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  1. When facing and enemy with Reflection, Missile or Melee strikes are useful. If I'm not mistaken, only Magical attacks are reflected.
  2. So far I have experienced no problems with all party members walking speed set to 48. It does help considerably with the long walks that are needed to fulfill the numerous side quests.
  3. Actually, you can edit the av3itemchars,txt file. To be safe, you should copy the original file to a different directory first. There are a fairly large number of instances of the following line; cr_walk_speed = 24; You might try changing it for your main character first - if you are happy with the result you might change the walk speed of everyone in your party. Of course, if you do encounter any problem, you can just replace your edited file with the original. I have done this using a cr_walk_speed = 48; and have experienced no problems. Hope this is useful, Cheers!
  4. Understood and noted. Also, my apologies for posting directly to Strategy Central - I had forgotten that SC contains links to other posts. Sorry about that!
  5. The list of codices posted in the so-called Massive List is incomplete. By my count there are only 33. (Edited) I have previously posted many lists in the Avernum and Avadon forums - and they have all received considerable viewership, which is surely a measure of usefulness. Your premise is based on location in the game. As the new forum seems to have lost the index of older posts (when searching for a members posts), here is a reference to my previous posting in the Avadon series: http://spiderwebforu...-for-scripting/ In case it's not clear, these lists are designed to help people wh
  6. All Codices (36): Lynaeus The Pact The First Age The Black Age End of the Black Age The Third Age The Farlands Hanvar's Council Holklanda Kellemderiel Dharam The Kva The Wyldrylm Avadon Open Arms Within The Stone Wall Beyond The Keepers of Avadon Redbeard Eyes, Hands, and Hearts Khemeria The Tawon Empire Svorgald The Corruption The Titan Peaks Wretch Lands Dragons The Sack of Avadon The Beraza Woods The Contested Lands Report - Miranda Report - Dheless The Age of Chaos The Wyldrylm Rebellion The Monitor Bases Report - Protus Protus's Letter Working on Sk
  7. Character Stats 0 | Strength 1 | Dexterity 2 | Intelligence 3 | Endurance Character Abilities: Resistances, Defensive and Offensive Bonuses 200 | Melee Damage Protection 201 | Action Points 202 | To Hit Chance 204 | Hostile Effects RES 205 | Energy RES 206 | Fire RES 207 | Poison RES 208 | Acid RES 209 | Curses RES 210 | Mind Effects RES 211 | Cold RES 212 | Chance to Evade (all) Effects? 214 | Less Time to Recharge Abilities 215 | Melee Damage 216 | Magical Damage 217 | Bonus to Blessings/Curses 219 | Healing 220 | Missile Damage 221 | Critical Hit Chance 222 | Cha
  8. @circe27 Beraza Deep Woods: Hand Gavin should first give you the quest to kill the Huntress. After you accomplish that and report back to him, Gavin will agree to show you how to get back to the Castle. If I'm not mistaken, I also killed Varoche and party, even before getting the Huntress quest - after that, Gavin showed up at the rendezvous spot and we proceeded toward the Castle.
  9. @Critical Infinity (your alias lends itself to numerous anagrams and interpretations) If the Basic Attack is not hard-coded, what is the criteria to apply these, other than the class of the character equipping it? For Basic Attack and Damage type, it seems to be that way. For Damage Effects, it seems to be related to the skill-tree of the character's class. I've been experimenting with the skills and abilities, trying to nail down some definitions/descriptions. Some abilities are linked to specific class skills, i.e. 7 | Healing Touch ab_skill_ability_linked_to = 47;//H
  10. Avadon Script Class Restrictions for Weapons or Armor: it_shaman[or BM or SW or SR] = 0;//class can use it_shaman = 1;//class cannot use it_shaman = 2;//restricted to this class Basic Attack is hard-coded, based on Class/Equipment Slot: If you edit the avitemschars.txt file and remove the class restriction, then equip one of those other classes with that weapon - the Basic Attack changes to match the class using the weapon. This is hard-coded, so it is probably the equipment slot, by class, that determines the Basic Attack Type. An example: begindefineitem 165; impor
  11. @Trenton Uchiba... First, copy the text below: begindefineitem 181; // imported for all rings import = 0; it_name = "Gold Ring"; it_graphic_sheet = 2; it_which_icon_ground = 4; it_which_icon_inven = 6; it_variety = 5; it_weight = 1; it_value = 100; it_stats_to_affect 0 = 2; it_stats_addition 0 = 10; it_can_augment = 1; Open the gf5itemschars.txt file, and locate the "Gold Ring" definition. Select the entire entry and paste the text. Save... Voila! Of course, you need to find and wear a gold ring for this to be useful... :-) Don't forget to backup the
  12. Items 1 | Coins 2 | Coins 3 | Coins 4 | Sapphire 5 | Ruby 6 | Emerald 7 | Lovely Crystal 8 | Animal Skin 9 | Drake Skin 14 | Lockpick 15 | Candle 16 | Lamp 17 | Lamp 20 | Heavy Cloak 21 | Fine Cloak 22 | Soft Leather Cloak 23 | Drakescale Mantle 24 | Bladesman's Mantle 25 | Focusing Wrap 26 | Shadow Shroud 27 | Spidersilk Cloak 28 | Sharpshooter's Mantle 29 | Shroud of the Depths 30 | Enveloping Wrap 31 | Cloak of Enchantments 32 | Trueshield Wrap 35 | Tunic 36 | Fine Tunic 37 | Chirurgeon's Tunic 38 | Spidersilk Tunic 39 | Robe 4
  13. @Infinite Clarity... I'll check that out - unlikelier things have been known to occur. It would be good if it's something so simple... Yep, missing New Courier Bold font - after replacing it's all ok again! Good call, Slarty! Cheers! mrb
  14. @Slartie... Thanks, I'll give it a try... Code: Description | Units | Unit Cost | Totaldescr | unit | ucost | tot It's like a monotype font, with evenly sized spaces regardless of letter, so in this case it suits. Now I'll try some other formatting within the code box. Bold does have an effect - it shows up as both bold and italicized text. Huh? Code: Description | Units | Unit Cost | Totaldescr | unit | ucost | tot This is Red and Bold (with Italic as a bonus, I guess). Code: Description | Units | Unit Cost | Totaldescript | unit
  15. @The Ratt AFAIK, here are still a number of items that can be added. @Trenton... I didn't even notice the posting date! @Ganduv (who may or may not be present...) Remember to create a backup of the original files before you make any edits to the scripts. I just copy, then rename the original to e.g. gf5itemschars-O.txt. That message was a reference to the fact that you can also add stats to your shaped creations, for example: it_pet_stats_to_affect 0 = 210; it_pet_stats_addition 0 = 10; So, it's up to 4 stats for the item and 4 more for the creations.
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