Metapad, which is an improved replacement for notepad, free, and not bloated. Or, if you want tabbing, try Shalom Text, another free editor. http://www.danish-shareware.dk/soft/stxt/ http://www.liquidninja.com/metapad/ I myself use both, depending on what I need.
  21. Quote: Originally written by Micael 456: If it doesn't work on 95 you'll have to get a later version of windows. It works for 98SE, or you can just find a copy of the file that you need and put it into your WINDOWS folder. The system won't pay any attention to it - But BoA will. just an idea... KERNEL32.DLL <-- That is the DLL file it's looking for the right version of. And it's essentially the core of windows. So if you replace it, you'll probably totally muck up your system.
  22. You need to know how to script and read the editor documentation.
  23. Why else would it be open source? I, for one, would like the editor to move about maps at a reasonable speed.
  24. It really doesn't make much sense to do... Code: message_dialog("Something",""); A more sensible approach would be: Code: message_dialog("Something"); , where the second parameter is optional (can be treated as if it isn't there), but can be supplied if you want to use it. This syntax is commonly signified using the following syntax: Code: void message_dialog(string string1[, string string2]); Would be a good timesaving idea, and makes for cleaner code.
  25. Try restoring the original door.txt and making the changes again. Oh, and you need to use _ where you want a " to appear inside strings, or it won't work.
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